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Natural Link Building Techniques- 15 Must Follow Tips while Generating Backlinks

Healthy Link Building Habits, Tips, and Techniques to stay away from Search Engine Penalties 

15 Best ways and practices for bloggers to generate and create natural backlinks while keeping your online reputation intact! 

SEO Back-Link Buliding Tips-Techniques for Bloggers n Webmasters

10 Backlink Building Techniques-Tps for SEO, Bloggers and Blogs| Free Natural Link Generation Blogging Tutorial

List of best techniques for building backlinks for your blog and websites| What are the top 10 ways to generate links?| Things to keep in mind while developing SEO and link building process| A full tutorial for back link creation strategy and tips.  

100 Blog or website Promotion Tips- Part 2

Blog promotional tips and tools| Topics: SEO, Guest Blogging, Facebook Advertising, Video marketing, Email Marketing, Blog PR, Social networking sites, Paid advertising (PPC)

We are talking about best ways, tips, and tools to promote your blogs or websites to the next higher level using some of the most popular techniques. That's why we started this series based on "blog promotional tips" to help our fellow bloggers, marketers, publishers, web masters, and whoever is interested in marketing their web pages. 


Dofollow Backlinks for SEO-2014. 30 Free Do-Follow Blogs for Blog Commenting Links

List of top best Free backlinks for your website or blogs in 2014- # part1| Hummingbird Safe dofollow backlinks from blog commenting on blogs of PR2 to PR6

List of dofollow backlinks- 3 PR6 ,6 PR5, 6 PR4, 6 PR3, and 9 PR2 blogs for blog commenting| 30 dofollow Seo Backlinks on Actual blog Pages


PR2 to PR6 Dofollow blogs list for SEO blog commenting. Get free quality SEO backlinks via free ways. Get good number of High PR dofollow backlinks from 30 viral blogs that accept comments from fellow bloggers. Use the list of these 30 good dofollow blogs for making comments and improving Search Engine Optimization and web traffic for your blog or websites. You can increase SERP visibility of your website or blogs using these free backlinks. 
More quality dofollow backlinks to your blog = Higher the value of your keywords in Google SERPs 
List of best Hummingbird Safe dofollow backlinks blogs for commenting.Top backlinks for your website or blogs in 2014. Free SEO back links from blog sites of PR2 to PR6 

Here is the actual list of 30 free dofollow blogs for making blog commenting for SEO and backlink generation-  



25 Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers, SEO, Online Marketers, Advertisers

Facebook Groups for Blogs/ websites- Best 25 Facebook Groups to promote blogs, get social web traffic, increase Facebook likes. 

Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers, content marketers, SEO experts, webmasters, and advertisers to promote your blog, website or get huge social media traffic from Facebook networking website.

Join Best Facebook Groups for getting web social media traffic for your blogs or websites - 
Every blog writer wish to acquire additional web traffic on his blog sites. For acquiring visitor traffic we could make use of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Now you should know Facebook is among the top utmost social media traffic source where you could acquire a suitable inflow of blog site quality traffic . If you are a blog writer and you have actually not been acquiring practical blog site website traffic from facebook web page and various other facebook Groups suggested entirely for blog writers, you must be missing out on a lot of web traffic possibilities.

These facebook Groups are particularly great for rookie blogger as well as for professional and well-known problogger as they have the possibility of creating greater than FIFTY % of your overall reference blog site visitor traffic.

Every person makes use of Facebook, so why not we discuss our material on the globe's biggest Social media site system?

You need to be energetically active on Facebook Groups to Advertise your Blog site to get good quantity of social web traffic. Thre are numerous FB Groups which are run by blog writers and famous marketers. You could join them. You could upload your write-up there when they approve your access.

Today I'm visiting provide out some popular n' valuable facebook Groups they serve to you without experiencing spamming.

[A] Blogengage:-.
Blogengage is a fee area for blog writers. , if you have blogengage account then you must join this group to gain specific benefits.Brian Belfit is a creator of blogengage that runs this group. You could send your article to this group amongst 3600 participants.
Visit it here-

You could discuss your blogengage's blog post with fellow members as well. You could acquire your blog post on the 1st web page on the blogengage utilizing the groups.

[B] Comment DX:-.

Comment DX is the most energetic Group to advertise your blog site. This Group is run by Mr. Suresh Khanal from In this Group you need to publish your current blog post after sending Mr. khanal accept it and after authorizing your article will certainly be stay in that Group.

This Group is ONE HUNDRED % spam free with energetic participants. Group participants need to do comment, share, facebook like, g +1 on each article. Hence each post gets varieties of remarks and great social visitor traffic.

Visit it here-

[C] Blog writer Online forum:-.

Blog writer online forum the group which have 5500 participants in it. It is run by Perambur Kumar (Blogstar Kumar) from TellMeAbout. in. If your blog post is appropriate after that it is accepted by the group proprietor, you could publish your any of blog post below.

You could publish your inquiries associated with blogging as well in this group, Blogstar Kumar constantly offeres the response of your concerns.

This group has 5500 blogger participants hence it serves good to obtain social visitor traffic.
Visit the group here-

[D] Blogging Cage:-.
The popular facebook group is run by Kulwant Nagi from Kulwant Nagi is among the well-known blog writers from India. This group has 2500+ blogger participants.
Visit it here-

[E] Internet Idea Techniques:-.
The well-known group has 1527+ participants in it. The goal of this group is "Sharing tips by discussing techniques, tricks ". It is running by Mohd Wali from mohmadwali. in a renowned internet developer.

[F] Just Internet Globe:-.
A group which has 7000 participants running by Harshil Barot a forthcoming Gujju blog writer from

List of High PR Dofollow Blogs

[G] Blogengage Conquer:-.
It is the group of merely 100 folks that has blogengage account. , if you have you could joint this team.. This group is running by Mr. Khanal-'The Blogging Authorities'. You need to stringently adhere to the regulations of the group else you would certainly be gotten rid of.

[H] Send Your Post To Market It:-.

The team which runs by Abhijit Mahida from The goal of this group is send your write-up to this group for sharing.
Visit the Group-

Best 100 Internet forums for blogging/SEO/advertising

There are several of other groups for marketing your blog sites. I am merely discussing their name and web link listed below:-.

Most of these Facebook Groups have more than 1000 members, some 5K+ and a few have 15000+ Group members. Go and  

[1] Content Marketing -

2) Market Your Web link.

3) Blogging Heaven.

4) Blog writer's Factor.

5) Blogging group.
6) Promote Blogs.
7) Bloggers Lab
8) Exchange Comments, Likes-
9) Commenting Tribe-
10) Guest Blogging -
11) Active Guest Bloggers-
12) SEO Facebook page likers-
13) Everything About Blogging-
14) Probloggers Community -
15) WordPress Worriers-
16) Smashing Bloggers-
17) Blog Promotion-
18) Tech Bloggers-
19) Blogger mania-


100 Best ways to promote or market your blog website- part 1

Best 100 ways to advertise and market your website or blog online. # Volume 1

Running a blog or website is not enough. You have to promote your blog or website through the right ( and many) ways to get the results you wanted when you started it! Blogging and running a website requires a lot of online marketing and promotions in order to make it popular online among those visitors who are interested in a blog like yours. Getting good number of online visitors is the top priority for every blogger who writes blogs in order to earn or make money online. We are going to start a series of posts that describe all the best ways (top 100) to market your blog/ website using online advertising, online marketing, SEO, blogging, Social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), web submission, content marketing, techniques to drive high number of daily website traffic via multiple means on the Internet. Keep reading and please leave your opinions ( and subscribe the blog to get future volumes of "best ways to promote a blog or website" )  

Here are the first 6 ways from a "list of 100 best ways to promote your blog/ website" to promote or market your blog online :-  

#1. Enhance your blog or website exposure on online search engine: Place key phrases that explain your content in to the HTML, Meta tags on your site/blog's main posts and pages.Rotate these key word phrases in the content of your website's homepage. Strategic usage of keyword phrases could place your web content on top of various best search engines results, including Google, Yahoo, Bing. 

#2 Place your blog or website link urls on as many as good sites as you can, but the sites should be relevant to your content. Optimize your online advertising and marketing initiatives by detailing your website blog address on every good places on the Internet you visit. Print the web address of your blog on your firm's letterhead or visiting card , if any. Increase the usage of email signature.

#3. Listing the website/ blog url on any sort of print marketing that you do, including telephone directory, sales brochures, leaflets, and direct-mail advertising items.

#4. Submit your website or blog to most of the good directory sites, specialized list, and yellow web pages you could find: Regardless of what market your business is in, there are on-line directory sites, such as Yahoo, Bing, Google Places! Best Internet directories list

#5 Sign up with on the internet forum communities: Whatever the subject, there are countless individuals reviewing it passionately online. By adding to these conversation groups, you could educate your consumers and promote your blog or website content. Here is a list of best online forums for you to get started.

#6 Email listings: Grow a mailing list from your blog readers and send them weekly newsletters based on the interest of your blog readers. Email Advertising and marketing is a great tool to promote your web articles and content. Have you read our blog post on best online advertising techniques yet? 


Blog marketing- 25 tips to market your blogs

Blog marketing tips. 25 best tips to market your blogs online. Top methods for SEO, blog-promotion, and online advertising for your blogs. Website traffic and blog promotional tools.

SEO tips- Online Advertising tips for blogs - With numerous blog sites being developed every day, it's a secret to lots of blog writers just how to make their blog site stand out on the Internet. Marketing your blog is very important just like any other business, product, or company. Peoples and search engines must be aware about your blog if has to stand out in the market. And, we have to market our blogs in order to get that traffic, and to make our blogs visible over the Internet. There are numerous kinds of blog sites but the methods to market them almost the same. 
When we think of promoting our blogs there are 3 main broad ways or methods to do it : SEO + advertising + Marketing. We have to follow every method to get that traffic and popularity level. Also Read other post on this blog about SEO tips, online advertising tips and techniques 


List of 25 good tips to promote and market your blogs websites for free

  1. Make your blog a reliable and consistent site, write at least 3-5 new posts each week, yet each blog post should be unique and different to previous ones in some sense.
  2. Get your blog on a good CMS/bloging platform - WordPress, Blogger and Moveable Type are great ones and have their own advantages over others.
  3. Customize blog site feel and look, take a professionally designed template or theme and customize it as per your content appeal.
  4. Study key words and create a good list of Keyword phrases and words best suited to your blog . Use WordTracker, SitePoint, SEOBook Key phrase Study materials.
  5. Enhance your blog site with respect to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- use relevant keywords in title, url and first paragraph of every blog post. They are the most important points for SEO. Use nollow tags for outbound links to the sites that are not of high authority.
  6. Never forgot to use Alt tag for images. Do not over do use of key words. Key word density must be between 1-3%.
  7. Template designing - search engine traffic friendly template optimization tips- Provide RSS membership/subscription alternatives, social sharing options, option to save your blog's web links, good commenting system : Use Facebook comments, Disqus comments, etc to fight spam.
  8. Prepare a blog Sitemap for your blog. If you are unable to generate xml sitemap, at least create a page and list all important links there with proper hirerchy 
  9. Enable automated trackback and ping performances. Use Pingomatic or regularly. Again, dont over do it other wise your blog might be labled as spam by ping directories.
  10. Setup a Feedburner account for your blog and use all of the features availbale in Feedburner..
  11. Determine authoritative blog sites, directory websites and social sharing sites for generating good number of quality web links. Post bookmarks to ONLY the best bookmarking sites.
  12. Enable blog traffic data for monitoring using Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, and Bing web master tool.
  13. Submit RSS feed and your Blog post urls to popular RSS and Blog directories and free online search engines.
  14. Take part in a reciprocal web link exchanging projects.Only take links from relevant and good sites.
  15. Submit your blog post to PDF uploading websites. They are good source of traffic as well as backlinks. Though, some wont backlink you, but traffic coming from them does matter when concerned to Google rankings.
  16. Post comments on others blogs that have similar content as yours. Commenting generates traffic as well as reputation for your blog. Let others know about your blog.
  17. Add your blog site link to some good paid directory sites, like-Yahoo, BOTW, bCentral, WOW, etc.
  18. Write some optimized articles and disperse them to some good press release websites.
  19. Request responses or testimonials of your blog site in appropriate online forums, conversation threads.
  20. Study other blogs, and discuss with similar minded people/writers about the topics you write about in your blog.
  21. Analyse and explore incoming web links for your blog, notice the source of traffic, remarks and discussions of your blog site. Use Google Alerts to get such information or mentions of your blog, and respond the bloggers wherever they have talked about your blog/url.
  22. If feasible, make contact with similar minded blog writers explore the possibilities to work together for mutual gains.
  23. Usage of social networking solutions - online forums, conversational threads, amd social media sites are good platforms to get in touch with various other blog writers. They will certainly connect to you if they like what you write about.
  24. Article submission websites or web article directories are good source of quality backlinks and submitting unique articles to them will surely help you uplift your blog rankings. They are high authority sites and backlinks from them will mostly be dofollow. Above all, backlinks pointing to your blog from such directory sites is considered very good for SEO.
  25. Visit good blog directories, create free accounts there and submit your blog url. Some ask for a reciprocal link, others will submit your blog free without asking anything. This is a good way to market your blog online. 
Dont forget to read the series of top 100 best ways to promote your blogs 


Some 20+ blogging tools that you might find useful for your blogs

25 best blogging tools for bloggers for Successful/ effective blogging


Building your own blog is more than writing stories and articles. You need to spend countless hours on research, search engine optimization (SEO), editing, sharing, promotion and networking. All these activities are acting behind the scene to make you a successful blogger. Professional bloggers are always in search for the latest blogging tools to make their blogs SEO-friendly. If you are an aspirant blogger with big dreams, you need to be sure that you have the right SEO tools and expertise utilizing the latest technologies in your blog.

So, here is a list of actually the better blogging tools for bloggers in terms of SEO + marketing + writing + advertising + Web traffic + social media networking

SEO and blogging tools

Following the useful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips is a very important thing for successful blogging. How so much nice blog writing skills you may posses, but without the effective and powerful SEO tools your blog posts won't receive that much web traffic which they deserve!  Find more useful link submission and SEO blogging tools for your blog. 

For the content writing segment:

#1. WPTouch

It is a free WordPress mobile plugin for your blog. You can make your blog fully optimized for mobile phones with this thin app.

#2. Zemanta

This plugin helps you add tags, links, images and relevant articles for the content you write on your blog. It also helps you add your Instagram photos easily to your blog.

#3. Akismet

This is a spam filter plugin in WordPress. You just need to install it and leave it. It works automatically in the background and keeps the spams at bay.

#4. After The Deadline

When you want to save time on writing, After The Deadline serves you best with fast grammar, spelling and style checking capabilities. It is a highly useful proof reading assistant available as a WordPress Plugin or browser extension.

#5. Google Docs

Google Docs helps you maintain a centralized platform for your blog posts in an efficient manner. It uses the cloud synchronization function and works as a great word processor.

#6. Editorial Calendar

It is a great plugin to manage and schedule your future posts. It works like a planner and serves you right when you follow a strict plan.

#7. Google Alerts

It is an effective research tool for blogging. It gives you updates on the latest news and new topics. You can create Google alerts easily for any topic/subject/term.

#8. Evernote

This app lets you take notes from web pages and text. You can also take voice notes. This app can be used as a digital scrapbook to store random data for future use. It's also a great social bookmarking and sharing site. You save your bookmarks and share on other media sites.

#9. Dropbox

It is a popular cloud backup utility. Be ready for an uncertain future with Dropbox as it stores up all your documents and blog images in the cloud server. Use upto 5GB of free space and they also have a referral program where you can get more space if you refer your friends to Dropbox.

#10. Copy Scape &

Copy Scape is a renowned tool used by writers and bloggers around the world for checking duplicate copies of your content over the Internet. Siteliner is also a great tool for checking the duplicacy. It gives you a detailed report about the duplicate+similar content of your blog. When used, Siteliner gives a full summary of all the links, duplicates of your blog. For some points i liked it more than CopyScape.

For the marketing segment:

#11. Tweet Old Posts

This is a tiny WordPress plugin used to keep your content active all the time. You will gain more traffic when your content is in the spotlight. This tool makes it easy to tweet earlier blog posts.

#12. Feedburner & Feedly

Feeds are also an integral part of your blog. Utilize your feeds to spread the news about your every blog posts. This is a highly useful feed management utility for blogs. It makes it swift to subscribe to your blog. You can also track user data without any problem. Go to 'social buzz' section in Feedburner where you can activate automatic tweeting whenever you publish a new blog post. Feedly offers a cool embedding option for your blog feeds which you can use to promote and increase the page views for your posts. 

visit feedly here-

#13. Buffer

It is an automated scheduling application for popular social networking sites.

#14. Bloglovin

It is a good RSS feed utility. Bloglovin makes it simple to comment on your target blogs.

#15. Google KW Research tool

It is apparently a winner among those essential blogging tools that lets you discover the great potential of keywords and how to get better page ranking.

#16. Yoast for full SEO

This is a not only a great WordPress SEO plugin with full SEO capabilities but also the number #1 ranked plugin used for SEO purpose by every blogger who does blogging on WordPress CMS.


This is a web service used to shorten urls. This is specially useful if you want to hide your link or prevent it from getting spammed by using it.

#18. Google Analytics & Webmaster tools

These tools help you monitor and analyze your blogging strategies. In case you find it too complicated, you can use the WordPress version called Jetpack Site Stats. It is good to go for novice bloggers who are just getting familiar with the systems.

For the communication segment:

#19. Livefyre

It is a highly efficient comment system with social tagging; SNS comment integration and live updates.

#20. Rapporative

This is a great Gmail plugin that comes in two flavors. You can use the app from Google Marketplace or use it as a chrome plugin. The plugin gives you a quick preview of your contacts within your mail inbox.

#21. Google Apps for Business

There are hundreds of business friendly applications on the Google Marketplace.

#22. Google+

Google+ is a powerful utility that helps your blog rankings.

For the visual segment:

#23. Compfight

It is a WordPress plugin that lets you ad royalty-free images from Flickr. It suggests you images automatically based on your keywords. You can easily use images for your blog posts without wasting a single minute in searching royalty free images. Though, you should check these best websites list of royalty free and creative commons photos

#24. Thinglink

It is a unique WordPress plugin that lets you add interactive media to your blog.

#25. LoveIt

It is a Pinterest-like photo sharing platform with a lot of exciting features that you don’t see in Pinterest. Check out this great social platform and you will forget all about Pinterest within a week.

#26. Pixlr

Pixlr is an online photo editing tool that works just like your native Photoshop. The program has lots of useful photo editing features. It helps you design and develop great photos for your blog.

Some other equally usefool blogging tools for you!

#27 Free Online Word and Character Counting tools

We bloggers often happen to count words/charc. and by using this simple online tool you can easily count words and characters for any purpose. Find it here-

#28 Google url shortner - 

You would love to use this url shortner by Google. And it also keeps track of all the links & the clicks generated by them. Try it - 

#29 Convert Case -

I always use this online tool for converting sentances in any case. Like, Uppercase, sentance case, Capitalized case, AlTeRnAtiNg case, etc. A must have blogging tool 

#30 GTmetrix to check speed of your blog 

According to the recent changes on how a web page is perceived on the Internet, blog speed has become a major factor in deciding a blog's rankings in search engines. You must keep your blog as per the guidelines suggested in this tool. You can check your blog's actual speed and loading time through this online tool and make modifications accordingly.
Visit it here -

Useful websites to generate FREE web traffic for your blogs 

You should visit these websites and do some backlink generating practices. By spending some of your time over creating backlinks and submitting your content could be very very beneficial for your blog posts. In this way you could make good number of backlinks to your blog and this will improve Google page rank (PR) of your blog posts.

# Search engine submission- Submit your blog to search engines and make sure that your blog is indexed by every major search engines on the internet. In this way you can notice search engines traffic coming to your blog from multiple search engines rather than only from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 
Submit your blog FREE to 50 best search engines list. 

# Blog directories - Blog directories are great ways to get relevant and quality back links and targeted web traffic. Most of the blog directories accept free blog submission and they quickly give your blog a backlink. They rank blogs based on their Alexa ranking and Google page rank. You might have to give a reciprocal link to get your blog listed on their blog direcory. But, that should not be a problem for willing bloggers. (* You can create a separate page to list such reciprocal links) . So, to which blog directories you should submit your blog ? Don't worry, i have listed here best blog directories. Visit them and submit your blogs there. It's really worth your time!

# Do you write articles? - Article writing could be the answer to boost your blog's over all performance on the Internet. This way you not only get high quality- high authority backlinks from article directories but also a good number of unique visitors from them. Web article submission is a great SEO tool for blogs in order to improve reputation and Google page rank of your blog. So, don't shy away, visit these best article directories and submit free articles with a link back to your posts. 

# Social bookmarking and social media sites -  Who is unaware about the usefulness of social bookmarking sites for SEO and free back link generation? Search engines index your blog posts faster if they find them through social media and bookmarking sites. Always make it a habbit to promote your blog posts on social bookmarking and social networking sites. This is one of the easiest and safest ways to drive high web traffic naturally. I have prepared the list of social sharing sites and they have been used by several thousand users to improve their blog rankings. Find them listed here - 


10 basic tips to keep your website or blog safe from any Google Panda updates

10 Simple and basic ways to avoid any panelty for your blog from Google updates ( Panda/ Penguine) 

Google Panda is a modification to Google’s search algorithm which makes it possible for users to find content that is relevant to their searches pushing down the low quality or inferior sites. It’s done by ranking sites based on their quality and content. However, in recent times many sites have suffered as their ranks have dropped. And that could well be because of the latest updates from Google, namely Panda or Penguin.
Google Panda in particular has brought about dramatic changes in website ranks and thereby the search result for users. Websites that resort to spam links or content have been penalized and have seen their ranks drop. Clearly, Google Panda has stricter guidelines when it comes to the quality of links and content on a website.

In fact, it has various updates that can tackle following issues:
  • Websites that have low quality content.
  • Websites with improper SEO structure
  • Websites with useless pages.
  • Poor grammar and duplicate content.
  • Black Hat SEO techniques.
  • Websites that load slowly.

Ways to prevent being hit by Panda update
Website owners and users who want to make sure they are not hit by Panda Update can do well by following a few simple tips that can help them immensely.
#1. Duplication of Content
Having duplicate content on your website is not helpful to your users and it can only get you into trouble with Panda update. Hence, if you have any duplicate content on your website you need to edit or rewrite it at the earliest to avoid future trouble.

#2. Significance of detailed content
Low traffic to your website is often due to poor quality and it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. You can start by using your analytical tools to gather more information about the pages that can be hit by Panda on account of low traffic. Once you have taken stock of these pages you can determine whether you want to
-> Add better quality content so that it can promote social interactions and increase organic traffic.
-> Or redirect pages that have poor quality content to another site.

#3. The importance of keyword density
When you create content for your website, due attention has to be paid to keyword density. You need to get a fair idea of the desired keyword density for SEO; it will help you ensure that keywords are used in an article only a certain number of times. When keywords are repeated more than the desired number of times then your website can become vulnerable to the impact of Google’s updates, especially Panda.
#4. Steer clear of Spam
Spam should be strictly avoided in terms of SEO. It’s important to get rid of poor quality content, spam articles from your website. You should also eliminate spam comments and links from your website as it will avoid the risk of being penalized. Relevant and useful information that’s free of spam on the other hand, can help you get more traffic. Search engines also look at such sites favorably and they gain credibility.
In a bid to get a large number of backlinks in a short time many tend to take the easier route and associate themselves with blacklisted websites. These blacklisted sites could have been banned because they use Black Hat SEO techniques or contain duplicate content. Unfortunately by linking your website to them you stand the risk of being penalized as well.
#5. Eliminate unnecessary tags, categories and pages from Google search
It can help you protect your website from the impact of Panda. When you get rid of unwanted tags, pages and categories using no-index or any other option for that matter, you can boost your site’s visibility and thereby improve its rank with search engines too.
#6. Pay attention to proper distribution of anchor text
It is absolutely vital that anchor text in your content is distributed properly to get best results. Using variations like “click here” and “this site” can make the right impact.
#7. Buying or exchanging links
They were considered to be productive means to boost traffic to your website and improve your page ranks. But that’s not the case anymore and only relying on buying or exchanging links cannot bring you desired results. In fact, they can lead to being penalized by Google.
Rather than relying on these methods you can try to be creative with ways to bring more traffic to your website. Find out more about means that you need to avoid and thus ensure that your website rank is maintained in the long run.
#8. Higher page views
when users visit a website briefly and quickly move on to another search, it’s a sign for Google that the site doesn’t contain relevant content. To avoid this problem it’s important that your website has compelling content so that your users will want to spend more time on it.
You can make the most out of your analytics to run a check on pages that have the maximum bounce rate. It will help you make your pages more valuable to your users.
#9. Use Ads smartly
SEO experts believe that minimum use of ads on your website is the way to go. If your site has ads, you can work on a design that gives the impression that minimum ads are being used. It’s your content that draws users to your website; hence it should be crisp and easily accessible. Ads on the other hand should be used smartly.
#10. Use of Social Media is imperative
Social Media promotion is a way that offers your website respite from Google-Panda's update. Using tools like Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc can improve your website rank in a short span of time. Using Social Media tools, asking people to bookmark or share your posts can also make a big difference to your website rank.

Google Panda gets updated frequently, which is why you need to be patient with SEO. Original, high quality will be rewarded while duplicate content, link spamming will be penalized. And that can spell doom for your online marketing career.

Author Bio:

I’m Ramya, a freelance web designer/writer based in India.  I have worked in a number of SEO projects and have a good insight into creating a web design with SEO techniques incorporated in it.  Apart from web designing and SEO I also contribute high-quality articles to top class websites and blogs. Besides business I am part-time wildlife photographer and generally an extrovert, I also like travelling to different destinations.
Mobile: 9442474516


Top 10 Social Media Blogging Tools to Promote Blogs

-> 10 Best ways to get social media traffic for your blog sites |  Top Best Sharing platforms for bloggers | Promote your blogs free | Blogging SEO tools 

- most prominent ways to promote your blogs. Great tools for successful blogging.



SEO tips for blog promotion -Simple SEO tools to promote your blog

Boost Your Blog : The SEO Secrets in Blog Promotion. Promote your blog following these simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) tips and techniques !

If you just started blogging or have been at it for some time now, you probably know that having content is just not enough. A blog can only be a powerful marketing tool if the ideal viewer can find it. Here are a few SEO tips that will help you increase visibility, bring massive traffic to your site and increase sales and revenue for your business. Follow the simple SEO blogging tips tools, and techniques mentioned below and see your blog post getting promoted higher in search engines.   

SEO for blogs involves having topics that are keyword rich. There are tools available online such as Google Adwords Keywords Tool. This tool contains high ranking keywords that are popular and will increase your search engine visibility. Moreover, search engines give weight to the first words in a title and your keyword placement will help your ranking greatly. By including numbered lists such as ‘3 ways to fly a kite’ or ‘100 reasons for recycling’ and colons in your title, you will see more click-throughs to your post.

For your blog to be optimized to the highest potential, you need to generate more interest. Your blog promotion campaign can involve inbound links. By sharing your posts with other sites, you increase awareness making you more visible. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of links which carry more weight with search engines. Social media platforms such as Bing and Facebook can give you that social buzz that you have been looking for.

While your blog title is very important, it must be supported by interesting and flowing content. For SEO, you can include your keyword phrase in the first sentence, and if this cannot do, then introduce it within the first paragraph. Try and break up the keywords to prevent overuse. If you over optimize your post, search engines will punish you for that.

Why not get total control over your blog? Instead of blogging on somebody else’s domain, you can post in your own domain. Many blog platforms have phased out, and you will never recover the trust and links you had built there. Besides, blogging in your domain builds your site’s online visibility.

A second opinion never hurts, and you can use SEO tools and plugins for this. These effective SEO tools help you check if the post is optimized and can prompt you to include Meta tags. You also get to create unique titles that will help you rank higher. With the advice, you can address problems that you would not have found without a second opinion.

Effective blog promotion requires lots of work and efforts, and these SEO tips take you a step ahead of other bloggers.

Simple SEO tools you must use on your blog - 
  • Submit your blog to these 50+ free search engines, if you haven't done it yet. 
  • Start discussing and participating in SEO forums and use your signature link to promote your blog, this will fetch a lot of benefits to your blog steadily. 
  • Submit your blog free to good blog directories and other SEO relevant sites using these good SEO submission tools in order to get good quality free backlinks.
  • You don't need to ride high on bookmarking, but submitting to these 25 best bookmarking sites is a must for your blog as their reputation among all search engines is very high and it will only do good to your blog posts.
Please leave your suggestions and feed back about this SEO post in your valuable comments. Thanks for visiting. Good luck.


Promote your blog-SEO tools for blogs

Best of Blog promotion tools-Know how to promote your blog for free!

Best-blog SEO-submission-Tools
Blog SEO-Promote your blog - Every blogger has to promote their blogs in order to improve the over all search engine traffic and visibility it requires. Just writing blog posts is not enough at all, you have to promote it with equal efforts and interest you take in writing each post for your blog. There exist various online promoting ways, marketing methods, and advertising techniques that could prove to be milestones for the success of your blog.

With the help of the blog SEO tools mentioned in this blog post, you can promote your blog within days and see your blog getting 100-2000% more search engine traffic.There are simple ways to promote your blog, and then there are SURE shot ways to promote your blog to the next higher level. By using the techniques, SEO ways, and submission methods described in this blog post, you can increase number of daily unique page views, Google PR, Alexa ranks, number of one way back links for your blog whether it's a Blogger Blogspot blog, Wordpress blog, Tumblr blog, Posterous blog, or Typepad blog. Most of the blog promotional methods and SEO tools displayed here are free to use for your blog, though some of the tools are accessible only to premium members.

blog directories-

If you are using a Blogger blog or Blogspot blog ( OR in fact, any type of free or paid blog) you would be seeking some 'definite ways' that can turn on the search engine traffic wheel for your blog.This blog post will unveil some basic and advanced 'SEO tools' for those Blogspot blogs that are not showing much in  Google, Yahoo, or Bing SERPs. If you follow these SEO techniques, blog SEO tools, your Blogger blog will surely start ranking good in SERPs and will have lots of quality backlinks along with a good  Google page rank, thousands daily pageviews, and high Alexa rankings.

Blogger's blogs,by default,don't have any SEO-friendly tools unlike many other best blogging sites. To resolve this problem and to promote your every blog post you must consider to submitting all the blog posts to several Best Search Engines, Free Blog Submission Directories, Free Article Submission web Directories, and to numerous other Free Classifieds sites.
Submitting your blogs manually even only to the Top Social Bookmarking Sites could be a tedious task. Hence you need to have some best and free automated services to submit your blog link/url quickly without spending much time in manual links/urls submission.There are many auto-submission software/programs/tools available on internet for free. One such auto submission is auto bookmarking sites where you can auto submit your blog links with the help of social bookmarking software. With the help of these best auto-bookmarks software you can also bookmark your newly published blog link/url automatically to many of the free social bookmarking sites on the Internet.

SEO for blogs is almost the same as for websites, and hence we can see it as :

  1. On page SEO for blogs, 
  2. Off-page SEO for blogs.

On page SEO for blogs- implement these some fundamental and basic techniques to strongly enhance on-page-SEO for blogs -

On page SEO is the single most important factor that decides the fate of your blog post. If your blog has implemented all the natural and seren SEO methods that are necessary to rank it higher in search engines indexing, it will surely start ranking/targeting for the desired keywords you have intended to. 

  • Use keywords in your blog post broadly. Target for 3-5 keywords in a post. Use these keywords in : url, title of the post, H1 heading of the post, first paragraph following the headings, and in the rest of the body of blog post.
  • Do not stuff your keywords in your post, use them moderately, but surely in all the important part/areas of the post.
  • The most important parts of the blog post where you must use your keywords are in this order- title > H1 heading> Url> First paragraph>Body of the page.
  • Keyword density must be in between 2-5 % through out the page. You can check this with the help of SEOquake plugin for Chrome/Firefox. There are lots of free tools available on this. 
  • Use your keywords nearest to the starting of the title and then the other words.Like in this post i have put 'promote your blog' in the starting of the title, then other ranking words.
  • Always put Alt tag for your images as they get searched in image search engines rank        

Best of SEO tools for blogs (Off-page SEO)

You can drastically improve the off-page SEO (search engine optimization) for your blogs through content submission (some automatically, some manually) to- 

  • Various blog directories sites,
  • Search engines (and blog search engines ),
  • Press release submission sites, 
  • (Searchable) Pdf file sharing/submission sites, (Scribd, 
  • Ping sites, RSS submission directories (RSS feeds submission of your blog posts), 
  • Social-bookmarking sites, Social-networking sites,
  • Image search engines sites, Video search engines sites, 
  • relevant Forums (through link signature in your posts), 
  • Similar Blogs (through blog commenting), getting profile links on social sharing sites.
  • Writing articles on Web 2.0 sites that have backlinks to your main blog pages.

All the below listed SEO tools for blogs are the best ones for your Blogger's blogs promotions. If your blog posts are submitted to these auto submission websites, directories, surely it will boost/increase Google page rank, Alexa rank, and number of daily unique visitors to your blogger's blogs. Once you have published a new blog you can apply all these free link automated submission services to promote your new blog post to the next level in maximum possible way. All these url submission services/software or programs are free ! No strings attached !!.

SocialAdr - up to 420 backlinks per month...for FREE!

 Auto bookmarking-blog link submission

Social Monkee-Easily build 25 Unique backlinks to your pages every day with one click-FREE!

Social Monkee is very popular among all level of bloggers. You can submit one link everyday on Social Monkee that will be submitted by it to 25 different social bookmarking sites.
Social Monkee is an auto bookmarking site . You don't have to link back or provide any reciprocal link to this! Hence it can prove as a great time and money savor tool for you.  If you haven't discovered yet the benefits of submitting your blog post/blog url to Social Monkee, then you can start submitting your blog links right away!


Free Web Submission:Auto-Submit Your Blog to 20 Search Engines
Free Web submission is a great submission tool for any blogger. You can easily submit your blog links to 20 best search engines with just a click. The best thing about "Free Web Submission" is that you don't need to register or sign up to auto-submit your blogs links to all these top search engines through Free Web Submission's free service.And it instantly shows you the status of your blog submission.


Submit your blogs to top social networking sites for better SEO

There are 10-15 top social networking sites over the internet where you can try to promote and improve your blogs SEO.Creating Facebook pages for your blog and writing some blog posts on My Space, Tumblr could do wonders for your blog posts.Get the list of social networking sites where you can promote your blog. Just play around, get familiar, and learn how others are promoting their blogs on these social networking sites.

Scrub The web-Get Free blog Submission and Free SEO Tools for your Blogs

Submit your blogs free to Scrub the Web and also check the Visibility Ranking, Page ranking,and find meta tags, keywords effectiveness, and title tags analysis for the submitted url or blog. Scrub The Web provides you the best SEO tools for blogs for free. Just submit the url of your blog and  an email id for confirmation. After confirming the blog submission you can easily analyse or create Meta tags for any of your blog pages, including your Home page. Great blog submission and SEO tools for blogs. All for free!  
Free Blog url submission at Scrub the Web

Blog Search dot com

Blog is the one among the top best free blog submission directories in the blogging world, and is really a very  result oriented free blog submission directory for bloggers. You can submit as many blog post links as you publish. Its a free service, but if you feel obliged by the good search engine traffic your blogs received from Blog Search dot com, then you can also link back to them. Its a nice practice while submitting your blogs to many different directory services-free or paid ! Blog Search dot Com has really very easy, blog submission-friendly in-built features. Don't miss to post/submit to this great blog submission directory to increase one way incoming back links to your blog pages !

SEO-for-Blogger- blogs

List of the some more blog link submission free sites for better SEO for your blogs

Blog submission directory, get exposure, get traffic,earn money. Backlink SEO tool Backlinks to my website?


And don't forget to check out :
Best types and techniques of online advertising 
that are used by most bloggers to promote their blogs and improve blog visibility in Google SERPs.

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