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10 basic tips to keep your website or blog safe from any Google Panda updates

10 Simple and basic ways to avoid any panelty for your blog from Google updates ( Panda/ Penguine) 

Google Panda is a modification to Google’s search algorithm which makes it possible for users to find content that is relevant to their searches pushing down the low quality or inferior sites. It’s done by ranking sites based on their quality and content. However, in recent times many sites have suffered as their ranks have dropped. And that could well be because of the latest updates from Google, namely Panda or Penguin.
Google Panda in particular has brought about dramatic changes in website ranks and thereby the search result for users. Websites that resort to spam links or content have been penalized and have seen their ranks drop. Clearly, Google Panda has stricter guidelines when it comes to the quality of links and content on a website.

In fact, it has various updates that can tackle following issues:
  • Websites that have low quality content.
  • Websites with improper SEO structure
  • Websites with useless pages.
  • Poor grammar and duplicate content.
  • Black Hat SEO techniques.
  • Websites that load slowly.

Ways to prevent being hit by Panda update
Website owners and users who want to make sure they are not hit by Panda Update can do well by following a few simple tips that can help them immensely.
#1. Duplication of Content
Having duplicate content on your website is not helpful to your users and it can only get you into trouble with Panda update. Hence, if you have any duplicate content on your website you need to edit or rewrite it at the earliest to avoid future trouble.

#2. Significance of detailed content
Low traffic to your website is often due to poor quality and it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. You can start by using your analytical tools to gather more information about the pages that can be hit by Panda on account of low traffic. Once you have taken stock of these pages you can determine whether you want to
-> Add better quality content so that it can promote social interactions and increase organic traffic.
-> Or redirect pages that have poor quality content to another site.

#3. The importance of keyword density
When you create content for your website, due attention has to be paid to keyword density. You need to get a fair idea of the desired keyword density for SEO; it will help you ensure that keywords are used in an article only a certain number of times. When keywords are repeated more than the desired number of times then your website can become vulnerable to the impact of Google’s updates, especially Panda.
#4. Steer clear of Spam
Spam should be strictly avoided in terms of SEO. It’s important to get rid of poor quality content, spam articles from your website. You should also eliminate spam comments and links from your website as it will avoid the risk of being penalized. Relevant and useful information that’s free of spam on the other hand, can help you get more traffic. Search engines also look at such sites favorably and they gain credibility.
In a bid to get a large number of backlinks in a short time many tend to take the easier route and associate themselves with blacklisted websites. These blacklisted sites could have been banned because they use Black Hat SEO techniques or contain duplicate content. Unfortunately by linking your website to them you stand the risk of being penalized as well.
#5. Eliminate unnecessary tags, categories and pages from Google search
It can help you protect your website from the impact of Panda. When you get rid of unwanted tags, pages and categories using no-index or any other option for that matter, you can boost your site’s visibility and thereby improve its rank with search engines too.
#6. Pay attention to proper distribution of anchor text
It is absolutely vital that anchor text in your content is distributed properly to get best results. Using variations like “click here” and “this site” can make the right impact.
#7. Buying or exchanging links
They were considered to be productive means to boost traffic to your website and improve your page ranks. But that’s not the case anymore and only relying on buying or exchanging links cannot bring you desired results. In fact, they can lead to being penalized by Google.
Rather than relying on these methods you can try to be creative with ways to bring more traffic to your website. Find out more about means that you need to avoid and thus ensure that your website rank is maintained in the long run.
#8. Higher page views
when users visit a website briefly and quickly move on to another search, it’s a sign for Google that the site doesn’t contain relevant content. To avoid this problem it’s important that your website has compelling content so that your users will want to spend more time on it.
You can make the most out of your analytics to run a check on pages that have the maximum bounce rate. It will help you make your pages more valuable to your users.
#9. Use Ads smartly
SEO experts believe that minimum use of ads on your website is the way to go. If your site has ads, you can work on a design that gives the impression that minimum ads are being used. It’s your content that draws users to your website; hence it should be crisp and easily accessible. Ads on the other hand should be used smartly.
#10. Use of Social Media is imperative
Social Media promotion is a way that offers your website respite from Google-Panda's update. Using tools like Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc can improve your website rank in a short span of time. Using Social Media tools, asking people to bookmark or share your posts can also make a big difference to your website rank.

Google Panda gets updated frequently, which is why you need to be patient with SEO. Original, high quality will be rewarded while duplicate content, link spamming will be penalized. And that can spell doom for your online marketing career.

Author Bio:

I’m Ramya, a freelance web designer/writer based in India.  I have worked in a number of SEO projects and have a good insight into creating a web design with SEO techniques incorporated in it.  Apart from web designing and SEO I also contribute high-quality articles to top class websites and blogs. Besides business I am part-time wildlife photographer and generally an extrovert, I also like travelling to different destinations.
Mobile: 9442474516

Google 13th Birthday-Google Doodle

Google Doodle on 27th Sep. 2011-Google's 13th Birthday

Google's 13th Birthday
Today,all the users who use Google as their Browser's Home Page must be delighted to see this fun-filled and joyful Doodle reading as-"Google's 13th Birthday" . Really this is a very important event in the Internet world and Google had to design a Doodle. This time today, it is for Google itself !

Google has been famous for making symbolically beautiful and cool Doodles (Google's logo redesigned to reflect and mark the importance of the event being celebrated in a symbolic way) logos and animated pictures for celebrating  important events in the global history as well as for legendary artists, scientists,personalities, holidays, important figures around the world!

Today, on 27th September 2011, Google has got a very special occasion to design its Home Page with delightful, pleasant, and beautiful looking Doodle ( Google Doodle, actually) for its billions of Internet users (in the form of fans, lovers, partners) worldwide !

Enjoy learning more about Google Doodles


Blogger Dynamic Views-best Tips-Tutorial

All About Blogger's 5 Dynamic Views-A Full Tutorial, Guide

Blogger's 5 Dynamic Views
Blogger has recently launched its much awaited "Dynamic Views" feature for its Bloggers.This feature of Blogger is available in 5 unique, exciting, interesting dynamic views. And readers can read any Blogger’s blog through these 5 dynamics views without being directed to the homepage of the blog.
To let your readers have richer and more pleasant experience reading your bloggers blogs, Google has provided yet another great product to enrich and improve the reading or blogging experience. Google has enabled this dynamic view through these advanced web technology- AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3.

Blogger’s dynamic view is now fully functional and available to any blogger or reader. If you are a reader then either you can enjoy the blogger’s dynamic 
view through Google Chrome extension or simply add ‘/view’ to any of the
Blogger's blog url.I have briefly described step by step guide for using Blogger's 5 dynamic views on your own Blogger's Blogspot blogs-

Blogger has devised These 5 dynamic Blogger views for its bloggers( Blogspot blog writers) authors, readers, or any readers-
  1. Flipcard Dynamic View
  2. Sidebar  Dynamic View 
  3. Mosaic  Dynamic View 
  4. Snapshot  Dynamic View 
  5. Timeslide  Dynamic View
  6. Classic Dynamic view
  7. Magazine dynamic view

You can view any Blogspot blog in blogger’s dynamic view through these two ways-

  1. By adding /view to the end of any Blogger’s blog. Like, And if you want to view this blog in any of the 5 available dynamic views then you can further add to the end of /view/. For e.g, if you want to see this blogger’s blog in sidebar dynamic view, then add ‘sidebar’ at the end of this Blogger’s blog, like this .
  2. Install this Blogger Dynamic View extension for Google Chrome. After installing it on your browser you are able to view any Blogger’s blog to view in these 5 available dynamic view @ fView.

For Blogger’s Blogs Readers

Download/Install Blogger Dynamic Views ( By Google ) extension   

Blogger-Dynamic-ViewsInstall this Blogger’s dynamic views extension for Chrome here-Blogger's Dynamic Views Install. Once you have installed this extension, it will automatically detect when you are viewing any of the Blogger’s blog. This lets you view that blog in any of the 5 available dynamic views.

For Bloggers Those Blog Using Blogger/Blogspot.

How To Enable Blogger Dynamic Views To Your Blog 

Bloggers Blogspot Dynamic Views

This blogger feature is only for those blogs that have been enabled for ‘Public View’ ( and not for private blogs) and is active with full feeds .
  1. You need to make your blog fully feeds enabled to be able to show your blog in ‘Dynamic Blogger Views’ . You can do this by simply going to ‘Dashboard’ > Settings > Site Feed. After going to the ‘Site Feed’ menu page, just direct to ‘Post Feed Redirect URL’. Here you need to put the feed url of your blog. 
  2. Now you can enable your blogger’s blog to this dynamic view by following these steps from your blog’s dashboard. Like this, ‘Dashboard’ > ‘Settings’ > Formatting. After going to the Formatting menu page just search for the line : “ Enable Dynamic Views’. Just set this option as ‘Yes’, and you are done ! That’s it !!

Usefulness of Blogger Dynamic Views Feature

  • First of all, in the Blogger Dynamic View, your blog loads really quickly, making it a better experience for your readers and a feel good factor for you as a blogger. And you will love more to Blogger with this feature !
  • This Dynamic Blogger View adds more excitement and joy to your blog as a unique and great feature compared to other blogs on the web.
  • Simply, this feature will improve the readability of your blog and that will lead to more  interaction and revisiting rate for your blog.
I think these are enough points to consider this beautiful ‘Blogger Dynamic Views’ as a ‘one more good to be added feature' to your Blogspot-blog.

Update-1.1 Around 2 million Blogger blogs now have 'Blogger dynamic views' enabled on them, and the numbers are growing..

Please feel free to leave any suggestions or feed backs regarding your own experience to this unique blog feature….!


Search Engines GLOBAL Market Share-2012

Year 2012 Global Market Share Report for Top 10 Search Engines   

Search engines global market share 2012
Search Engine Global Market Share

Year 2012 Global market share statistics for the best Top 10 Search Engines reveals which search engine is the best and how the rest of top 10 best search engines are fairing when it comes to similar other searching capabilities like, Image searching, Video searching,etc. The search engine market share by each of the top 10 search engines showcases a comparative view of the searching performance of each search engine in their respective fields.No doubt, the search giant Google is still leading the lot with a huge difference when it comes to Global Share of Searches by each of the Top 10 search engines in the world. These statistics of the Search Engines global market share also puts a deeper view for the Top 10 World popular search engines other than Google. Which is the best search engine other than Google? Which search engine is the best in a particular country for a particular Operating System? Which search engine is the best for Image searching, Video searching? This market share statistics also tells you which search engine is the best for a particular web Browser type and which search engine is mostly used for the handheld devices other than Computers, i.e. Mobile, PDA, Laptops, Notebooks, etc ! This "Search Engine Global Market Share 2012 " Statistics” has been originally reported in the 2012 report by Net Market Share. (please visit Net Market Share for the detailed story)

For Top 10 Web Browsers Global Market Share Please Visit

Top 10 Search Engines according to their Global Market Share-2012

Top 10 Search Engines 2012

Search Engine List

Global %
Market Share

Visit Website

2012 Global market Share-Google

2012 Global market Share-Yahoo

2012 Global market Share-Baidu

2012 Global market Share-Bing

Global market Share for Ask

Global market Share for AoL

Global market Share for Excite

Global market Share for Lycos

0.02 LYCOS
Global market Share for msn

Alta Vista
Global market Share for Alta Vista




Top 10 Best Search Engines 2013: Submit Your Website to a List of 50 Search Engines!

Top 10 Search engines listList of Search EnginesTop 10 Search Engines This is a latest updated search engines list of 50 most common and popular search engines around the world among webmasters and common users alike. We have also listed categories for image search engines, and video meta search engines. Top 10 search engines are also reported as best search engines for year 2012-2013 as per their search results pages quality for a common user and advertising strength, number of indexed pages, etc for advertisers, and Internet marketers . You would find here the search engines list throwing some light on major aspects of every search engine. great,popular web and internet search engines other than Google, Yahoo, Bing. This list of "top 10 Search Engines 2012" is based upon a recently published report by Net Market share that combines each of the top 10 search engines with full details.
This top 10 best search engine list is based upon the number of  unique monthly visitors, and the estimates are originally published/reported by in 2013
This search engines list is made up of three types of search engines all over the world-
Most popular search engines- 3 search engines.
Popular search engines-7 search engines.
Good search engines- 40 search engines.

These top 10 best search engines are not only famous for web searching but are also popular for as Image search Engines,Video Search engines, free ebooks search engines , business search engines, and they offer a great web search engines capabilities regarding any research work for students or scholars too.
  • Web Search engines have played  a central role in making the Internet so much popular and accessible even to the common users. People use the Internet to solve their  day to day life problems, to search/learn (new) things around the world. 
  • This recently updated and fresh list of top 10 best search engines is based upon the market share grabbed by each search engine globally.
  • There are countless no. of search engines on the Internet. Web Search engines are also popular and famous country wise, and there are so many search engines in each country for the country-oriented specific content on the Internet.

How many search engines are there for 2013 that could be considered as "popular search engines" and "Best Search Engines", in terms of searching capability and quality result pages ?

If you try to compile a list of search engines, there would be existing several thousands search engines on the internet, but only around 40-50 search engines are worth adding in a search engines list for a mentioning ; and the rest would be very specific and small sized that they could be used only by some unique user groups for some specific usages/features.
Some time back search engines used to provided only “content related” searching facility, but recently there has been a noticeable makeshift in this trend; and now-a-days there are many good search engines available on the Internet based on their different categories. This searching criteria shifting has developed several new search engines that provide searching facility for a specific type of web content. Like,  You Tube is the best video search engine and Imagery is the best and perhaps the most popular “Image Search Engine”. You may even find/search an “ Icon Search Engine”  as well on the Internet today.

Top 10 Search engines list

Google search engine-the most popular , no# 1 , top search engine around the World !

We all know the Google is the best and most popular website in the world and an undisputed giant search engine in the internet world since its launch in the year of 1998. From the very starting of its foundation, Google has always been very popular and famous all around the world as a search engine giant, god ! Google is common man's search Engine! According to global market share statistics, Google is far ahead than any other search engines in terms of usage and web content searching including all the countries in the internet world. Apart from Yahoo , no other search engine is near to the mark of 100M ‘unique visitors’ per month.
Google combines “Image search engine” and “video search engine “ capabilities in its web content searching criteria. Till the date, Google remains at the no.#1 top position and best search engine in the world. And this title for Google looks very stable for the near future as well !
Google does maintain its Alexa Rank as No.1 today with the title of “ Best Search Engine Of The Year 2013” .

Submit Your Website to Google 

Top 10 Search engines listYahoo- The No # 1 Commercially used Web Submission Directory !

Yahoo was founded in 1994 and Yahoo as a search engine was started in 2002 and soon Yahoo became one among the best and top favorite search engine globally. Yahoo is the 4th most visited website in the world according to Alexa rank. Yahoo search engine capabilities are powered and supported by an another best search engine Bing. No doubt, in terms of no. of unique monthly visitors globally and according to “search engine global market share statistics-2013”, Yahoo is the second best search engine among the list of top 10 search engines in the world !
submit your website to Yahoo ! 

Top 10 Search Engine List  Bing-Owned by Microsoft-3rd Most World Popular Search Engine 

Bing was launched in the year of 2009 by Microsoft and its available in more than 40 languages globally. Bing is the 24th most popular and visited website in the world. Bing was known earlier as Live search , Windows search, and the latter two had been earlier version of search engines provided by Microsoft. Bing is the latest web search engine from Microsoft. Bing also powering and supporting  to Yahoo search ! In the list of world’s top 10 best popular search engine, Bing stands firm at no. 3 position.
submit url of your website or blog to Bing

Search Engines List

As a question-answer format based search engine, Ask was founded by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in California in 1996. was initially a platform for web searches asked/searched in the format of questions and answers, but in 2010 Ask declared that it would be outsourcing its search indexing and crawling to Google, Bing and the other best search engines in the category. Still, Ask has huge popularity among users as a search engine and that’s the reason its Alexa ranking is quite impressively at 45th place in the web world. In the list of world’s most popular top 10 search engines Ask comes at no. 4th for the year of 2011. If you want to advertise on ASK, you could use Bing.
You don’t need to submit your website or blog to

Top 10 Search Engines List

Teoma search engine ( founded in 2000 ) is very different and unique from the other best and popular search engines in many ways. Google and all the other best and top rated search engines follow Page Rank algorithm, whereas Teoma  uses link based algorithm technology, the latter is famously known as “Expert Rank “ algorithm. Teoma is available only in English language.
Apart from no. of “unique monthly visitors “ and global market share, due to its popularity among vast no. of advanced internet users, Teoma stands at 5th place when it comes to making a place in “world’s top 10 best search engines “ list. Teoma was  Invented/founded by Prof. Apostolos Gerasoulis.
You don’t need to submit your website or blog to Teoma.

Top 10 Search Engines List
    Duck Duck Go

Founded in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg, Duck Duck Go is an Internet search engine written in Perl  and runs on nginx . Due to its user friendly privacy policy Duck Duck Go doesn’t show users personal information in its search records. Duck Duck Go is popular for specific and different searching criteria and manages to have a large user base of its search engine facilities. Due to high no. of unique monthly visitors, Duck Duck Go maintains the 6th place in the list of world’s top 10 best search engines.
You don’t need to submit your website or blog to Duck Duck Go.

Search Engines List

As a search engine with many search indexing categories inclusion  like, web, image, video and news -Entireweb was re-launched in 2010. Entireweb internet search engine provides its users with searching facility including many features and varieties. Due to its shear popularity and huge user base for its search engine capabilities, Entireweb got 7th place in the list of world’s top 10 best search engines for the year-2012. 

You may submit the url of your website or blog to Entireweb

10 Search Engines List

Blekko is a newly launched internet search engine with lots of new and advanced user friendly features to provide a strong and customized web searching facilities.
Blekko is very innovative in its way of operating and search results display features  It also offers free webmasters and developers tools like many other best web search engines in the category. Blekko uses “slashtag” ( its similar as found in twitter attributes,tags and preceded by a slasher / ) to display common search results. Blekko is gaining huge popularity as a search engine with faster rate due to its new and advanced innovative searching features and facilities and the huge no. of unique monthly visitors tell the whole story about why so soon it got the 8th top rank in the list of worlds top 10 best search engines for year 2013!

You don’t need to submit your website or blog to Blekko.

Top Search Engines List
  Srub The Web

Srub the Web is a search engine with a lot of similarities to a web directory. Though, “ Srub The Web” is a very old search engine ( since 1996 ) but, still its not that much of popular compared to the others in the list of the 10 best search engines in the world. Yet, Scrub the Web could be a good search engine for those seeking to submit their blog or website to as many search engines as possible. 
 Submit the url of your website or blog to Srub The Web

Top Search Engines

GigaBlast is popularly known as “ The Green Search Engine “ ( since more than of its 90% power usage comes from wind energy ).
Gigablast offers customizable search options and you could search according to the exact context and capability.Gigablast indexes generic meta tags, and it can also display the meta tags in the search results list.
 Submit the url of your website or blog to GigaBlast

Another Search Engine to submit Your Site is You may submit your Website/blog here-Submit website .

List of search engines: submit your website or blog for free on the 50 popular search engines for free!

Here is given a List of 50 best Search engines where you may submit your website. Some of them allow free submission and others offer only paid search engine submission services . If you want your website to be indexed quickly on various popular search engines then going for paid search engine submission services could be the right solution considering they charge a nominal fees compared to other online marketing services.

submit website

Submit your Website to the Top 50 Best Free Search Engines 2013:

Free search engine submission-Want to submit your website or blog to free search engines? Use the below given list of 50 best free search engines to submit your website without paying anything. Submitting your website to these 50 search engines is totally free.
How to manually submit to various search engines - Just click on the link given ahead of each search engine, and it redirect you to the "website submission" page of that search engine where you would be asked to provide the url/link of your web page. Just put your link and click submit! Submission is done!!  
Submit ExpressSearch Engine Placementsearch engine submission

List of top 10 Photo search engines

Top 10 best image search engines list where you can search any types of pictures or photos and you can upload your own photos be it personal or prefessional ! 

  • Best royalty free photo sites 

Top 10 most popular search engines for watching Videos

Free submit your website if it belongs to any of the following categories-
Submit your classified site
Free submit your bookmarking website OR
You can free list your article directories

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Google keywords-25 highest paid adwords

Google keywords-List of Top 25 Highest Paid Google AdSense and Adwords Keywords-year 2012
25 Hot keywords on Google Adwords or AdSense-The top 25 Highest paying keywords mentioned in this list of 25 top paying Google AdSense or AdWords keywords are based on the highest paying Google Ads for the year of 2011-2012. If you own/run a website, write a blog, article or Lens, then definitely you must have, at some point of time, thought about including keywords that are considered highly paid by Google AdSense and writing on topics and categories that are related to these highest paid keywords. But, honestly speaking, i don’t recommend you to write your blogs according to to the keywords. The reason is that ‘keyword-consciousness’ will spoil your originality and you will lose the natural flow in your blog writings. If you base your writings not on keywords then you will automatically gain the value of your writings through other sources other than ‘keyword finding sources’, and this added value will be much more long lasting. Though, there are other means of SEO  to improve your blog rankings in the eyes of search engines. And still you need to know the highest paying AdSense keywords then you can also check it from the keyword tool with your own Google AdSense account. Some bloggers or webmasters simply can’t afford to ignore the use of  ‘oh so hot’ keywords in their website or blog post. You can further search for ‘day to day’ updated keywords list by using the “best keywords, top keywords for Google Adsense & Adwords, hot keywords, top 10 highly paid keywords, and
god knows what more ! “ This list of the highest paid keywords keep changing as their value in Google AdWords changes according to the bids on daily basis.
Image Credit: WordStream.Com

Though, most writers, bloggers don’t care about how low or high rated their ‘niche keywords’ are in Google AdWords or AdSense. They are driven by their own interest, passion and expertise. BUT, still, there is a large part of the blogger breed who are almost completely driven/motivated by money and keyword cost. So, the larger part of the readers of this list of top 25 most expensive keywords belongs to the latter type of bloggers.

Google Adwords Vs other advertising networks

Google Adwords is still the highest used advertising network on the internet, but i feel that other advertising networks are also gaining the pace and would give Google a good chalenge because of its price rate compared to other system. I guess there won't be any drastic change in near future, but the race has already started for sure ( at least for some categories where number of clicks is more important than where they are coming from. Specially, in Advertising, SEO, and social media categories Google Adwords is going to get a good competition from other advertising networks. 

Top 25 Best Highly Paid/Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords for year 2012

Sr.No. Top 25 Highly Paid Keywords Price in $
1 Insurance 54.91
2 Mortgage 47.12
3 Attorney 47.07
4 Loans 44.28
5 Credit 41
6 Lawyer 40.08
7 Donate 40.01
8 Degree 39.8
9 Hosting 37.8
10 Claim 36.5
11 Conference Call 34.5
12 Trading 32
13 Software 31.7
14 Recovery 30.9
15 Transfer 29.65
16 Gas/Electricity 26.58
17 Classes 25.79
18 Rehab 24.39
19 Treatment 23.73
20 Cord Blood 22.85
21 Health 21.24
22 Finance 20.18
23 Meditation 19.10
24 Heart 17.10
25 Yoga 16.5




Google Plus-10 tips to grow your social network circles

Google plus now hugely popular among bloggers,   webmasters, artists, marketers, and social media fans!

Google Plus finally has come in the social media race with likes of Facebook, Twitter, and My Space. Google + is expanding its presence with lighting speed across the world

You would not expect a common user using Google Plus like the way they use Facebook and Twitter to share small things they consider interesting with their online networks in their daily life - not even a 10 % of it!

But, if you are a blogger, online marketer, publisher, content writer, artist, or social media fan, then definitely you should take Google Plus seriously, and more so after Google started rating social media engagement while considering their search results.

Find below some cool tips on how you can expand your Google + circle to get the maximum out of your social media marketing/engagement plans.  

  1. Grow your circle-If you are new to Google Plus or very few people have you in their circle/s ( as every contect can put you in miltiple circles thus making your profile multilayered- a ++ point about Google + ) then you are not being heard enough to make your posts reach to a larger audience. You just search the people you think relevant for your niche using Google Plus search bar as the first step to expand your network of people you have in your circles. Chances are that at least 10-20 % will add you back in their circles making a room for you to share with themselves.
  2. Once, enough people have added you in their circles, you can start posting some really good, useful, interesting, and RELEVANT content. Here, you need to be extra cautious while sharing your posts. Don't look selfish by promoting only your own content/page links. At this point of time your ONLY motive should be to grow your network at Google Plus. Growing your own network of loyal connections is not an easy feat.
  3. When you have grown your network or you are well on the way of expanding your circle, you can also post your own content to generate traffic for your web page. But, again do not do it overly, let's say, share the posts in 70-30 % ratio, 70 percent of your posts should be from external sources which you consider useful for your network. Afterall social media is all about sharing. You can't get much out of it by blowing your own trumpet. You share what others are doing/making/writing and others will share yours. 
  4. Make your Google plus profile url link short, smart, and memorable so that you can share your Google plus posts on other places as well. Visit and put your desired nick name and Google+ ID in the spaces given on the home page. The green colored part in the following link of my own Google plus url represents your ID-  And Gplus will generate a smart looking url for your Google plus profile (Google Plus profile urls look complex and very strange unlike the smart and sleek urls offered by Facebook and Twitter. Ok, so you will have a good profile url for your Google Plus like my own -  going to this url you can add me in your circles, and i will return the favor :)

Google+ Projects becomes a huge hit (super) among the social media lovers.

Google+ Project- An another amazingly outstanding product from Google factory. It looks convincingly promising in all dimensions of social media networking. And, as expected, it has added extremely high popularity to Google’s social media connect ( much needed for Google to tackle the overwhelming Facebook mania among users around the world ).
But, Google+ is still in a ’field trial ’ and only open to a limited number of Googlers. If you are not already connected registered on Google+ You can signup to be informed of your registration turn when Google + is open to be joined for your location.

top-10-social-media-Google Google+ is now just a month older and has already generated huge waves among all social media lovers around the world.
Google+ is a newly created social media site by top web searching giant Google itself.
Google+ has all the features and connectivity tools with a solid neat and clean look and an appealing simplicity like Google itself.
Readers and social media networking lovers all across the world has showered love and praise for Google+ for being a strong social community and connectivity hub place. That’s why Google+ has gathered a tremendous traffic flow which has surpassed the established one’s even like- Mashable and ! This has straightly put Google+ among the list of top 10 best social Media networking sites.
According to a recently published report by NetMarketShare Google+ is ranked no. 7 when considering the percentage of all web visitors that get referred from the major social media sites.

google-plus-top-10-social- media-sitesBelow given report figures reflect the referrals from different social media sites, plus the results are based open the bounce rate, new coming visitors rate, etc.

Site % of all Referrals Page depth per referral New visitor rate Bounce rate
Facebook 0.64574 2.80 63.46% 62.95%
You Tube 0.28394 2.73 78.28% 49.44%
Twitter 0.11363 1.96 65.81% 71.13%
stumbleUpon 0.06609 1.33 93.67% 84.81%
LinkedIn 0.03062 1.94 86.54% 72.51%
Reddit 0.00534 1.33 96.51% 89.32%
Google+ 0.00354 2.01 75.44% 77.65%
Delicious 0.00097 3.41 74.93% 55.43%
Mashable 0.00071 3.34 92.23% 55.98%
Flickr 0.00057 3.00 94.24% 62.66%
Metacafe 0.00035 1.58 98.35% 79.01%
Scribd 0.00021 3.76 91.78% 50.00%
Digg 0.00009 1.81 91.94% 67.74%
Fark 0.00005 1.67 57.58% 63.64%

In your point of view, what has contributed to the huge, quick popularity of Google+ ? Please do feel free to comment your own valuable views !


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