Make Free Logos Banners-10 Best Online Logo Maker Websites

Top 10 best logo websites 2016 : Design free custom logos and banners for your website as you may wish!

You can make any type of online logos or banners depending upon your creativity

Great Websites to design your logo and banners 

Last Updated: January 2016

Fulfill your Quench to design your own online logo and banners for free!

I think every blogger, online business owner or webmaster needs various kind of banners and logos for different purposes.  Not everyone can afford to pay premium rate everytime they need banners and logos. 

For such people, we have composed here the list of websites that let you design and create unlimited logos and banners!

You can make free online logos and design banners for commercial, business, professional, or personal purpose. 

Okay, you have you got your own blog, website, weblog, Facebook page, or online portfolio, and now you want to use a customized logo on it to make it stand out and have its own unique identity

Then, free custom logo-banner designing websites listed in this post are absolutely best for all of you- bloggers, web designers, and website owners -who are looking for some best websites to design their own custom logos and banners for their blogs or websites without spending any money on making/ downloading logos and banners.

A website or blog doesn't look good and professional without a logo on it. So, why not design a free logo for yourself when you can accomplish all that in with 10-15 minutes. 

Banners make your individual web pages look smart, attractive, interesting, and relevant. Banners arise a curiosity in the reader and it creates a value and impression for your content. 

You can use the below given websites to create logos and design banners for free for each of your blog/web post. Don't leave your individual web pages naked! Banners are great way to over all dress up your your website or blog in a beautiful way! 

You can also upload your own self-created logos for submission to these free logo downloading websites. In this way you can share you logos to other users, may be eligible to win awards for your submitted/uploaded logos. 

Also you can earn good money through uploading ( if someone buys it from the host website you get a good commission or royalty for that sold logo) your logos in the listed top best logo maker designing websites. 

Good things about these logo-banner making websites

Now anyone can make a logo or banner online !

#1- Anyone can design logos, buttons, icons, and banners-no specific technical or web-designing knowledge needed to make or create online logos from these top online logo-maker websites. On these logo-websites you can make, create, and design your own customized and unique logos-banners. 

After designing them on the website itself you can easily save and then download them on to your computer- for free, no money spending at all for the tools, logos, and banners created/designed using these below listed logo and banner maker websites.

#2- You can design any type of logos, such as Wordmark Logo, Lettermark Logo, Brandmark Logo, Symbolic Logo, Combination Mark Logo, Emblem Logo.

Logos, Banners Designing Features-

Make, design custom logos and banners online with easy/self designing tools.

Built-in easy-to-use logos and banners designing tools.

You can easily design images, banners, and logos which you can use personally or professionally on your blogs or websites for free without violating any copyright laws!

#3- Simple steps to follow to design good looking unique logos and banners : create/design with built-in tools and edit/modify as well as save or download on your computer for free use-personally, commercially, or professionally!

You can use your own customized image or already uploaded images by the logo designing website.

Free logos and banners-what to check before downloading them for free?

You can find countless websites that are offering users logos-banners downloading for free, but have you ever tried reading 'disclaimer' or 'T&C' or 'privacy policy' written at a certain place on every logo publishing or logo making website ?

Well, logos-banners come under intellectual property laws and they are registered under some certain copyright laws. You should always abide by copyright laws, if any, to avoid any trouble you might face, in case you use them without the legal permission/rights or authority. 


It becomes quite difficult to differentiate which website is the original logo maker and which website is just a 'third party' logo publisher. 

But these pseudo logo websites confuse users with kind of headlines, such as: " Download free logos", " The best logo makers", "we offer you the best free logos", etc. 

And, innocent users are bound to mistake them for the original/real logo website. But, these logo websites are always correct in their place as they have mentioned everything clearly in 'disclaimer' part :) 

So, please! dear users always look for the copyrighting part, if you are going to use these free logos (downloaded from 1st party/3rd party/) in ways that could go against the copyright laws described on the logo makers websites ( such as sharing, using commercially, publishing, printing, distributing free logos could be prohibited according to the copy right laws of the producer unless otherwise stated) 

To understand this, keep in mind that logo publishing or "free logo offering" websites are of two types-

  1. Logo maker websites-direct from the owner or logo maker company.
  2. Logo publishing websites-rest of the websites that do not produce/design/make/create any logos-banners come in this category; and they are displaying ( also offering to download them for free) or publishing logos on their websites taken from the original logo sites ( the 1st types).

10 best websites to get free online logos-banners for your own website or blog


Online Logo Maker-It Makes graphically-rich and standard logos in minutes, easily !

On this logo making website, online logo maker, you can design professional looking logos in few 2-3 easy steps without having a designing or technical skills. 

Anyone can make sophisticated logos-it's 100%, no hidden charges, no sign up required. Though, you can create your free account here to save your project work for later use. Online Logo Maker is loaded with all the basic designing tools which you can easily use without much trouble. 

You can design any type of logos or banners for your blog, website, or business. All types of logos and banners are free for-commercial purpose, business use, personal purpose, or professional use.


  GR Sites-Renovate your web site

GR sites is probably the best website for downloading of professional looking cool and sleek web tools, such as free text logos, menu items, textures, text boxes, icons, pages, etc. All at one place-all for free use.

GR Sites also offers more than 5000 seamlessly built background textures and images for using on your website or blog for free. 

You may also use its Gradient Texture Maker, Text Background Maker, Pattern Background Maker, and Procedural Background Maker.

Its text logo maker offers you with all types of free logo designing options, such as

2D text logos,3D text logos, and 3D animated logos. Design professional looking beautiful logos from GR Sites. 


  Cool Text-Graphics generator

One of the top best website for designing logos, buttons and fonts at free of cost. More than 30 pre-designed logos to choose from. 

A very simple and easy approach for 3D text and animated logo designing. Fill in the predefined auto fields and preview your design. 

Once you have created the desired logo you can simply save it or download for free. Its all yours then! Design your custom logo on Cool Text for free


  Logo Ease- Free Logo Design

Logo Ease is a very nice, easy, and free logo maker website. First of all, free signup on Logo Ease, then start manipulating or designing your logo or banner with lots of options, such as using your own image or from the gallery of pre-designed images, modifying font or color for texts or images.

 Ease Logo is true one of the best website for simple logo and banner designing for you website or blog. Create free banners for your website in minutes ! 


Flaming Text-Free logo designs

Flaming Text is really a cool website for designing professional looking logos and banners without requiring any technical/ designing knowledge of logo making. 

On the home page of this banner designing website you will find many popularly good looking featured logos. You can select any featured logo to design your own logo looking same as the featured ones. 

After designing your logo, banner, or animated logo/texts/banner you can instantly save/download them on your computer for using it on your website or blog.


The Free Logo Makers

'The Free Logo Makers' is one among the top best free logo designing website where you can try their free Sig Maker or free Flash Banner and logo Generator. 

Use the free Logo Makers services for free or paid logo designing for your personal, professional usages on blogs or websites .


 Free Flash Logos-Create your own animated logos!

Free Flash Logos is a good website to create free animated flash logos and flash header bars for your website.Use the pre-designed flash banners and easily customize them according to your choice and website needs.

Follow two simple steps-fill in the logo title texts and logo slogan texts in the relevant fields of the logo designing tools and your flash logo is ready to be used.  Make free flash logos for your website or blog instantly with easy designing online tools. 


  Free Logo Services-get a free logo design in minutes

Free logo Services is a place to design,download free as well as paid logos fpr your website design. You may create beautiful logos online with four easy steps-

 1-fill in the logo title texts.

2-select the best design for yourself from 1000's of pre-loaded logos. 

3-Modify,customize, or edit your logo as per your website's needs. 

4-save and download your logo on your computer immediately. 

Free logo Services has made a large loyal customer base over the years offering excellent logo designing services at almost no cost. Will you be the next one of them?


 High Power Graphics- Helping create your web image

High Power graphics lets you design many of useful image based items for your website, like logos, banners, buttons,graphics,templates,interfaces, button sets etc. 

It also offers you several software or web tools for free downloading.High Power Graphics is a very useful website for web designing tools and online logo making.


  3D Text Maker-3D text banner designing tool

As the name suggests, 3D Text Maker is a website where you can design free online 3D animated banners for your website. 

No sign up or registration required to create 3D banners with animation. you can customize the animated banner in terms of light, speed, size, shadow, etc. 

It's a really good online tool to create simple and easy 3 D banners. Just check out this 3 D animated text maker tool for free use.


Cool archive- your ultimate archive

Cool Archive is an online logo generator website and it offers many types of free web designing utilities, such as clip arts (good collection in many popular categories),icons, fonts,textures,animations,bullets, bars, and button makers.

It also provides you with 1000's of clip arts in more than 30 categories that you can edit/customize accordingly. Download for free use from several tools and web utilities on Cool Archive. 

Free Logo types download logos of companies for free 

On free Logo Types website, you can download free online logos from more than 1400 available types.

They offer free logos in mainly following more than 10 catalogues-

  • Air, Cars,Electronics free logos.
  • Finance, food, IT and Telecommunication free logos.
  • Media, oil, sport free logos.
  • Travel, wear and cosmetic free logos. 

You can search logos according to company name and download them all for free logos based on companies names. Free Logo Types-download famous company logos for free.

Logos file formats types (common,professional as well as web based ) : these can be re-sized from the source logo file (eps). .TIF logo file, .JPG logo file (3 sizes), .JPG logo file(grayscale), .PSD logo file, .EPS logo file (CMYK color), .AI file (CMYK color), .GIF logo file (RGB color), .PNG logo file (RGB color) .SVG.

Vector logos are available in many types of file formats, such as .CDR( CorolDraw), .EPS and .WMF formats.

LOGOZU- download free Vector logos 

You can download and share your own vector logos in 2 file formats, that are .eps (Adobe illustrator) and .CDR. All the logo services are free. You can showcase your own work by uploading your own vector logos.

If you click to download any logo from LogoZu, it provides some important details beside the logo, such as the name of Logo owner, logo creator, and logo uploader with the respective links.

Download free Vector Logos

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