10 Best websites for making money while content writing – best content writing platforms for bloggers and online writers-2014 !

content-writing-jobs-sites  The good thing is that if you are a blogger, content writer, publisher, or if you are somehow capable of writing about on at least a topic of your own choice (lets say anything !), then you really have lots of very nice chances, opportunities to earn really good online money regularly, consistently on a monthly basis through blogs writing, content writing jobs, online article writing jobs,  paid forum posting jobs ! I have listed some of the top websites for making money through blogging or content writing. These popular websites offer really genuine online content writing platforms for bloggers and content writers for making consistent, regular online money. These Top 10 websites for making money offer best, free, and stable opportunities to earn good money through paid blogging, freelancing content writing jobs. You don't have to worry about creating a website or blog to create your own content. All your content will be hosted freely on these websites and they offer great WYSIWYG* platform.


The below written detailed list of of top 10 best freelancing  websites for making money-2014 (revenue sharing online publishing) for bloggers and content writers provides you an opportunity to start earning consistent online as a blogger,content writer or publisher. These freelancing websites are really nice platforms for bloggers and these are the top 10 best places to find a blog writing opportunity.
Millions of people around the world are earning good online money from home by writing blogs and articles on these money making websites for bloggers.

If you are new to blogging, then just register with these top best best websites for making money and you will be learning tricks and techniques of how to write best blogs and how to earn handsome income through blog writing. Just watch and learn from others who are already earning very good online money on these money making  websites for bloggers and writers. Get inspired, improve your writings, learn from others and see how successfully you can make online money consistently on these online money making  websites !     


Hubpages offers really great money making online opportunities to writers, online affiliate marketers and bloggers alike. Hubpages is a great blog  writing online website where several thousand bloggers and writers are earning really good income through many ways, such as Google Adsense, advertisements, affiliate marketing, etc. This is among top 10 best loved freelancing website for bloggers and writers around the world.You can register free of cost here. Hubpages has a cool community and provides a killer online writing platform

Squidoo is really very cool, decent, sophisticated, creativity-inspiring, and neat-clean money making  website since 2005 and is surely among the top 5 place  for Top 10 best  websites for making money 2014 list. They call each blog or article as Lens. You, as a blogger, writer or affiliate marketer can earn very good money through your published Lens, blogs or articles on Squidoo. Squidoo has a very cool and sober article writing plaform and it offers you great publishing tools-free of cost! Just Register and start publishing your Lenses there. Money will follow you.

Demand Studio

Demand studio is highly sophisticated and mostly you need to write something very worth full to start earning really decent online income on this money making  websites for bloggers and writers. You are not surely accepted as a writer on this, first you need to apply and then you need an approval to get a start on this.Unlike others, where you can start writing immediately after registration, here you need to apply for this! But once approved you are in for a very good money. Demand Studio actually distributes your published writings, blogs on many popular media and, in return, your blogs get very high visibility, and hence the high money. Go, if you have that writing expertise. Just try!! 


Helium Is very nice freelancing publishing  websites where you can freely register and start publishing and sharing your articles. Through Helium’s own popularity and strong blogger’s community you get a very good exposure and help. Helium is one among the top 10 best publishing websites for your writing work as a blogger. You can get Upfront payments for your blog writing work or you can earn through the share of daily revenue generation. Great idea, to write on Helium, if you are looking to earn online money from working home through blogging ! 

Associated Content

best- writing-jobs
Associated Content is from Yahoo ! Itself. It's a great community for  writers and bloggers. Your published articles get support and visibility through well famous Yahoo ! You know how so much this fact could be for any publisher, writer or blogger, in terms of visibility, page views and popularity.Already so many established writers are well famous on Associated Content and there are so much high volume of  blogging contents getting published through it everyday basis. Its truly one among the top 10 best online writing  websites for bloggers and writers.Already 400K writers/bloggers are busy writing on Associated Content. Its your turn now !


Bukisa is free to register and very well famous and it is definitely one among the top 10 best freelancing  websites-2014 for bloggers, writers, and publishers around the world.
You write your blogs/articles with the help of free online writing platform provided by Bukisa. Your articles get really good exposure through Bukisa’s content sharing networks. You earn through sharing of royalties via Google Ad Sense.  

Info Barrel 

Best content writing jobs
Info Barrel is growing each day and gaining popularity through strong online presence of articles written using it’s online writing platform for bloggers and writers. You can also earn through referring other bloggers and writers on this platform and that could get you a share of Ad revenues generated by your referral’s articles earning. So, write, get published and earn good money through blog publishing.Info Barrel offers you a great community help and visibility to your articles published on this. This one is really one among the top 10 best online publishing websites 2014 for bloggers, writers or publishers.

Suite 101

content writing jobsSuite 101 is a very large community of online freelancing bloggers and writers, where you get paid to write on a large, huge varieties of topics on business, education, career, family, mind-body-soul,.literature to dogs,and list goes endless.On Suite 101 you get very good blog writing support through content and community. Your blogs get desired visibility and promotion through its large online publishing platform .Here, you stand a very good chance to earn decent online income through your published writings. What are you waiting for?


Best writers Websites
Examiner.Com is a local news providing publishing platform, as a blogger, writer you can make really good money for your news articles published on this  website. You can apply to register for free on this online money making  website for bloggers, writers, publishers. You stand a very good chance to make money on this by writing local news articles on this freelancing news blogging website/platform. Examiner.com is surely top rated and reviewed among the top 10 best money making  websites for bloggers and content writers. Examiner.com is extending its news publication network to new local locations everyday. I hope your location/country is listed in its network. If its so, go ahead embrace the opportunity to make it big ! 


online writing jobs
eHow.com has been very popular for a long time now and  its loved and used by many established writers around the globe as money making ways through blog and content writing.You can write on variety of topics on eHow website. It has a big community where you can connect with other bloggers and writers of similar interest to give a new height to your blog writing profession ! 
How? check it on eHow !!

Some more places to find nice 'websites for writers'

Freelance writing.com

Freelancewriting.com -A good place to get some really good free resources for freelance writing as well as you could find lots of latest freelancing jobs or writing assignments.Freelancing Writing is an independent website dedicated to various types of freelance writing work.'Freelance Writing' has been guiding freelance writers since 1997.

Register at 'Freelance Writing' to become a writer

Constant Content 

Constant Content is a division of Revenue Wire and the latter is a multiple award winning e-commerce platform around 100 countries globally.

At 'Constant Content' you will find lots of types of writing jobs, such as :
  • Articles writing jobs
  • Blog Writing jobs
  • Copy Editing jobs 
  • Copywriting jobs 
  • eBook Writing jobs
  • Press Release Writing jobs
  • Review Writing jobs 
  • SEO Content Writing jobs
  • Technical Writing jobs 
  • White Paper Writing jobs   


Seekyt writing platform is open for all types of content writers (it's a Google AdSense revenue sharing program offered by Seekyt) provided that your content is unique, real, and written only by you, as the Google AdSence Program wants it for getting your account approved to put ads from their AdWord users. Seekyt is a content writing platform where content writers are shared 75% of Google AdSense revenue generated through their articles. for an example, if all of your articles received $ 200 for any month through Google AdSense (Google AdSense pays for the clicks received on the ads placed on the article page) , then you are paid $150 for that month, as simple as that. 75% revenue sharing is a good deal as you don't have to worry about anything ( like setting website, hosting, maintenance, etc)

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*WYSIWYG=what you see is what you get. It's an interface/ platform to create blog post, web pages, or articles !