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Good websites/ places for freelance writers, content writers, article writers, and bloggers to earn consistent money while doing content writing job assignments from home as a part timer.

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Content Writers Jobs-Best paid websites for content writing jobs 2017                     

Home based Online Jobs for Technical writers, SEO writers, Medical writers, and Freelance writers for 2017

Last Updated : May 2017

If you are good at writing reviews, short articles or blogs, you can earn really a very genuine, real, consistent, and legitimate online income. Use any of these top 25 best free-to-register websites for content writing jobs around the globe.

Types of online jobs available on these sites: content writing, article writing, freelance writing, reviews posting, forum posting jobs

You can earn easy money through these online content writing jobs where you write content, or blog post, or product reviews according to the requirements of the advertiser or content writing job provider. Paid content writing jobs could be of many types depending upon the nature and requirement of the product or advertiser/ subscriber/ content writing job provider.

The good thing is that content writers are always in great demand for producing unique and new content. Content writing is very well paid job if taken seriously. You can make writing as a part time or full time career.

[ In this article you will also find lots of high quality content writing websites that are popular among the writers from all over the World! ]

Top 10 "Get Paid Websites" for Content Writing Jobs-2017

Here, you will find listings of all kinds of freelance websites for people around the world. 

Freelance content writers can register free and start making online income in many ways possible. The field is consistently evolving and there are always new ways and methods to earn online with writing profession. 

Whether you are technical writer, medical writer, web writer, travel writer, poetry writer, or any type of freelancing content writer- you will find all the types of 10+ best paid freelancing websites listed here for online freelancing/content writing jobs related to content writing, forum posting, article writing, technical writing, etc.

I have categorized these freelancing content writing online job offering websites according to different field of online content writing. The list of top 10 best freelance content writers websites is the freshly updated and latest as of year 2017.

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What is content writing job?

Online Content Writing 
For all the newbies who are not fully aware about what is content writing job- here is the simple answer-

Content writing job is type of work where you as a content writer get paid for writing content, and content could be in form of : articles, blogs, product reviews, promotions, web content, etc.

Content writing job could also be further categorized in terms of :

Here in this blog post we will focus on those content writing jobs that are provided by freelance websites/ content writing websites/ get paid websites.

Types of Freelance Content Writing Jobs -

Now-a-days there are so many types of freelance writing jobs available on the Internet.You just pick what suits best to your niche, interest, experience, or simply to your understanding on the topic ! 

If you are good at writing on a specific topic ( or any topic whatsoever) - certainly you can find lots of online content writing opportunities for yourself that hold good potential to earn you a handsome online income (passive online income).

I have jolted down some most common types of freelance/content writing jobs, but you can find 30 or 50 types of freelancing writing jobs if you think of any exclusive, specific, or any particular topic.

  1. Web Content Writing.
  2. Web Copy Writing.
  3. Copy writing.
  4. Blog Writing.
  5. Advertising Copy Writing.
  6. Technical Writing.
  7. Medical Writing.
  8. Resume Writing.
  9. Legal Writing.
  10. Article writing.

How Much Money Freelancer Writers Make?

A post by Allena Tapia in Freelance writing section about freelance writers earnings. You can read from many other freelancers about their earnings in the comment section.

Freelance Writing Gigs has an online survey running on their website based on freelance writers income . You can also participate or simply read the comments from other bloggers, freelance writers about their freelance income.


Learn 5 Tips on How to make Good money with your Freelance writing work

Two highly paid online content writing jobs

Technical copy writers and medical writers are in highest ever demand on the Internet today. These are very specific online writing jobs and needs to have some professional knowledge prior to applying for any such online writing jobs. Have a look at their job description:

(i) Technical Writers Job Description :

Everyone of us knows that with almost every digital or technical product the maker company also provides many attached papers related to product instructions and technical documentation. 

As a brief product description, these papers are written by technical writers. Simply speaking, technical writing job involves writing about the technicalities of the product as well as product related other technical information, such as directions of use, warranty details, maintenance, product usage guidance, etc. 

Though, technical writing jobs involve a wide range of topics to write on. Technical writing job is one of the best paid online writing jobs around the Internet world.

[ Best Websites that Offer Free Online Content Writing Courses ]

(ii) Medical Writers Job Description :

Medical writing is highly specialized area of content writing.Medical writing freelancing online jobs are handsomely paid jobs, since the demand for medical writing is much greater as compared to the availability of medical writers .Medical writing area involves a wide range of topics to choose from. 

So, If you have good knowledge of any type of medical related specific topics as well as an average writing skills, then you can go ahead and find great ways to earn secure online money through wide range of medical writing freelancing jobs.

Top 10 Best Online Content Writing and Freelancing Jobs Websites

#1 -A hub place for freelance writers

To get a quick start for getting good medical writing online jobs make your medical writings related portfolio or profile on this freelancing medical writing website. 

Here you can browse among the large number of medical writing online jobs posted on daily basis by the employers around the world. 

Once you have spotted the appropriate job for yourself you need to make a right bid to get the job. 

You can really find lots of online medical jobs opportunities here, but you need to spend some time on this writing platform to learn the art of making good bids, completing projects in a way that suits employers and showcasing your profile effectively.

#2 iFreelance

This is another great freelancing website where you can find lots of SEO writing work, technical writing assignments, medical writing projects. 

You just register yourself on this freelancing website for free and submit your updated profile/ portfolio.

You can view the list of many types of writing projects displayed on iFreelance, just search the types of projects that interest you .

After locating the suitable writing job for yourself, make an appropriate bid on that project smartly.

#3 Medical Writing online freelance projects

Here you can find many medical writing related jobs appearing time to time on various job boards. And you can connect with the other medical writers who are earning through online technical writing jobs. 

So, go here for networking. And for medical writing jobs.

Apply freely to get the medical writing home based assignments :- 

#4 Make money writing articles on eHow

eHow is a very popular online content publishing platform that is fully supported by its paid community of writers, including professional writers, web content writers, and bloggers. All the content/articles you see on eHow has been written by people like you and me.

Research/get familiar with the media platform- When you browse article posts on eHow carefully you will notice most of them are in form of tutorials, guides, help topics. (eHow stresses over creating articles in forms of instructions)

Note down the quality and pattern of the articles. Write on the topics which are familiar to you. e How is full of all types of topics.You may choose any topic to write about.

Get paid monthly for your published article- eHow pays their writers on monthly basis
based on the revenue generated by your article through ad clicks made by readers. eHow doesn't make upfront payment for your articles published, neither it pays based on the views / page impressions of your written articles. 

Earn passive income-eHow articles show most of the times in Google search (and through many other social media and search engines networks). More chances are that your articles published on eHow would be getting good visibility. For initially 1-2 months your articles might not earn you that much good, but later when they start showing in searches, surely they could make you good money.The best thing about eHow is that your published articles will keep earning for you for forever and you will be constantly making good passive income.

Best ways to earn on eHow- Register/signup on eHow, and start writing articles for eHow. Write about the topics most suitable for your niche, knowledge, and interest. Write at least 10-30 articles and don't think about the earnings and number of views for your articles. Gradually, after 1-2 months of the publication of your articles, you will start seeing your articles making money for you. Now, start promoting your articles to other social medias and networks.(NO spamming). Generally, every article on eHow makes anywhere between $1-$100 per month. 

Pay per post online jobs

To be eligible for pay-per-post online jobs you need to have your own blog or website where you can endorse products from different sponsors who have products that are relevant to your blog or website.

How It Works? 

It's As easy As ABC ...

  • Register/Sign up for an account -- it's always free.
  • Add your blog or blogs for acknowledgment/review.
  • Following your blog(s) approval select Advertiser's displayed "Campaigns "
  • Select to Blog about Campaign Releases that match your interests
  • Blog away, get free writing and marketing advice/suggestions/help whenever you needed, and earn as much as you can.
  • Get paid every7/15/30 days according to advertiser’s “ Campaigns “!

You get advertisers on these “ paid content writing jobs websites ” and, simply speaking, they sponsor your blog(s)/ articles/ posts/ content.

#5 Link From Blog  

 “Link From Blog” is one among the top 10 best websites for paid content writing jobs on the Internet. LinkFromBlog is online since 2008 and it's a USA based company. This content writing job provider websites is for bloggers and advertisers. 

As a blogger you just register in this website and put your blog ( which you already have written through using Blogger, Wordpress or any free/ paid blogging platform ). 

If your submitted blog gets approved after the acknowledgement process, you can send invitations to many already displayed advertisers and after approval you get requirements from the advertiser for the paid content writings on your own blog. 

After properly studying it you write a post in your blog accordingly and get paid this way.
This works best if you already have a blog of your own, or free blogs from Blogger, WordPress ,etc. 

( Check here for 20 Free Best Blogging Platforms )   

”Link From Blog” is really very popular website for content writing paid jobs in Indonesia, US, India, Ukraine, and Philippines, UK and Australia.
 Register free here for content writing jobs or review writing jobs at link from blog.

#6 Loud Launch

You can earn really very good amount of online money through paid content writing jobs on LoudLaunch, if have a good knowledge of writing blogs, articles. 

If you have a little bit more knowledge of basic HTML, then it can work greatly in your favor. 

LoudLaunch is very well reputed paid content writing job providing website where you can get content/ blog/ post/ article writing assignments through many displayed advertisers on a daily or monthly basis. 

Loud Launch is one among the top 10 best rated websites for paid content writing jobs around the online world. Top 5 countries where Loud Launch is very popular for paid content writing freelancer jobs are: Indonesia, India, Philippines, US and UAE.

Update: Loud Launch is currently not open for projects. Check back later @

#7 Blog To Profit

 “Blog To Profit” is an another one among top 10 best websites for paid content writing jobs for freelancing writers around the online world. 

Your blogs should be at least 2 months old to apply for getting an approval for the blog sponsorship.

Here, on BLOGtoPROFIT you can also earn money through referring other writers to this website. And many writers are mainly use this site for referral earning. Register free on “Blog To Profit” Here.

Top 5 countries where “ Blog to Profit ” is very popular for paid content writing freelancer jobs are: Philippines, India, Norway, Indonesia, and United States

#8 Pay Per Post

“ Pay Per Post ” works as a common media platform between blog writers/ bloggers/ blog owners and advertisers/ sponsors, and it connects two interested parties. 

Advertisers or sponsors who want to promote their product come to PayPerPost to find some good and relevant blogs where they can advertise their products.

If you are a content writer or blogger and want to earn some decent online money, then PayPerPost could be an ideal place for you to make some consistent money, but to work with/at PayPerPost as a blogger/ content writer you have to have your own blog.

Pay Per Post is very popular among bloggers and advertisers alike for the simple reason that it provides them great meeting platform, interface, and the more than satisfying end results.

How Pay per post works for content writers

  • Simple enough, you register your blog ( only blog URL needed) on “ Pay Per Post “ .
  • In a single step verify that you own the blog you submitted to payperpost
  • Just wait and watch till you are offered opportunities from different advertisers. You will find these listed in your account once you login into Payperpost. 
  • Select the advertisers you want to write for and read their requirements regarding content writing. If you like, go ahead and write blog posts about their products or services. Once your pay reaches $50 you can withdraw from your PayPal account immediately.Signup free for Pay Per Post here.
  • Payperpost pays really good to content writers. It pays you minimum $0.01 per word and depending upon the reputation of your blog, the amount could be much higher.

You need to write only 200 words per post. And along with that you also get paid for posting one outbound link from your blog for that post

Content writing requirements
  1. First of all, you should already have your own blog.
  2. Intermediate to expert level content writing skills.

Top 5 countries where “ Pay Per Post ” is very popular for paid content writing freelancer jobs are: US, Indonesia, India, Canada, and Philippines. 

#9 Social Spark

“Social Spark” is a great market place for both advertisers and bloggers. Social Spark is online since 2006, a publicly traded company which is owned by IZEA Holdings Inc.

You, as a blogger can get paid through Paypal after 30 days of blog posting for sponsors. Your posts earn through Point System on Social Spark. Social is really a best and top rated freelancing website/ marketplace for bloggers to earn online money via paid content writing jobs.

You can register yourself free on Social Spark here

Top 5 countries where “ Social Spark ” is very popular among publishers/ bloggers for paid content writing freelancer jobs are: US, India, Canada, South Korea, and Philippines.

#10 Writing and Translation jobs on Fiverr

The popularity of Fiverr has spreaded like a viral fever on all over the internet for simply because of its unique, interesting, and practical approach towards working from home. 

You can easily make money online through content writing, logo designing, advertising, consulting,.and lots more.! 

Every product or service displayed on Fiverr has a fixed price of $5.

You can offer any service to your potential customers among so many available service and product and categories available on Fiverr for online, but the price must be $5. 

Just visit the website and see yourself how    content writers and translators are earning good money (paid via PayPal) through selling/offering their small services. The plus point is that your offered services get displayed to a really very high number of interested/potential clients/ customers/ buyers since Fiverr is a very popular online place for those who are looking for cheaper/small-level services. Content writers usually offer 200-400 word articles each for $5.

If you get 5-10 articles order per day, even then you can easily make anywhere between $ 900-$1500 per month with the help of writing 5-10 small articles ! Isn't it cool? Get Fiverred !! 

See how others are making good online money through offering small article writing services 

From Fiverr jobs

Freelance writers and article writing jobs at Donanza


Donanza is a good place for freelance writers, content writers, bloggers, and article writers to find regular writing assignments and you can earn good money while working from home. On an average you would be getting around $1 for every 200-250 words article assignments. 

If you work sincerely and regularly, there would be no difficulty finding  writing assignments on regular basis for yourself. Slowly, over the period of some time time you would gain good experience and your profile as a content writer would be improved and enhanced to a lot better degree, which, in return, could attract lot of employers/ publishers who need good content writers to fulfill their content requirements. 

In that scenario you would be making a really good money on daily basis.

Just find good projects, bid on them, and complete your assignments with sincerity, honesty and add as much quality to your work as possible for you. There is no shortcut to success, at least in the initial days of your profession. 

An actual work example of a writing assignment work at Donanza:  

A certain client needs content writers to finish the assignment of 4000 articles and assures you of a regular work in future if you perform your work with quality and punctuality. Every article would be of 250-280 words and each article will fetch you $1. There is another assignment by this same client where you need to do rewriting of already published articles and you would be paid anywhere between $10-15 per hour.
You can check the same writing assignment by yourself.

Update: Donanza has been acquired by Freelancer .

[ 10 best Content Writing Websites to find latest Blogging Jobs Online ] The Outstanding Website for Freelance Content Writing Projects 

Perhaps, is the number one #1 website today for publishing highest number of writing jobs online that are done by home based freelance writers. 

As a freelance writer you have to register (free) there and make your portfolio citing the key skills you posses. You can directly apply for the open content writing job projects at Upwork.

The writing jobs posted at Upwork are paid in two types :-

  1. Fixed Price
  2. Price per hour       

Directly Apply for Recent Latest Fresh Content Writing Jobs

Lots of online companies are desperately looking for candidates who want to apply for online content writing jobs. Apply here for content writing jobs and you will be instantly e-mailed whenever there are new openings for content writing part time or full time jobs in your areas or locations.

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