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Blog SEO- Promote your blogs using the free Submission Sites  - Every blogger has to promote their blogs in order to improve the over all search engine traffic and visibility it requires.

Just writing blog posts is not enough at all, you have to promote it with equal efforts and interest you take in writing each post for your blog. 

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Blogging Tools for Blog Submission

There exist various online promoting ways, marketing methods, and advertising techniques that could prove to be milestones for the success of your blog.

With the help of the blog submission sites as mentioned in this post, you can promote your blog within days and see your blog getting 100-2000% more search engine traffic.

There are simple ways to promote your blog, and then there are SURE shot ways to promote your blog to the next higher level.

By using the techniques, SEO ways, and submission methods described in this blog post, you can increase number of daily unique page views, Google PR, Alexa ranks, number of one way back links for your blog whether it's a Blogger Blogspot blog, Wordpress blog, Tumblr blog, Posterous blog, or Typepad blog. 

Most of the blog promotional methods and SEO tools displayed here are free to use for your blog, though some of the tools are accessible only to premium members.

Blog Directories-

If you are using a Blogger blog or Blogspot blog ( OR in fact, any type of free or paid blog) you would be seeking some 'definite ways' that can turn on the search engine traffic wheel for your blog.

This blog post will unveil some basic and advanced 'SEO tools' for those Blogspot blogs that are not showing much in Google, Yahoo, or Bing SERPs.

If you follow these SEO techniques, blog SEO tools, your Blogger blog will surely start ranking good in SERPs and will have lots of quality backlinks along with a good Google page rank, thousands daily page views, and high Alexa rankings.

Blogger's blogs, by default, don't have any SEO-friendly tools unlike many other best blogging sites. To resolve this problem and to promote your every blog post you must consider to submitting all the blog posts to several Best Search Engines, Free Blog Submission Directories, Free Article Submission web Directories, and to numerous other Free Classifieds sites.

Submitting your blogs manually even only to the Top Social Bookmarking Sites could be a tedious task. Hence you need to have some best and free automated services to submit your blog link/ url quickly without spending much time in manual links/urls submission.

There are many auto-submission software available on internet for free. One such auto submission is auto bookmarking sites where you can auto submit your blog links with the help of social bookmarking software. With the help of these best auto-bookmarks software you can also bookmark your newly published blog link/url automatically to many of the free social bookmarking sites on the Internet.

SEO for blogs is of two types:

  1. On page SEO for blogs, 
  2. Off-page SEO for blogs.

On page SEO for blogs- implement these some fundamental and basic techniques to strongly enhance on-page SEO for blogs -

On page SEO is the single most important factor that decides the fate of your blog post.

If your blog has implemented all the natural and serene SEO methods that are necessary to rank it higher in search engines indexing, it will surely start ranking/ targeting for the desired keywords you have intended to.

  • Use keywords in your blog post broadly. Target for 3-5 keywords in a post. Use these keywords in : url, title of the post, H1 heading of the post, first paragraph following the headings, and in the rest of the body of blog post.
  • Do not stuff your keywords in your post, use them moderately, but surely in all the important part/areas of the post.
  • The most important parts of the blog post where you must use your keywords are in this order- title > H1 heading> Url> First paragraph>Body of the page.
  • Keyword density must be in between 2-5 % through out the page. You can check this with the help of SEOquake plugin for Chrome/Firefox. There are lots of free tools available on this. 
  • Use your keywords nearest to the starting of the title and then the other words.Like in this post i have put 'promote your blog' in the starting of the title, then other ranking words.
  • Always put Alt tag for your images as they get searched in image search engines rank        

Best of Blog Submission Sites for Off-page SEO

You can drastically improve the off-page SEO (search engine optimization) for your blogs through content submission (some automatically, some manually) to-

  • Various blog directories sites,
  • Search engines (and blog search engines ),
  • Press release submission sites, 
  • (Searchable) Pdf file sharing/submission sites, (Scribd, 
  • Ping sites, RSS submission directories (RSS feeds submission of your blog posts), 
  • Social-bookmarking sites, Social-networking sites,
  • Image search engines sites, Video search engines sites, 
  • relevant Forums (through link signature in your posts), 
  • Similar Blogs (through blog commenting), getting profile links on social sharing sites.
  • Writing articles on Web 2.0 sites that have backlinks to your main blog pages.

Find list of High DA blogs for guest blogging

All the below listed SEO tools for blogs are the best ones for your Blogger's blogs promotions. If your blog posts are submitted to these auto submission websites, directories, surely it will boost/increase Google page rank, Alexa rank, and number of daily unique visitors to your blogger's blogs.

Once you have published a new blog you can apply all these free link automated submission services to promote your new blog post to the next level in maximum possible way.

All these url submission services/software or programs are free ! No strings attached !!

 Auto bookmarking-blog link submission

Social Monkee-Easily build 25 Unique backlinks to your pages every day with one click-FREE!

Social Monkee is very popular among all level of bloggers. You can submit one link everyday on Social Monkee that will be submitted by it to 25 different social bookmarking sites.

Social Monkee is an auto bookmarking site . You don't have to link back or provide any reciprocal link to this! Hence it can prove as a great time and money savor tool for you.  If you haven't discovered yet the benefits of submitting your blog post/blog url to Social Monkee, then you can start submitting your blog links right away!


Free Web Submission:Auto-Submit Your Blog to 20 Search Engines


Free Web submission is a great optimization process for any blog. You can easily submit your blog links to 20 best search engines with just a click.

The best thing about "Free Web Submission" is that you don't need to register or sign up to auto-submit your blogs links to all these top search engines through Free Web Submission's free service.

And, it instantly shows you the status of your blog submission.


Submit your blogs to the social networking sites for better SEO

There are 10-15 top social networking sites over the internet where you can try to promote and improve your blogs SEO.

Creating Facebook pages for your blog and writing some blog posts on My Space, Tumblr could do wonders for your blog posts.

Get the list of social networking sites where you can promote your blog. Just play around, get familiar, and learn how others are promoting their blogs on these social networking sites.

Scrub The web-Get Free blog Submission and SEO Tools for your Blog

Submit your blogs free to Scrub the Web and also check the Visibility Ranking, Page ranking,and find meta tags, keywords effectiveness, and title tags analysis for the submitted url or blog.

Scrub The Web provides you with a great SEO opportunity for free. Just submit the url of your blog and  an email id for confirmation. After confirming the blog submission you can easily analyse or create Meta tags for any of your blog pages, including your Home page. Great site for blog submission. All for free!  

Free Blog url submission at Scrub the Web

Blog Search dot com

Blog is the one among the top free blog submission directories in the blogging world, and is really a very result oriented free blog submission directory for bloggers.

You can submit as many blog post links as you publish. Its a free service, but if you feel obliged by the good search engine traffic your blogs received from Blog Search dot com, then you can also link back to them.

It's a nice practice while submitting your blogs to many different directory services-free or paid!

Blog Search dot Com has really very easy, blog submission-friendly in-built features. Don't miss to post/submit to this great blog submission directory to increase one way incoming back links to your blog pages !

SEO-for-Blogger- blogs

List of the some more blog link submission free sites for better SEO for your blogs

Blog submission directory, get exposure, get traffic, earn money. Backlink SEO tool Backlinks to my website?


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