All About Blogger's 5 Dynamic Views-A Full Tutorial, Guide

Blogger's 5 Dynamic Views
Blogger has recently launched its much awaited "Dynamic Views" feature for its Bloggers.This feature of Blogger is available in 5 unique, exciting, interesting dynamic views. And readers can read any Blogger’s blog through these 5 dynamics views without being directed to the homepage of the blog.
To let your readers have richer and more pleasant experience reading your bloggers blogs, Google has provided yet another great product to enrich and improve the reading or blogging experience. Google has enabled this dynamic view through these advanced web technology- AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3.

Blogger’s dynamic view is now fully functional and available to any blogger or reader. If you are a reader then either you can enjoy the blogger’s dynamic 
view through Google Chrome extension or simply add ‘/view’ to any of the
Blogger's blog url.I have briefly described step by step guide for using Blogger's 5 dynamic views on your own Blogger's Blogspot blogs-

Blogger has devised These 5 dynamic Blogger views for its bloggers( Blogspot blog writers) authors, readers, or any readers-
  1. Flipcard Dynamic View
  2. Sidebar  Dynamic View 
  3. Mosaic  Dynamic View 
  4. Snapshot  Dynamic View 
  5. Timeslide  Dynamic View
  6. Classic Dynamic view
  7. Magazine dynamic view

You can view any Blogspot blog in blogger’s dynamic view through these two ways-

  1. By adding /view to the end of any Blogger’s blog. Like, And if you want to view this blog in any of the 5 available dynamic views then you can further add to the end of /view/. For e.g, if you want to see this blogger’s blog in sidebar dynamic view, then add ‘sidebar’ at the end of this Blogger’s blog, like this .
  2. Install this Blogger Dynamic View extension for Google Chrome. After installing it on your browser you are able to view any Blogger’s blog to view in these 5 available dynamic view @ fView.

For Blogger’s Blogs Readers

Download/Install Blogger Dynamic Views ( By Google ) extension   

Blogger-Dynamic-ViewsInstall this Blogger’s dynamic views extension for Chrome here-Blogger's Dynamic Views Install. Once you have installed this extension, it will automatically detect when you are viewing any of the Blogger’s blog. This lets you view that blog in any of the 5 available dynamic views.

For Bloggers Those Blog Using Blogger/Blogspot.

How To Enable Blogger Dynamic Views To Your Blog 

Bloggers Blogspot Dynamic Views

This blogger feature is only for those blogs that have been enabled for ‘Public View’ ( and not for private blogs) and is active with full feeds .
  1. You need to make your blog fully feeds enabled to be able to show your blog in ‘Dynamic Blogger Views’ . You can do this by simply going to ‘Dashboard’ > Settings > Site Feed. After going to the ‘Site Feed’ menu page, just direct to ‘Post Feed Redirect URL’. Here you need to put the feed url of your blog. 
  2. Now you can enable your blogger’s blog to this dynamic view by following these steps from your blog’s dashboard. Like this, ‘Dashboard’ > ‘Settings’ > Formatting. After going to the Formatting menu page just search for the line : “ Enable Dynamic Views’. Just set this option as ‘Yes’, and you are done ! That’s it !!

Usefulness of Blogger Dynamic Views Feature

  • First of all, in the Blogger Dynamic View, your blog loads really quickly, making it a better experience for your readers and a feel good factor for you as a blogger. And you will love more to Blogger with this feature !
  • This Dynamic Blogger View adds more excitement and joy to your blog as a unique and great feature compared to other blogs on the web.
  • Simply, this feature will improve the readability of your blog and that will lead to more  interaction and revisiting rate for your blog.
I think these are enough points to consider this beautiful ‘Blogger Dynamic Views’ as a ‘one more good to be added feature' to your Blogspot-blog.

Update-1.1 Around 2 million Blogger blogs now have 'Blogger dynamic views' enabled on them, and the numbers are growing..

Please feel free to leave any suggestions or feed backs regarding your own experience to this unique blog feature….!