What are the Top 10 Best Websites in the World for 2014-2015  as per Alexa Ranking ? 

Alexa Top 10 websites for 2014-15- The list of Top 10 best websites 2014-15 is quite obvious for some, quite surprisingly shocking for others, but all the top 10 best websites in the world for the year 2014 as listed here are similar in one thing: they all have got top Alexa ranking, high Google PR, Most number of page views per month, and highest number of unique visitors per day. 

The websites that found a place in this list of top 10 websites 2014-15 are ranked after taking into account the following parameters:- 

  • Total number of global users, 
  • Tendencies of usages, 
  • Sharing of content, 
  • And some type of activities made by that particular website users while browsing that particular website in comparison to the other websites on the Internet.best-websites-2013

Updated list of the 10 Best Websites in the Universe in terms of popularity, unique number of total visits, and daily usage 

  1. Google.com (same rating as previous years)
  2. Facebook.com (same rating as previous years
  3. You Tube (same rating as previous years)
  4. Yahoo.com (same rating as previous years)
  5. Baidu.com (+3 steps up. Was on 8th place earlier)
  6. Amazon.com ( first time in top 10 ranking in the last 2-3 years)
  7. Wikipedia.org (same rating as previous years)
  8. TaoBao.com (New entry in the list for the first time in Global rankings. It's an online shopping giant in China )
  9. Twitter.com (same rating as previous years)
  10. Qq.com (New entry in the list for the first time in Global rankings. It's China's larget website for Internet services)   


Older ratings (for the year 2012-2013)

Some websites, such as Google and Facebook are well known to every end user in the world in terms of their use and popularity, While some of the top 10 best websites, such as Blogger.com ( only bloggers use it) may appear stranger to users for being in this top 10 2013 list.

It's interesting to notice that in the top 10 sites for 2012-2013, 3 websites are owned by Google alone: 1. Google itself 2. Blogger.com 3. You Tube  ! 

#1. Google 
yeah, everyone knows that Google is the very best no. 1 website on the internet. The revolutionary search engine since 1998. 

#2. Facebook  
Facebook is one of the most loved social networking sites for shareholics since 1997. Facebook got #1 Alexa rank in 2012 for some period, though Google regained its No.1 position later. 

#3.You Tube
Video Sharing, uploading and downloading website. Owned by Google-loved by video lover people, since 2005.

#4. Yahoo !
Since it's origin Yahoo ! has been very famous among all users for it's services including : Mail, Search, movies, music,news, finance, job, markets, fun, sports !

#5. Blogger
As a Free, automated blogging platform since 2000, Blogger is hugely popular among bloggers. A wonderful free web blogging platform owned by Google itself !

#6. Windows Live
Powered by Microsoft Corp, Windows Live is very popular among internet users since 2006 for it's excellent services that include : Search engineMail, applications, web services, free photos, messenger, photo, movie and what not !  

#7. Wikipedia
Wiki means knowledge and that in form of freely available greatest encyclopedia since 2003. A heaven for readers, created by readers !  

#8. Baidu

The most famous Chinese language search engine and a multi media content and application service provider. 

#9. Twitter

Online Since 2002 and the 2nd most popular social media website after Facebook. Famous for it's features such as, microblogging, instant 140 character messaging for posting and blog updating. 

#10. MSN

Another appealing and great product from Microsoft corp. MSN is among the top 10 website for providing services in the field of : shopping, email, chat, news,media and entertainment. 

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