Best Browsers List-Which is the Best Browser among 10 Top Internet Browsers?

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Web Browsers List- Top 10 Web Browsers- This is an updated and new list of Internet Web Browsers created to showcase the Top 10 web browsers available on the internet today.

Currently there is a war going on between all the top listed 5 best web browsers on- 'which is the best browser and which browser provides the best web features', add ons and security to their users. 

No doubt, Internet Explorer still has the highest global market share ( hence according to global usage statistics , Internet Explorer is still considered as the best browser among the top 10 list of best browsers in the world) of web browsers usage while Mozila Firefox is the choice of most of the web developers, add ons users, bloggers and web masters. For this recent high growth rate of Firefox started indicating it as the best web browser presently.

An unspoken war has started between Google Chrome and Firefox for becoming the best and most popular web browser among the common users, developers, designers, tech people and web masters.

Firefox is backed from its strong security features,popularity and support features for providing the highest no. of best and most popular add ons and plug ins, whereas Google Chrome has got the extra back up from the reputation of Google along with its other popular features.

Reviews, Ratings, and Links to Download Free Internet Browsers

This is a fresh top 10 list of web browsers , here you can find links to download all the best browsers freely!

#1 Mozilla Firefox - Mostly used Web Browser for Webmasters and common Internet users alike

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  • Undoubtedly, Mozila Firefox is the best web browser available on the internet  today in terms of security, interface, browser platform,features, add-ons support, support services, range of  widely available web browser extensions and browsing performance.  MozilaFirefox, which is a free for all and an open source Internet browser, was initially released in 2004 and now is available in 86 languages. Though, Internet Explorer is the default browser for Windows , but when it comes to functionality and security Firefox is way ahead to the former. Mozila Firefox  also provides browsing facility for mobile phone users with its brand name as Fennec which supports most of the mobile phones available presently.
  • Mozila FireFox is the most used Internet browser by web developers and webmasters all over the world.
  • Mozila Firefox, as a best web browser provides it's users with awesome features like, the awesome bar, countless beautiful themes,tabbed browsing, extensions, password manager, private sessions browsing, Firefox Sync and many more advanced and pleasant features.
  • In Mozila Firefox you can have a huge number of power plug-ins and add-ons to enhance your  browsing experiences. Most popular plugins are available for the following section- SEO, Entertainment, media, Music, Movies to choose from large community of developers. The features which make Mozila Firefox The best among top 10 web browsers include - great Interface, compatibility with almost all websites, sync and secure, user friendly and brilliant in performance.
  • Firefox is also good for playing web based games that require Flash player. Firefox has got capability to play heavy online web video games. After Firefox, Google Chrome is also good for playing online games and it doesn't crash easily unlike other web browsers while playing online web games.

#2 Google Chrome-Fastest Growing Internet Browser aka Google Web Browser

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Google Chrome was released for the first time in 2008 and since then it became one among the top web browsers and seeing the current popularity of Google Chrome (its surely one among the best top 5 web browsers ) it's soon going to become the most downloaded web browser.

Google Chrome is grounded upon the open source Webkit engine and Google's own V8 engine.

Some features of the Google Chrome that make it as a top best web browser are : being lightweight, fast & speedy, having built-in PDF Reader and similar utilities, ease of use, simple yet power packed Interface with strong tools, strong and secure browsing options and availability of powerful Chrome extensions.You don’t need to update Google Chrome. It updates itself automatically. Cool!

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Install Latest Google Chrome Web Browser

#3 Internet Explorer -The Classic Internet Browser

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As one of the top web browsers, Windows Internet Explore came into existence in 1995 for Windows 95 operating system. Internet explorer, developed by Microsoft itself , once had gained the reputation of the best web browser and became synonym for Internet web browser. 

Internet Explorer reached at a peak in 2002-03, gaining 95 %  market share of browser usage worldwide, with it's most popular IE5 and IE6versions. Currently, as one of the top best browsers, IE has around 44 % market usage share.

Internet Explorer 9 is the choice for Windows 7 when considering security and for the enhanced compatibility. Its IE8 that is the best Web browser for Windows 7.

You should try IE8 if you are looking for the optimized performance for Windows 7.The newer version of Internet Explorer is driven by hardware-accelerated text, video and graphics to speed up its performance, simplified design, pinned sites tool, Snap, Jump lists,thumbnail preview controls, redesigned new tab page, download manager and InPrivate Browsing session. Download Free IE 9 for Windows

#4 Opera -A Uniquely different Web Browser

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Opera web browser is one of the best web browser and it used to be a paid service, but thankfully its free of charge now and you can download it freely for your computer or mobile phone !

Opera Mini is the most popular web browser for mobile phones and most of the mobile ph. companies provide Mini Opera as default browser to their users.

As a top best web browser Opera is fast, safe, secure, speedy and enriched with great features which include :tabbed browsing option, page zooming tool, mouse gestures, built in mail client, powerful extensions support and an integrated download manager utility. It provides secure and the best web browsing through it's built-in anti phishing and malware security. Free download Opera for PC, Mac & Linux and for Phones

#5 Safari - Apple's Own Web Browser

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Apple's Safari is very fast web browser, if not the fastest web browser. Safari is developed by Apple and was released in 2003 and is Apple's default web browser for Mac Operating System. Safari is considered as one of the top best web browsers in specific user groups.

Safari's main features are its very fast browsing, navigational tools and Safari Reader.
No doubt, Safari is the best web browser for Mac operating system.  
Latest Safari Free download for Mac + PC

5 other best browsers after the top 10 Internet web browsers list of Free Internet Web Browsers

There are more than 30-40 Web browsers on the Internet, based on different operating systems and type of computer systems.Below given 5 good web browsers are also worth adding in the list of top web browsers.

  1. Rockmelt -(Free Download Rockmelt Web Browser)
  2. Maxthon - (Free Download Maxthon Internet Browser) 
  3. SeaMonkey-(Free Download SeaMonkey Web Broweser)
  4. Deepnet Explorer-(Free Download Deepnet Explorer)
  5. Avant Browser-(Free Download Avant Web Browser)

Which is the best Internet web browser?

People come up with the same common questions regarding web browsers:
which is the ideal Internet browser? What is the best web browser? Which web browser is the fastest of them all?
Well, to be honest- no web browser is ideal, and to be true -no web browser is perfect!
every Internet web browser has some good sides and some bad aspects.
So, the best browser is the one that has -
  • Maximum number of plus points or positives.
  • Least number of flaws or drawbacks. 

To achieve the maximum browsing experience or highest level of web browsing capabilities, i have an idea: use multiple web browsers!

There is no single web browser on the Internet that is capable to perform all the browsing activities perfectly.

Use multiple web browsers to perform a specific purpose/task.

Like, for better web-based gaming experience you may use: Firefox and Google Chrome.
If you are a web developer, then using Mozila Firefox could be the best option.

If you want a parental control (controlling choice over the web content you want to see or you want to block), then Internet explorer and Firefox could be the good choice.
If you are concerned with the online security then you may opt for Google Chrome and Firefox.

About this List of Browsers- This list of web browsers is based on my own personal views, experiences, and online research on different Internet browsers . This list of Internet browsers is a personal recommendation and it does't involve any endorsement from any browser makers. Please feel free to suggest me anything regarding this browsers list. Let me know in the comments field if i have forgotten to enlist any other Internet browser worth adding in this list.(lets extend it into a "top 20 Internet browsers list" :)

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