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paid forum posting jobs
Paid Forum Posting Jobs 2015-The 10 best paid forum posting jobs listed here are the latest and recently updated for year 2014-2015.  And, the best websites listed here are the ones that offer good online money making ways through paid forum posting online jobs . 

This paid forums websites list provides full details about the most popular forums on the internet that offer paid forum posting jobs to blogger writers and the websites are the best in class to take paid forum posting services. 

Read here the 7 forum posting tips before you start registering on them.  Learn 5 basic tips on how to make money on Freelance websites.

Find details about all the best paid forums that pay you for posting comments, reviews, and these paid forums pay you for forum posting. For those content writers who are in novice or beginning level can start writing off on any of these best paid forum posting websites and can earn a decent online income through forum posting.

Here, i have posted this list of top 10 best websites for forum posting paid jobs. And these forum sites are really high rated big forums and these forums are quite popular among most of the new bloggers and comment writers, review writers.

Online forum posting involves comment writing, products reviewing, recommendations writing for sponsor's products.

Those comment writers who are new to forum posting jobs can initially learn from the writers available online in these forums writers community. 

And, these websites mainly have comment writers/posters from all around the world, mainly including: USA, UK, Australia, Africa and from Asian Countries such as,  India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Bangladesh..the list goes endless!

This list of top 10 best paid forum posting jobs websites could be useful for two main purposes:-
  1. If you want to earn online money through the paid forum posting jobs, then this is a list of great killer forums where you can kick start your paid forum posting jobs as a work from home internet jobs.
  2. If you own a website, blog, massage board  or forum and you want to gain traffic, or increment in comments, posts, or simply no. of registered members then you may read through this list of top 10 best forums to subscribe the paid forum services for article or blog posting on your own site.

The best way to earn good online money through paid forum posting jobs is to getting registered for several paid forums. Hence you will always have diversified and distributed work options that will be in your benefit for many understood reasons. Hence sign up for 4-5 paid forums and work collectively there for a combined income,  money security, and safety as well.

What is Forum Posting?

  • In true sense forum posting is a way to connect with other similar minds to discuss the topics that could be specific or general in nature.
  • Forum posting is one of the best ways to generate good quality backlinks and traffic to your website or blog.
  • Forum posting is considered one of the top 10 best tools for website SEO.
  • Nowadays paid forum posting is increasingly used by webmasters to drive traffic to their websites and blogs.There are many paid forum websites that offer paid forum posting services to website owners.
  • Forum posting is an easiest way to make online money as part time content writing, comments posting, forum posting, review writing.Registered users post comments in these paid forums and based on their posts volume and quality of content users get paid weekly or monthly by these paid forums.
  • Hence paid forums work as common platform between website owners and paid forum comment writers         

Below given top 10 websites are really popular for paid forum posting jobs, but still i would recommend you to always do a counter check before starting any paid forum posting job, and read more reviews about them in different online paid forum communities!

3 best places on the Internet for 2014 to get Forum posting online jobs and Forum assignments 

Below listed 3 websites or job boards or freelancing platforms are the best on the Internet in order to get online paid job assignments posted by employers or marketers from around the world. 

Job assignments posted on these platforms are genuine and safe as the payment is handled by the system not by individuals who post job assignments. For an exam., if a professional marketer posts an assignment, then he has to pay the money in advance to the system. 

And, if your employer accepts your fulfilled assignment order, then you get paid by the system. Hence the job website or the freelancing platform works as a mediator to handle the payments. Its good for both parties:- freelancers as well as employers. 

Small companies or Internet marketer outsource their work to the freelancers registered in these job platforms and they get good deal . 

oDesk - a best platform to get freelance forum posting and blogging jobs online

oDesk is not a forum posting web site, but a great website that provides earning platform to freelance workers of various skills ranging from newbies to expert professionals. 

You can find forum posting regular work on oDesk. You have to register ( free) on oDesk to get/apply to regularly posted assignments and projects (that's what they call it ) . 

oDesk is a home to several thousand people earning genuine online income(link) through its online channels. 

Elance - a reputed Freelance job website to get assignments of paid forum posting projects

Elance is another great world class freelancing platform that connects millions people who submit projects and fulfill the assignments as per their skills. 

Again, Elance is not a Forum posting web site, but here you can search lots of projects that require forum posting skills. Some project need other skills as well apart from forum posting, such as blogging, forum moderation, SEO, back linking, social media etc.

You have to keep an eye on these projects. Just register free on Elance and subscribe 'forum jobs' via RSS/mail notification .

Freelancer.com - the most popular freelance work website in the World for getting freelancing projects and assignments 

Register on Freelancer.com and put your profile on display to be shown to the marketing experts and companies who are looking for people with "forum posting" job skills. 

Freelancer offers you a great opportunity to create your professional portfolio that is visible to the visitors around the world. If your work is liked, you get positive reviews and feed backs from your clients and your profile keep getting refined and it helps you attract more buyers of your freelancing work-resulting in more $..;)

#1 Forum Booster-Get Paid Writing Forum 

Paid Forums Posting

Forum Booster is probably the best forum for paid posting jobs on the Internet. The most of it’s users are from US and India and its mainly popular in US, UK and many Asian Countries.Forum Booster has boastingly posted 391,582 posts till date through its paid members. But Forum Booster is soon going to divide this forum in two places-one is for paid writers and the other for post/article subscribers for their websites or forums. 

For writers its going to move on to new forum as “ ContentCurrent.com “
Forum Booster provides content and blog/article posting services to other forums and websites. In this way it earns a huge amount through their services to other forums. 

Since Forum Booster has large no. of registered and paid quality members, it has huge volume of articles and blog posts to sell  to other subscribers. If you can write posts, articles you can earn really very good money on Forum Booster ! 

Forum Booster or Content Current offers a wide range of writing tasks and you have many choices for posting, reviewing, blogging, or writings paid jobs. Register free for Forum Booster or Content Current here. 

#2 myLot-Online Paid Jobs Forum

Forum Posting Service

myLot is the best and most popular website/forum for paid forum posting online jobs! It has around 0.24 Million registered online users.Its very simple to get this forum posting job here- sign up and start making relevant discussions according to the forum, post answers to others questions or remarks. 

You earn as much you write/post. As simple as that ! Another way to earn money through myLot is by referring  friends/users to myLot.com ! In this way you can also earn good passive money as well on myLot.com 

Update- myLot.com is no more offering any forum posting jobs 

#3 Paid Forum Posting-Get Paid for Posting

Forum Posting Jobs

Only If you are serious about earning money online through forum posting, then you have to show that to the forum management. I mean, your first 7 postings are reviewed by a team and only then you are permitted to post more in discussions and other forum activities.

Paidforumposting.com is among top 10 best sites for forum posting service providers.This site is online since 2006 and is mainly popular in USA,Europe and UK.. Paid forum posting is fastly gaining user base in Many Asian and African countries as well. 

Top 5 countries where Paid Forum Posting is mostly popular: Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, United States and Germany. Go - Grab your chance !

#4 Wired Flame-Comment Posting paid Jobs

Forum Posting

As one of the top best paid forums, Wired Flame is really getting good popularity for paid form posting jobs where you can post comments and write on wide variety of topics of your choice. Wired Flame is paying their writers $0.15 USD for each thread and $0.12 USD for each post. You get paid through PayPal, similar to most of the paying forums for the paid forum posting jobs. 

Update- Wired Flame is no more offering any forum posting jobs  

#5 Post On My Forum-Get paid Thread Posting

Paid Forum posting jobs

"Post On My Forum.com" is another website/forum where you can earn good online money consistently through posting in threads, discussions, and reviews of this one among top 10 best forums. Post On My Forum.com is mostly popular in Germany, where it has highest no. of users. 

Still, it manages good no. of users from US, UK and many Asian Countries. Register freely on Post On My Forum.com here 

#6 Best Forum Posting-Post to get Paid

Best Forum posting jobs

Best Forum Posting is mainly popular in India and off-course, most of it’s users are from India, Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and from many other Asian countries. Best Forum Posting is a good place to get registered for the paid forum posting jobs. 

You can earn any where between $2-$3.5 per hour, depending upon your writing capabilities and qualities.Best Forum Posting is online since 2007, and has maintained the reputation of a good forum for paid posting jobs. 

Here, posting job is similar to other paying forums, except that “ Best Forum Posting ” also offers you to post in massage boards of different types of websites/portals. Choose from your interest topic and start posting for this forum! 

Update- Best Forum Posting is no more offering any paid posting jobs. 

#7 Postloop- an online forum for skilled content writers

Postloop is a great forum for those who wants to earn good money while posting comments and creating some good content. Here you get good chance to post nicely crafted content. Postloop believes in quality of the content in terms of - sentence construction, phrase formation, styling content, proofreading, good English writing skills. 

This is the reason, Postloop has developed a separate forum where you have to write at least 10 sample posts to show that you have got enough post writing skills in English. 

Once you complete 10 posts you get a mail or notification in your account dash board confirming that you have been accepted in the system for earning money through forum posting. 

For deserving candidates Postloop offers really good rate per post.

#8 Extra Dime- a forum for earning and saving money

Extra Dime, as the name suggests, is for earning those extra dimes that could be easily accumulated as a good part time extra income.

To every starter Extra Dime offers $0.50 sign up bonus. If you have a Google AdSense account , then you can put your publisher id and get extra AdSense money through the clicks on your ads.

You can also refer your friends to this paid forum and earn $0.50 for every successful referral. Earning rate is also good at Extra Dime compared to many online forums. You earn $0.1-0.2 per post/starting a new thread.   

Register free or learn more on Extra Dime online forum 

#9 The JC Board-Make Money Posting

Paid Forum posting jobs

Earlier The JC Board was known as Forum Focus (though the latter still exists but for its other services) JC Board is still part of Forum Focus. 

You can try for forum posting jobs here, but they have shifted it to this new place as The JC Board, so they only around 1k users yet. 

Yet you can sign up freely and start posting and keep an eye on the results/returns you are getting from here. If it works fine for you, you stay and enjoy earning, otherwise just avoid it for so many other available paid forums.  

Update- the JC Board is no more a forum.

Conclusion Forum posting jobs are really very easy and anybody who is new to this online money making way can get in the habit of  regular money earning through 3-4 initial days of forum posting job. On an average people earn $3-$ 5 per hour through forum posting jobs depending upon their typing capabilities and writing skills and qualities.

WISDOM WORDSIf you are new to this work, just see others and learn from the people who are earning good money in these forums and who have spent a good time there.
Though, paid forum posting jobs are genuine and legitimate in nature, but still keep your eyes open- you never know ! 

Always check their mode of payments ( If they pay through PayPal, chances are that the forum is stable and reliable)  and get in touch with other users through Forum communities and take feedback from them.

APPEAL If you already have the forum posting experience, please leave your feedback, comment, or reviews in Commenting Area of this post. You know, it could be very useful for the other readers of this post !

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