Google keywords-List of Top 25 Highest Paid Google AdSense and Adwords Keywords-year 2016

25 Hot keywords on Google Adwords or AdSense-

The top 25 Highest paying keywords mentioned in this list of 25 top paying Google AdSense or AdWords keywords are based on the highest paying Google Ads for the year of 2015-2016. 

If you own/run a website, write a blog, article or Lens, then definitely you must have, at some point of time, thought about including keywords that are considered highly paid by Google AdSense and writing on topics and categories that are related to these highest paid keywords.

 But, honestly speaking, i don’t recommend you to write your blogs according to to the keywords. The reason is that ‘keyword-consciousness’ will spoil your originality and you will lose the natural flow in your blog writings.

If you base your writings not on keywords then you will automatically gain the value of your writings through other sources other than ‘keyword finding sources’, and this added value will be much more long lasting. 

Though, there are other means of SEO  to improve your blog rankings in the eyes of search engines. And still you need to know the highest paying AdSense keywords then you can also check it from the keyword tool with your own Google AdSense account.

Some bloggers or webmasters simply can’t afford to ignore the use of  ‘oh so hot’ keywords in their website or blog post. You can further search for ‘day to day’ updated keywords list by using the “best keywords, top keywords for Google Adsense & Adwords, hot keywords, top 10 highly paid keywords, and god knows what more ! 

“ This list of the highest paid keywords keep changing as their value in Google AdWords changes according to the bids on daily basis.

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Though, most writers, bloggers don’t care about how low or high rated their ‘niche keywords’ are in Google AdWords or AdSense. They are driven by their own interest, passion and expertise. 

BUT, still, there is a large part of the blogger breed who are almost completely driven/motivated by money and keyword cost. So, the larger part of the readers of this list of top 25 most expensive keywords belongs to the latter type of bloggers.

Google Adwords Vs other advertising networks

Google Adwords is still the highest used advertising network on the internet, but i feel that other advertising networks are also gaining the pace and would give Google a good chalenge because of its price rate compared to other system.

I guess there won't be any drastic change in near future, but the race has already started for sure ( at least for some categories where number of clicks is more important than where they are coming from. Specially, in Advertising, SEO, and social media categories Google Adwords is going to get a good competition from other advertising networks. 

Top 25 Best Highly Paid/Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords for year 2016

Sr.No. Top 25 Highly Paid Keywords Price in $
1 Insurance 54.91
2 Mortgage 47.12
3 Attorney 47.07
4 Loans 44.28
5 Credit 41
6 Lawyer 40.08
7 Donate 40.01
8 Degree 39.8
9 Hosting 37.8
10 Claim 36.5
11 Conference Call 34.5
12 Trading 32
13 Software 31.7
14 Recovery 30.9
15 Transfer 29.65
16 Gas/Electricity 26.58
17 Classes 25.79
18 Rehab 24.39
19 Treatment 23.73
20 Cord Blood 22.85
21 Health 21.24
22 Finance 20.18
23 Meditation 19.10
24 Heart 17.10
25 Yoga 16.5