Internet browsing by Mobile Phones | A report on Internet Usage by Mobiles| Internet Usages Market Share via Mobile phones and Handheld tablets| Use of mobile phones as Internet accessing devices increasing at fastest ever rate as reported by

Mobile and Tablet Captures over 10 % ( last year it was 5%) market share of All the Internet Browsing Worldwide !

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Internet browser market share
The global trend of the Internet-browsing through mobile-phone devices like, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Android is increasing day by day. Here is the proof-

According to a latest April 2013 report by Net Market Share, mobile phone devices and tablet platforms are possessing well a good share of over 10%  internet and browsing use. Globally ! These web browser usage figures are reflecting the growing popularity and use of the internet browsing using mobile-phone devices. Mobile phone devices are providing access to a 10% of the all web browsing on the internet; and over 8.2% of all this mobile web browsing is performed by United States alone. Mainly  iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java ME devices are those mobile-phone and tablets which are being used for most of the internet browsing through mobile-phone devices  across the world.

A stupendous usages growth rate of mobile devices has again captured the fantacy of people, and some believe that by 2014, mobile devices will cross desktop devices when it comes to accessing internet, though i personally feel that this is exaggarated version of the story, however i do think that there will be a day when exaggeration become a truth. And that day seems not far ! 
Ok, enough talks, lets see what the reports have to say: one thing is clear- the usages of the Internet via mobiles is increasing in exponential form ! 

Latest report for the internet usages by mobile phones and tablets compared to desktop devices

And here is mobile phone browsers market share chart for 2013

How looked the report for the last year?  
Below reports were for 2012

Internet browsing usages through various mobile-phone operating systems :

Internet-Browsing Device

               U.S. Browsing Share

iPad 37.32%
iPhone 26.66%
Android 19.6%
Java ME 9.11%
Blackberry 1.86%
iPod 1.76%
Symbian 1.61%
Mobile phone operating system market share

Mobile-phones web-browser market share: 

Use of mobile phones as an Internet connecting devices has reportedly gained a lot of popularity and the global browser market share figures share the same story.  Mobile phones are increasingly being used to gain the internet access. And this internet browsing usages of mobile phones and tablets is indicated by the various internet browsers user data reports. Safari is the clear winner in this scenario, and has become most favorite web browser of mobile phone users.

Top 5 best web browsers accessed/used by a mobile-phone 

Mobile Web Browsers         Browser market share

Safari                                                66.22 %

Android Browser                          19.41 %
Opera Mini                                       9.32 %
Blackberry                                      1.45 %
Symbian                                           0.80 %

List of the Top 5 Countries Using Mobile devices For Web Browsing:

Top 5 Countries Using  Mobile Web Browsing

Internet Browsing Share %

United States Singapore29.3
United Kingdom 20.3
Indonesia 5.5
South Africa 5.4