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25 Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers, SEO, Online Marketers, Advertisers

Facebook Groups for Blogs/ websites- Best 25 Facebook Groups to promote blogs, get social web traffic, increase Facebook likes. 

Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers, content marketers, SEO experts, webmasters, and advertisers to promote your blog, website or get huge social media traffic from Facebook networking website.

Join Best Facebook Groups for getting web social media traffic for your blogs or websites - 
Every blog writer wish to acquire additional web traffic on his blog sites. For acquiring visitor traffic we could make use of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Now you should know Facebook is among the top utmost social media traffic source where you could acquire a suitable inflow of blog site quality traffic . If you are a blog writer and you have actually not been acquiring practical blog site website traffic from facebook web page and various other facebook Groups suggested entirely for blog writers, you must be missing out on a lot of web traffic possibilities.

These facebook Groups are particularly great for rookie blogger as well as for professional and well-known problogger as they have the possibility of creating greater than FIFTY % of your overall reference blog site visitor traffic.

Every person makes use of Facebook, so why not we discuss our material on the globe's biggest Social media site system?

You need to be energetically active on Facebook Groups to Advertise your Blog site to get good quantity of social web traffic. Thre are numerous FB Groups which are run by blog writers and famous marketers. You could join them. You could upload your write-up there when they approve your access.

Today I'm visiting provide out some popular n' valuable facebook Groups they serve to you without experiencing spamming.

[A] Blogengage:-.
Blogengage is a fee area for blog writers. , if you have blogengage account then you must join this group to gain specific benefits.Brian Belfit is a creator of blogengage that runs this group. You could send your article to this group amongst 3600 participants.
Visit it here-

You could discuss your blogengage's blog post with fellow members as well. You could acquire your blog post on the 1st web page on the blogengage utilizing the groups.

[B] Comment DX:-.

Comment DX is the most energetic Group to advertise your blog site. This Group is run by Mr. Suresh Khanal from In this Group you need to publish your current blog post after sending Mr. khanal accept it and after authorizing your article will certainly be stay in that Group.

This Group is ONE HUNDRED % spam free with energetic participants. Group participants need to do comment, share, facebook like, g +1 on each article. Hence each post gets varieties of remarks and great social visitor traffic.

Visit it here-

[C] Blog writer Online forum:-.

Blog writer online forum the group which have 5500 participants in it. It is run by Perambur Kumar (Blogstar Kumar) from TellMeAbout. in. If your blog post is appropriate after that it is accepted by the group proprietor, you could publish your any of blog post below.

You could publish your inquiries associated with blogging as well in this group, Blogstar Kumar constantly offeres the response of your concerns.

This group has 5500 blogger participants hence it serves good to obtain social visitor traffic.
Visit the group here-

[D] Blogging Cage:-.
The popular facebook group is run by Kulwant Nagi from Kulwant Nagi is among the well-known blog writers from India. This group has 2500+ blogger participants.
Visit it here-

[E] Internet Idea Techniques:-.
The well-known group has 1527+ participants in it. The goal of this group is "Sharing tips by discussing techniques, tricks ". It is running by Mohd Wali from mohmadwali. in a renowned internet developer.

[F] Just Internet Globe:-.
A group which has 7000 participants running by Harshil Barot a forthcoming Gujju blog writer from

List of High PR Dofollow Blogs

[G] Blogengage Conquer:-.
It is the group of merely 100 folks that has blogengage account. , if you have you could joint this team.. This group is running by Mr. Khanal-'The Blogging Authorities'. You need to stringently adhere to the regulations of the group else you would certainly be gotten rid of.

[H] Send Your Post To Market It:-.

The team which runs by Abhijit Mahida from The goal of this group is send your write-up to this group for sharing.
Visit the Group-

Best 100 Internet forums for blogging/SEO/advertising

There are several of other groups for marketing your blog sites. I am merely discussing their name and web link listed below:-.

Most of these Facebook Groups have more than 1000 members, some 5K+ and a few have 15000+ Group members. Go and  

[1] Content Marketing -

2) Market Your Web link.

3) Blogging Heaven.

4) Blog writer's Factor.

5) Blogging group.
6) Promote Blogs.
7) Bloggers Lab
8) Exchange Comments, Likes-
9) Commenting Tribe-
10) Guest Blogging -
11) Active Guest Bloggers-
12) SEO Facebook page likers-
13) Everything About Blogging-
14) Probloggers Community -
15) WordPress Worriers-
16) Smashing Bloggers-
17) Blog Promotion-
18) Tech Bloggers-
19) Blogger mania-


Google Plus-10 tips to grow your social network circles

Google plus now hugely popular among bloggers,   webmasters, artists, marketers, and social media fans!

Google Plus finally has come in the social media race with likes of Facebook, Twitter, and My Space. Google + is expanding its presence with lighting speed across the world

You would not expect a common user using Google Plus like the way they use Facebook and Twitter to share small things they consider interesting with their online networks in their daily life - not even a 10 % of it!

But, if you are a blogger, online marketer, publisher, content writer, artist, or social media fan, then definitely you should take Google Plus seriously, and more so after Google started rating social media engagement while considering their search results.

Find below some cool tips on how you can expand your Google + circle to get the maximum out of your social media marketing/engagement plans.  

  1. Grow your circle-If you are new to Google Plus or very few people have you in their circle/s ( as every contect can put you in miltiple circles thus making your profile multilayered- a ++ point about Google + ) then you are not being heard enough to make your posts reach to a larger audience. You just search the people you think relevant for your niche using Google Plus search bar as the first step to expand your network of people you have in your circles. Chances are that at least 10-20 % will add you back in their circles making a room for you to share with themselves.
  2. Once, enough people have added you in their circles, you can start posting some really good, useful, interesting, and RELEVANT content. Here, you need to be extra cautious while sharing your posts. Don't look selfish by promoting only your own content/page links. At this point of time your ONLY motive should be to grow your network at Google Plus. Growing your own network of loyal connections is not an easy feat.
  3. When you have grown your network or you are well on the way of expanding your circle, you can also post your own content to generate traffic for your web page. But, again do not do it overly, let's say, share the posts in 70-30 % ratio, 70 percent of your posts should be from external sources which you consider useful for your network. Afterall social media is all about sharing. You can't get much out of it by blowing your own trumpet. You share what others are doing/making/writing and others will share yours. 
  4. Make your Google plus profile url link short, smart, and memorable so that you can share your Google plus posts on other places as well. Visit and put your desired nick name and Google+ ID in the spaces given on the home page. The green colored part in the following link of my own Google plus url represents your ID-  And Gplus will generate a smart looking url for your Google plus profile (Google Plus profile urls look complex and very strange unlike the smart and sleek urls offered by Facebook and Twitter. Ok, so you will have a good profile url for your Google Plus like my own -  going to this url you can add me in your circles, and i will return the favor :)

Google+ Projects becomes a huge hit (super) among the social media lovers.

Google+ Project- An another amazingly outstanding product from Google factory. It looks convincingly promising in all dimensions of social media networking. And, as expected, it has added extremely high popularity to Google’s social media connect ( much needed for Google to tackle the overwhelming Facebook mania among users around the world ).
But, Google+ is still in a ’field trial ’ and only open to a limited number of Googlers. If you are not already connected registered on Google+ You can signup to be informed of your registration turn when Google + is open to be joined for your location.

top-10-social-media-Google Google+ is now just a month older and has already generated huge waves among all social media lovers around the world.
Google+ is a newly created social media site by top web searching giant Google itself.
Google+ has all the features and connectivity tools with a solid neat and clean look and an appealing simplicity like Google itself.
Readers and social media networking lovers all across the world has showered love and praise for Google+ for being a strong social community and connectivity hub place. That’s why Google+ has gathered a tremendous traffic flow which has surpassed the established one’s even like- Mashable and ! This has straightly put Google+ among the list of top 10 best social Media networking sites.
According to a recently published report by NetMarketShare Google+ is ranked no. 7 when considering the percentage of all web visitors that get referred from the major social media sites.

google-plus-top-10-social- media-sitesBelow given report figures reflect the referrals from different social media sites, plus the results are based open the bounce rate, new coming visitors rate, etc.

Site % of all Referrals Page depth per referral New visitor rate Bounce rate
Facebook 0.64574 2.80 63.46% 62.95%
You Tube 0.28394 2.73 78.28% 49.44%
Twitter 0.11363 1.96 65.81% 71.13%
stumbleUpon 0.06609 1.33 93.67% 84.81%
LinkedIn 0.03062 1.94 86.54% 72.51%
Reddit 0.00534 1.33 96.51% 89.32%
Google+ 0.00354 2.01 75.44% 77.65%
Delicious 0.00097 3.41 74.93% 55.43%
Mashable 0.00071 3.34 92.23% 55.98%
Flickr 0.00057 3.00 94.24% 62.66%
Metacafe 0.00035 1.58 98.35% 79.01%
Scribd 0.00021 3.76 91.78% 50.00%
Digg 0.00009 1.81 91.94% 67.74%
Fark 0.00005 1.67 57.58% 63.64%

In your point of view, what has contributed to the huge, quick popularity of Google+ ? Please do feel free to comment your own valuable views !


Top 10 Best Social Media Networking Sites

List of Social Networking Sites-Top 10 Best Social Networking sites 2012


List of social networking sites-This is a fresh list of Top 10 best social media networking sites 2012 (SMN)-best social media websites(SMW) with reviews, Alexa ranks,and popularity rankings. Social networking sites are invariably in super demand and no one is left behind in using social media sites whether he/she is a normal internet user, blogger, internet marketer or simply any one who wants to make their presence felt on Internet ! I am publishing this top 10 list of the best social networking sites by getting inspired by addicts of these best social networking sites.

This list of top 10 most popular social networking sites gives you glimpse of Alexa Rank, small reviews and ranking for the year 2012.

All the 10 Best Social Networking Sites mentioned below are very popular in terms of user base, in countries mainly in - US, UK, India, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, South Africa and Asian Countries !

Truly, Social networking is very much IN in today's time and these top 10 networking sites have become 'Internet Giants' in terms of influence, popularity and powerful impression over Internet users of all walks of life.

#1 Facebook -Most visited Website on daily basis

Facebook has become the 'oh-so-well-known ' face of social networking and social media networks all over the (Internet) world - undoubtedly! It has defined new trends, has given new meanings to several common words.Facebook has been the pioneer of all social networking sites and it introduced new ways and means to connect, share things, content, and ideas online with well known or new people alike. Facebook has impacted the way and amount of time spent on the Internet by of people all walks of life. Facebook has something to offer for all age, sex, breed of people- Kids, teenagers, youngsters, elderly people-no one is left behind when it comes to sharing a new found interest, hobby,or relationship.

Best of SMN 
  • Alexa Global Rank :1  
  • Sites Linking in to Facebook : 1216700 
  • Online presence since :1997
  • Unique monthly visitors: 750 Million 
  • Most popular networking site in : US, India and Germany.

#2 Twitter -No #1 Micro Blogging Social Networking Site 

Best Post Sharing

  • Alexa Global rank : 9
  • Sites Linking in to Twitter : 1029011
  • Online presence since : 2007
  • Unique Monthly Visitors : 200 Million
  • Most popular networking site in : US, India and Japan.

#3 LinkedIn- no #1 Social Networking Site for Professionals

Professional networking
  • Alexa Global Rank : 14
  • Sites Linking in to LinkedIn : 168522 
  • Online presence since : 2002
  • Unique Monthly Visitors : 100 Million 
  • Most popular networking site in : US, India and UK.

#4 MySpace # No.1 Social Networking Site for Movie, Music,Celebrity Fans

Giant SMN after FB
  • Alexa Global Rank : 48
  • Sites Linking in to Myspace : 408226 
  • Online presence since : 2003
  • Unique Monthly Visitors : 80 Million
  • Most popular networking site in : US, India and Germany.

#5 Orkut- Used to be No # 1 Sharing Social networking Site ahead of Facebook 

top-10-best- social-networking-sites
Google's Own SMN 
  • Alexa Global Rank : 103
  • Sites Linking in to Orkut : 22735 
  • Online presence since : 2004
  • Unique Monthly Visitors : 15 Million
  • Most popular networking site in : Brazil, India and Japan.

#6 Badoo

Chatting n' Dating Site
  • Alexa Global Rank : 118
  • Sites Linking in to Badoo : 1847
  • Online presence since : 2006
  • Unique Monthly Visitors : 8 Million
  • Most popular networking site in : Brazil, France and Italy .

#7 Ning

Network of Sites
  • Alexa Global Rank : 271
  • Sites Linking in to Ning : 15463
  • Online presence since : 2005
  • Unique Monthly Visitors : 60 Million
  • Most popular networking site in : US, India and Brazil .

#8 Tagged 

Tag, Share n' play
  • Alexa Global Rank : 284
  • Sites Linking in to Tagged : 4040
  • Online presence since : 2004
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: 15 Million 
  • Most popular networking site in: US, India and Malaysia

#9 Hi5 

Fun & Gaming Site
  • Alexa Global Rank : 417
  • Sites Linking in to Hi5 : 11623
  • Online presence since : 2003
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: 12 Million 
  • Most popular networking site in: Thailand, Romania and India.

#10 Meetup  

A Place To Meet
  • Alexa Global Rank : 473
  • Sites Linking in to Hi5 : 14198
  • Online presence since : 2001
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: 8 Million 
  • Most popular networking site in: US, UK and Canada.
   Dear readers please update the list of social networking sites by sharing your comments and suggestions about more other/new social networking sites.

Please share this if you liked it-Thank you, you are beautiful !

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