How to Start Making Money Online!

What are the 5 Basic things needed to start any successful online money making work?

how to make online money
How to Make Online Money-Apart from the right platform (the source where you will get the online job) and your own will to make good online earnings, what are the other tools you need to make a handsome online money?

Well, you don't need to panic by this sudden attacking question, chill-out! you just have a look at the items mentioned below, only these are the one's you are going to use to make it a decent start if not a killer one!

Here you Go-

To make Online Money you need 5 basic things

1.An email account- Undoubtedly,by far  G-mail is the best of them all in terms of Security, usability, popularity and features.There is this Google-lab which is putting hard work every day to make it near to perfect ("nothing is perfect"-the perfect remark!)

Ok! you  know that having an Email Account is not a big deal-Right!
Still,interesting to notice and somehow important to know that how others are fairing in this field.     

Top 10  free e-mail service providers:

2.An online money transfer account-

Yes! You need an online money transferring service provider to receive online payments through it-and what could be better than the best one-PayPal as an online money transfer medium.

PayPal is the simple,sober,secure and the best one till date. will serve all the purpose here.Having an account with paypal is important in many ways, as it can be useful for your any other personal transactions.To create an account as well as to know more on this just click here.

(Super hit Tip- if any online work provider is providing payments using PayPal then its a legal,real and secure business.Avoid scams and fake online work by checking the payment mode option availability with PayPal - i think you can't ask for more!)



There are 'n' no. of jobs available on the internet today;you ask it, they have it! So it becomes a matter of your skills, choices, and capabilities that decide which online work you should finally go for.

There exists two types of main categories for online jobs: Part Time and Full time. So, it really depends on how you are poised for it ! 

For every type of user there is a suitable job available online: you just have to search, explore, research it (please do in the same order =)

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4.Mind-frame matters the most-  

  • Every person under the sun is eligible and capable to earn money through online resources.But why then some people leave it frustratingly ? (or may be many people-to know how much ,again its matter of above point no.3) its because either they didnt believe in this money making platform or they had picked the wrong job.
  • There are always some people who create false(or miscalculated ) expectations of earning potential regarding any particular online work.they come to earn online money overnight,sadly their ideas fall flat the next morning.

That's where they ignored to realize importance of point 3 before starting any money making project..

So its always advisable-firstly, just have a full proof idea about any particular online work, in terms of money, earning prospectus,potentiality of the job and credibility of the job provider.Only then you can give yourself a killing start. 

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5.Quality Time-

To be able to finish some or all of the above 1-4 requirements you need to have Quality time (the first thing in the last) and that again,completely depends on which type of work you are chasing down!

  • Initially,always invest 1-2 hours on a daily basis to search and explore the new opportunity available in the online market.
  • Always check any online work quality and potential by judging earning rate -your total earning in a particular time-period.As the saying going -"Time is Money" therefore always check if you are getting enough money in return of your invested time! 

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6. Internet connecting devices

this is just a pseudo no. just to be ignored in your case. Proof?- "Yes!, as you already have what it takes to! "

What i meant is that you already have access to a computer(laptop,mobile or whatever!) and a broadband connection (that's why you are reading this article ( wooo!-how so smart i am-lol ) and most importantly,a mouse (to be chased by Online Money Cat! )

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Online Money Making Platforms/ Jobs

There is no limit of online money making jobs, platforms or you can say opportunities in today’s time. And these opportunities are increasing day by day with lots of people venturing into online money earning at home, at their own comfort and flexibility. 

You are your own boss and manager to decide how much and when and where to work, provided that you have got a right platform through which you are successfully working and getting good online earnings constantly, consistently.  

But, to successfully earn good online income you need to have some or the other specific skill set criteria. Since every user or online money maker has got some skills or knowledge to successfully earn decent,good online money. 

Like if you are a Blogger, designer, developer, online marketer, tech savvy or simply you are an entrepreneur of some type.

One thing is very sure that those who are really earning a good, decent, real online money are very skilled in this profession or they have developed some specific skills over the period of time. 

Some people are making $100/ month, some $1k/ month, some $10k/ month and some are making big millions of dollars each month ( some each day, like Facebook, Google, etc) 

So, if you have got some technical, writing skills or simply you are good at translating some languages-you are here to stay!

If you can sale something or start something new or do marketing of products online, you can make really good online income. And list of these examples could be endless. So, you need to decide what excites you or what you are good at ! Simply, as simple as that.

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The most important thing to this post is-you - your remarkable remarks.

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