Top 30 Primary Social Bookmarking Sites: A passport to gain the highly wanted SEO benefits!

High PR and high DA (Domain Authority bookmarking sites with PR5-PR9) for 2018.

Top Social Bookmarking Sites
SEO and Bookmarking:   List of 25 High PR Bookmarking websites on the Internet for 2018 (Updated).  Social Bookmarking websites are very good for SEO. Period.  

But, the quality is more important while making bookmarks of your web properties to these kind of social sharing sites

 Article Updated (Sep, 2018)- This list needed a little cleanup and some more additions. 

So, have updated this reputed list of bookmarking sites that have been used by several thousands of SEO users since its publication in July 2011.  

Best social bookmarking sites with their Google PR, DoFollow, No dofollow tags status and Alexa ranks.  ( Related Read: How to improve Alexa Ranking of your blog website

Free social bookmarking sites list for SEO  -Here you will find an updated and evergreen list of 25 best social bookmarking sites that topped the herd of several thousands of social bookmarking sites that could be found all over the internet Web.

Why to use these Bookmarking websites for SEO?

You should definitely submit your blog posts as a form of bookmarks to these 25 of most wanted social bookmarking sites irrespective of their DoFollow or Nofollow status. 

As these bookmarking sites are the most popular and leading the social sharing web sites and all of these have really high Domain authority. Hence bookmarks submitted here would get instantly indexed and distributed (through bookmarks syndication) over many other secondary or subsidiary social sharing sites

Being primary bookmarking sites they have millions of registered users who could share/distribute your blog posts to a larger group through bookmark-voting and bookmark-sharing activities.  

Moreover, your blog links will be easily discovered by search engines if they are found on such high PR and Domain Authority (DA) websites.   

Every social-bookmarking sites mentioned in this list is described with their latest Google page rank (PR) and Alexa rank so that you can take a hint about their importance in SEO improvements for your blog or website. 

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This "free bookmarking sites list" is comprised of Do Follow social bookmarking sites and No Follow bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites enlisted here, along with added reviewsratings and rankings,  are among the biggest and the most popular bookmarking sites all over the Internet World.

These top best bookmarking sites are in a huge demand for being the primary and easiest source of  stably vital backlinks and traffic for your website,or blog post !

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What is social bookmarking?

New Internet users often have this question regarding bookmark or bookmarking: "what is social bookmarking?" For those of users i have given a brief idea about what is social bookmarking and how it can be used. 

Well, social bookmarking is name of a process where you/users save your favorite website/ blog page for a later use. You give your own name to these saved links which are called bookmarks. All the bookmarks of different pages can be stored/saved in a single place on your browser/social bookmarking site.

Your favorite web pages can be bookmarked or saved online in two ways-

#1. On your computer- You can save any webpage as a bookmark by pressing CTRL+D keys on your keyboard. This bookmark will be saved at bookmarking tabs of your browser window. 

(even you can create individual folders with their title names so that you can remember whereabouts of each bookmark.) 

Bookmark saved on your computer can't be accessed from any other computer (except in case you have synced your particular account using Google Chrome, FireFox, etc).

#2. Online bookmarks/web based bookmarks- If you liked a web page and you want to store it online so that you can access it again without remembering or typing the same original url/web address of that page, then you should bookmark this page using any of your favorite "social bookmarking site". 

Like, if you liked this blog page about "top social bookmarking sites" and want to bookmark it you can save it on Delicious with your own tags (for eg, "social bookmarking sites list"). 

Before doing so you need to create an account on a social bookmarking site (in this example, you have it on Delicious) .Once saved, you can access them from any computer over the Internet

Social bookmarking is used by web users for mainly 2 prime reasons:

#1- As an Internet user you can bookmark your favorite websites or links for your own future use and then also you may share the saved bookmarks list with your friends. 

This is a generic or classical use of a bookmarking web. 

#2- You can use "social bookmarking" sites to enhance SEO for any web pages/ blog posts and to get good number of quality backlinks from these social bookmarking sites. 

You need to submit urls/ links of your blog or website to these social bookmarking sites and make appropriates tags while bookmarking them. 

These high quality Social bookmarking websites are crucial for creating genuine backlinks for your website or blog!

What is Social Marker?

Latest answer would be : Social Marker is a tool, plugin or add on used in to submitting your articles, blog posts, or web page from a single place to several social bookmarking sites or social networking sites at once ( in one go) so that you don't need to visit every individual bookmarking site to submit your bookmarks. 

A Social Marker automatically submits your website url to most of the popular and main social bookmarking sites. One such great social marker is Social Marker  where you get a chance to automatically (manually) submit to around 50 best top bookmarking sites.

Social Marker

best bookmarking sites
You can submit to "Social Marker" by directly visiting the Social Marker site as mentioned above or downloading the Social Marker plugin from the site itself. This social marker plugin works only for Firefox browser.

Social marker currently supports only 17 best of the social-bookmarking sites.

Social marker also offers a 'all in one social bookmarking' button for blog or website owners. It can be used on any type of blogs, including WordPress and Blogger.

But, before you use multiple bookmarking submission, you need to have a look at the below given best bookmarking sites list to utilize all the best bookmarking sites in your favor for gaining maximum vital back links (inbound links point towards your blog post urls) and genuinely shared traffic.

List of High PR Bookmarking Sites for SEO

Best of the social-bookmarking: List of the 25 greatest bookmarking websites

top 10 social bookmarking sites

No doubt, is the best social bookmarking site on the Internet, in terms of ease, versatility, popularity and huge traffic.Delicious is the king of all the best social bookmarking sites existing on the Internet world.

-Bookmarks submitted on Delicious get instantly published. 
-Highest number of bookmarks and the largest community of users.  
-Google page rank-8
-Alexa rank-461
-NoDoFollow links
-Delicious offers browser based auto bookmarklets
-Your Bookmarks won't gain any PR value from here, still Delicious is the most recommended bookmarking site.

best bookmarking sites list

 #2 Digg  Social media cum bookmarking site

Digg is a very popular social media site which is equally used as social bookmarking site and social media story sharing platform by common users and media expert people alike. 

Digg is really a sophisticated bookmark submission engine for submitting bookmark links and trendy content(in form of a story or peace of news). You can create your profile at Digg and start following other users, make comments at others Digg. When it comes to traffic and page rank, Digg shows an appealing visibility. 

There is always a debate going on about Digg whether it is a DoFoolow or No Do follow bookmarking site; though in past, Digg was a dofollow site, then it turned to nofollow, now again the status of Digg is that presently it's a DoFollow social bookmarking site!

-Instant bookmark approval bookmarking site 
-Google page rank-8
-Alexa rank-194
-DoFollow links
-Recommended only if you involve actively on this site. 

free bookmarking sites list
 #3 Technorati

Technorati is one of the top 10 blog websites in the world. It's very popular and traffic driven. If you put your website links to Technocrati, chances are that you will enjoy a genuine sharing platform, provided that your content is compatible with the Technorati bookmarking Community. Just sign up and grab the unlimited exposure !

-Getting your bookmarks approved on Technorati is not easy, it only permits/includes quality content rich blog sites. 
-Google page rank-8
-Alexa rank-1426
-DoFollow links
-Recommended only for quality blogs.

bookmarking sites list
#4 Diigo

Diigo is not only one of the best social bookmarking sites, but its also a large community of content creators, bloggers, web masters who are actively involved in content sharing through their bookmarks submissions, comments,and group discussions. 

Diigo is not only a top social bookmarking site, but its much more than that : you can submit your site, join community , make groups and grab the visibility of Diigo's own huge user base. 

Explore, share, create and make followers to gain search traffic to your original pages through the content sharing and community-based multiple social bookmarking services offered by Diigo!

-Instant bookmark approval bookmarking site 
-Google page rank-7
-Alexa rank-1359
-No DoFollow links
-Recommended for those who actively participate in community bookmarks sharing and commenting.
-You can import your bookmarks from Delicious.Diigo also offers lots of bookmarking tools (like, blog rolls,auto saving bookmarks to Delicious, Auto blog posting, many more..) and bookmarklets. 
-You can join relevant groups created by others or you can make your own group and share your bookmarks to the community groups
-You can also get featured and make your bookmarks stand out in the community by using Diigo's premium bookmarking features. 

social-bookmarking sites list
#5 Reddit  (Reddit- PR8)

Reddit is also a community-based and one of the highest rated social bookmarking sites. At Reddit, bookmarks are submitted with an Interesting title like of a news story. 

If the title of your submitted bookmark is interesting, fresh, exciting, new, and if it succeeded in catching the highly wanted attention of the community users, then the bookmark could bring a really high traffic back to your site (similarly as it is with Digg) . 

The bookmarks submitted at Reddit get 'likes' and 'dislikes' (voting-up and voting-down) , and comments by its own community-these are the things that make Reddit one of the most wanted social-bookmarking sites!

-All the submitted bookmarks are approved automatically 
-Google page rank-8
-Alexa rank-137
-DoFollow+Nofollow links
-Best for those who can easily get well with the rest of community .
Bookmarks, comments, stories, and shares at Reddit could be anything BUT boring
-Do not spam the system otherwise you would get marked as spammer in no time.
-You can post links of your You tube videos, or interesting images from a site
-Reddit is a very reputed and popular social bookmarking network, you need to be some extra creative and you should put some genuinely interesting content to benefit from this bookmarking-system.

free social bookmarking sites list
#6 Kaboodle  (Kaboodle- PR6)

Kaboodle social sharing site is mainly designed to post bookmarks of e-commerce , online shops, accessories, consumer products related websites or blogs. 

You may install Kaboodle bookmarklet and bookmark or tag your online shopping items. Kaboodle is full of products images of the shopping items. If you are willing to bookmark/ showcase your Amazon, ebay products, just bookmark them along with their photos. 

If utilized well, Kaboodle could be a really great bookmarking platform to showcase your online shop/products from various e-commerce websites.

-Google page rank-6
-Alexa rank-4050
-NoFollow links

-Basically you may consider Kaboodle as an online shop to sale various online products. 

free social bookmarking sites
#7 Bloglines  (Blog Lines PR9)

Bloglines is one among the top bookmarking sites with a multilingual and high-traffic support. Your articles at Bloglines get indexed by Google and other search engines, and finally it provides genuine and high quality backlinks to your website, blog or Squidoo Lenses.

dofollow bookmarking sites
 #8 stumbleupon (Stumble Upon PR8)

StumbleUpon is a Bookmarking, networking and an amazing website for things that are interesting, specific, and visibly astounding. It's counted among top 25 websites in the world.

Users here on Stumbleupon can view, share and explore different websites according to their interest and choice. You can submit your website on stumbleUpon and get high quality back links and traffic for your webpages. 

Make your lists there and arrange items as per their category. Traffic for your website gains high momentum once your website gets the high 'likes' and 'shares'  from the viewers and then, they share it on Facebook and twitter. You know what happens then !

bookmarking sites list
#9 BlinkList (Blink List PR6)

Blinklist is a very popular and result oriented bookmarking site, where you can submit your links and get voted by the community. 

Blinklist social bookmarking is a very sleek, smart and easily operable bookmarking platform. 

You can directly download Plugin and addons for Firefox browser to instantly post your links to Blinkpost. 

Blinklist has categorized all of the bookmarks in 3 ways :-

 1- Recently Blinked.2- Most Blinked and 3- Popular topics.  Grab the high quality back links from Blinklist and let the traffic for your website rise constantly !

-All the types of bookmarks submitted at Blinklist get instantly published 
-Google page rank-6
-Alexa rank-5475
-No DoFollow links
-Easy bookmarks sharing and submission
-You may follower other users and vice-versa 
-Users can access their bookmarks even offline
-Its recommended to submit bookmarks to Blinklist as its been a reputed social bookmarking site, search engines value their bookmarks

best social bookmarking sites list
 #10 Newsvine    (NewsVine PR7)

Newsvine is one of the best social bookmarking sites for Media and story-based content in the form of News

If you are having the high quality Media related articles to post and looking to showcase it on some best sites, just remember to include Newsvine in those of some specific sites ! 

Newsvine can fetch you high quality relevant traffic back to your original website/ blog posts. 

How to submit bookmarks? Register and then login and find a separate place in your dashboard where you could publish bookmarks apart from publishing stories and articles. 

social-bookmarking sites
#11 Blogmarks (Blog Marks PR5)

Blogmarks is a very useful bookmarking site for posting articles with links and thumbnail view of your blog post or entire website. As the name suggests it's a popular bookmarking sites for posting blog bookmarks.

top social bookmarking sites
## Clipmarks (Update: not live at the moment)

Clipmark is really a different and unique top social bookmarking site in one respect : all your content, images are viewed in Clip form to provide a nice and clear view of what is inside.

list of social bookmarking sites
#13 Fark (Fark PR7)

Fark, which is one of the 20 best bookmarking sites, is built on a nice platform with enhanced ease of submission and visibility features. Fark is supported by a large community and search engine traffic.

But, getting your bookmarks live or published not easy unless you post something in good taste and form!

bookmarking sites list
#14 Dzone  (Dzone PR6)

Dzone is also a great place to be for taking benefits of SEO bookmarking.  But, their community is a bit stricter and getting published there is only possible if you submit something that valuable for their community in terms of relevancy. 

The site is more beneficial for Web Developers and technical peoples!

If you have web development, technology based, or technical ing related content, then it's a really cool bookmarking site to go for. Don't miss it !

DoFollow social bookmarking
## Faves (Update- the site is not live anymore- will update later)

Faves is also a very worthful and community-based bookmark submission website. 

Make friend, share and post links, contents and get the visibility through large community based user base. Don't stop at anything !

social marker
#16 LinkedIn

Yes, that's true that LinkedIn is being used also as a social bookmarking site by millions of LinkedIn users. And it turned out that it really works great ! I think, I don't need to tell you that LinkedIn is one of the top 10 Social networking sites for professionals across the globe. 

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top bookmarking sites
#17 Mister Wong

Though, this top bookmarking list here is for mainly English language global users, but such is the popularity of Mister Wong ( even its largely for German users ) that I couldn't dare to keep it out of  this list and then, what is the use of Google translator !

free bookmarking sites
#18 Netvouz

Netvouz is simply popular top social bookmarking site in terms of, ease of use, features, traffic and simplicity.

Netvouze is currently taking strict steps to stop spammers from posting irrelevant content.
Go, try, it's worth it !

top bookmarking sites
#19 LinkRoll

Linkroll is really a great social bookmarking platform when it comes to posting and organising your post links.

Linkroll is very successful in providing high quality backlinks and vital traffic to your website, blog or Squidoo Lenses. Just try it if you haven't checked it before !

top 10 social-bookmarking sites
#20 ScoopIt 

Scoop.It is very nice social networking and bookmarking web similar to Digg, Pinterest, and you can submit link in form of articles or blog details. 

Great community with high quality linkbacks and web traffic. I had to include this in this top 25 list because it's So awesome :)

best social-bookmarking sites
#21 SquiDoo (SquiDoo PR6) (Update- is not workable- has become part of the Hubpages)

Squidoo works as truly awesome social bookmarking site for a large number of users who put small articles on Squidoo and have the great and vast Squidoo Community to their work exposure. 

It could really do the magic for your website or blog . Believe Me!

-You need to write some Lenses (small articles or blog posts )
-Google page rank-6
-Alexa rank-215
-DoFollow links

-Highly recommended to bookmarks your links
-Supported by large community, so great bookmark sharing opportunity lies  with this social media content site. 

List of bookmarking sites
#22 Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks is also popular place due to the Google's Gmail users. Millions of Gmail users utilize this social bookmarking feature from Google itself. 

You can create your own list and share them publicly or with the contact address list in your Gmail account. Google bookmark lists could create your own user base. If people like your list they start following it, you get followers and your weblinks get the traffic ! Nice deal !! 

(Update- Google Bookmarks is still live and kicking, But the listing feature has gone for ever!) 

best bookmarking websites
   #23 Tumblr 

You know how so much Tumblr is popular and it's among the Top 10 free Blogging platforms worldwide, but you might not be knowing that Tumblr is used as a bookmarking social site by many people for creating really high quality backlinks for their webpages or blog posts. Stop at nothing !

top social bookmarking sites
#24 Yahoo! Bookmarks

This great social bookmarking service is offered by Yahoo ! itself. It's a community based favorite website bookmarking making site where popular post gets sharing and voting through huge user base from Yahoo!

Update ( though, since the last few months, Yahoo Bookmarks are not available as they used to be, but, you can still use them by downloading Yahoo Toolbar) 

best way to bookmark
#25 BibsoNomy (Bibsonomy- PR7)

Bibsonomy is a typical and straight forward social bookmarking site. It offers you to submit link and share it through the bookmarklet . 

Bibsonomy is worth including in this list of 25 world popular social bookmarking sites. Its your turn to test Bibsonomy now !

10 new additions to the High PR Bookmarking List after this update ( PR5- PR9 )

Pinterest PR9

SlashDot PR7

Plurk        PR7

PearlTree  PR6

Xmarks      PR6

Meta Filter PR6 (paid)

Bizsugar    PR5

Peacipedia  PR5

iHaan.Org  PR5

Shite.Me   PR5

14 More Bookmarking websites with High Google Page Rank-

SL No. Social Bookmarking Sites             PR

1                                4
2                                4
3                        4
4                                4
5                3
6                        3
7                        3
8                3
9                                3
10                        3
11                3
12        3
13                        3

14   3

Meaningful bookmarks submission : best ways to gain maximum SEO benefits for your website or blog  

Important points to consider while submitting your bookmark links to any of the social-bookmarking sites:
  • First of all, choose only the good and quality bookmarking sites. Its easy to find out whether the bookmarking site meets the standard quality criteria if you look at- the content part, the design, the PR value, types of ads displayed,tag cloud, quality of the bookmarking features and tools used on the site.
  • Stay out if the bookmarking site is looking creepy, Spam-filled, full of pop up ads and banners.
  • Don't go bookmarking blindly ! Before submitting your bookmarks to any bookmarking site, check the 'tag cloud' and find out if the bookmarking site has the 'tags' relevant to the contents of your blog/site. Submitting your blog/website pages links to irrelevant sites can do harm to the reputation of your blog site even if the bookmarking site is of great PR value.
  • While submitting a bookmark make sure you use the right tags, provide natural description of the link, and make a unique title of your link (don't use your home page or post title of the page).
  • Instead of submitting bookmarks to 1000's or 5000's low quality bookmarking sites, submitting your bookmarks to only 100 social bookmarking sites is much much BETTER (and, by the way, don't use CAPITALS-it looks Spammy!)

How to get your bookmarks approved at High Authority Social bookmarking sites?

  • Well, to be honest, there exist no technical tricks that will get your bookmarks instantly approved. But, yes,  there are many sane ways and going by them no bookmark should  get disapproved or marked as spam. Just bookmark your blog post links in the correct way as most of the social bookmarking sites now-a-days approve each of the bookmarked links manually and they don't approve any of the bookmarks automatically.
  • Whenever you bookmark your blog url on any social bookmarking sites there are 3 most important parts you must pay attention: #1-Title of the bookmark to be submitted #2- Description of the story (what this bookmark is all about) to be submitted #3- appropriate tagging.
  • Bookmark title-must be unique,different,and creative.
  • Bookmark description- Must be at least 2-3 sentence long.No keyword should be repeated more than 2-3 times. Using keyword phrases is more beneficial. Provide unique description for a bookmark when submitting the same bookmark link to the different social-bookmarking sites. You can bookmark the same blog url link on as many  bookmarking sites as you wish, provided that you use a different title and description every time, otherwise your blog url will be marked as spam or duplicate content, which is the worst case to happen for any blog!

I have tried my best to make this listing as worth ful/relevant as possible.

But, the nature of various social bookmarking sites keeps changing and evolving over the period of time, and so, every social bookmarking sites list needs to be reviewed constantly.

You may bookmark this page as this bookmarking sites list is reviewed on a regular basis. And i would really appreciate any opinion, peace of advice, comments, remarks for the betterment of this list of top social bookmarking sites!

Thanks for dropping by...!

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