Global Market Share 2012 For Search Engines,Web Browsers, Antivirus software, Operating Systems 

Search engines web-browsers Market share
This is a freshly updated market share statistics reports released by Net Market Share in 2012.The market share grabbed by each product in the relevant category is backed by research and data analysis from for search engines, web-browsers, operating systems, antivirus software . Google as expected, dominates the market share as a giant web searching engine, while Internet Explorer is still at the top when it comes to web-browsers market share, despite the huge popularity is being gained by Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox.
These market share figures regarding internet web browsers reflect some old trends being changed while some being almost stable when it comes to their usage in respective fields. These Market share details also provide the important updates about which one is the best in the category as well as it provides a top 10 best internet browsers and top 10 best search engine list for year 2012

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Free/paid Antivirus Global Market Share Report-2012 

As per the recent OPSWAT market share report of 'worldwide antivirus vendor market share' security industry Avast free antivirus is topping the chart with 11.91% share of all the antivirus software shares world wide. 

OPSWAT recently completed an antivirus-software market share report that was conducted worldwide for year 2011-2012. This antivirus software report by OPSWAT, which is intended not to claim any authenticated data analysis for the Internet security industry, indicates some unexpected changes concerned with usage of various anti-virus software programs by common users to sophisticated business houses.

Top 10 Antivirus software companies as per year 2012

Clearly, Avast Software has not only protected its number #1 position of last year 2011, but also has reported a good gain of global anti-virus software market share from 12.37% to 16.26% , while Comodo Group has been left out of the top 10 best antivirus companies for 2012, whereas Trend Micro, Inc has been successful this year to make entry in the list of top 10 best antivirus software companies. 

*This ranking of the top 10 antivirus software companies is as per the market share/usages reported by each antivirus software company individually , and not in terms of their net market profit, the latter is, off-course, different from the former. 

Worldwide Antivirus software companies global market share report:

Avast Software       -16.26%
Avira GMBH           -11.65%
AVG Technologies- 10.96%
Microsoft Corp.     - 10.08%
ESET Software       -10.06%
Symantec Corp.     -9.97%
Kaspersky labs       -7.75%
Mcafee,Inc              -4.74%   
Panda Software     -3.77%
Trend Micro, Inc   -2.22%
Others                     -12.54%

Global Market share of Top 10 best antivirus software programs:

The report clearly indicates that free antivirus software programs have topped the list of most used/installed antivirus programs globally. Actually, the first 3 top antivirus programs in the list of top 10 are offering free (full version) to download and install anti-virus software.i.e Avast Free Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira Antivir Personal-Free Antivirus.

List of top 10 best antivirus software programs (free as well as paid) as per their global market share/usage:

Avast Antivirus (free version)                        -13.50%    +1.0%
Microsoft Security Essentials (free version)    -13.00%    +2.3%
ESET Antivirus                                              -08.30%    +1.2%
Avira Antivir Personal (Free version)             -07.50%    -1.5%
AVG Antivirus (free version)                          -06.80%    -1.1%
Norton Antivirus                                            -04.30%    -1.5%
MCAFEE Virus Scan                                       -04.10%    +0.5%
Kaspersky Internet Security                          -03.60%    -0.2%
AVG Antivirus                                               -03.30%    -0.9%
Nortan Internet Security                               -02.80%    +1.5%
Other Anti virus programs                             -32.08%   -1.2%

Free software download top 10 antivirus

Internet web browsers global market share 2012

 Web Browsers Market ShareGlobal market share 2012 figures for Internet web browsers presented in this list/report are reflecting all types of  user base. This global market share for web browsers includes those users who are using these sweb browser through mobiles,handhelds,PDAs, laptops,notebooks, computers,PC,Mac,and the global market share data for Internet browsers usages have also considered all the search engines, operating systems and operating devices while preparing this web browser global market share 2012 .

Internet Web Browsers (for desktop devices only)

Global Market Share of each Web browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 53.93%
Firefox web browser 20.16%
Google Chrome browser 18.18%
Safari web browser 04.93%
Opera browser 01.59%
Opera Mini browser 01.25%
Netscape browser 00.91%
ACCESS Netfront browser 00.04%
Flock browser 00.04%
Mozilla  00.03%
Playstation browser 00.02%
Obigo web browser 00.01%
Konquerer web browser 00.01%

List of Top 10 Best Internet Web Browsers 2012

Global search engine market share

To read the statistics for worldwide "search engine market share" , please visit this separate post for in depth details about search engine market share