How to carry on Virtual Meetings Effectively: Do's and Don'ts of Video Conferencing.

Be it freelancers or employees of MNCs virtual meetings have become a norm. Virtual meetings are the future of business deals and sales deals.

Now a days with increasing awareness and expansion to foreign lands virtual meetings have become an integral part of any organization.

Brands have been able to expand more and more globally with virtual meetings. Deals have become easier, less time taking and more cost effective. 

Life has become easy with advanced technology today.  Isn't it?  

Networking, communication is no more a complicated job. The businesses have gone global due to this very reason. With the Internet and social media these days, it is possible for even small businesses to extend their reach worldwide. Connecting with clients, customers, partners, and employees around the world is just a matter of click.

Do's and Don'ts of Video conferencing : Virtual Meetings
Do's and Don'ts of Video Conferencing : Future of Virtual Meetings
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Video conferencing is something, which has become the need today
with businesses expanding its wings across the globe. There are companies where about more than half of the workforce-employed works from home or work remotely in outside areas. 

It is through video calling that they follow up things, deal and report. Great amount of business is being done through Skype, Google hangout and others. 

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It could be conducting interviews, speaking to clients, reporting to employer/boss or other such tasks. Overall, in today's scenario video conferencing has become a genuine need for any business because sometimes phone call or mails are not all that's enough.

Having said that all, now the important thing is that we must try to understand the etiquettes, manners of video conferencing before we dive in. This article is here as your savor guiding you through the do's and don'ts of video conferencing.

So check these out:

Do's of Video Conferencing

1. Make sure that you turn off the microphone as soon as you stop speaking irrespective of whether you're alone in the room or not. It is the littlest of noise that sounds annoying and distracts during video conferencing. So try and not let that happen.

2. Check the lighting of your room and see to it that it's lit up well.
Moreover try make use of natural light like open the windows or if its dark outside then you may turn on the lights in the room especially overhead light and side lights so that the room looks brightened and you are clearly visible to the other party. 

3. Do introduce yourself before starting the conversation if you are attending group call so as to avoid confusion about who is talking. This is also a basic etiquette when attending a videoconference.  A simple "Hi, it's George, I have a query" kind of introduction would do. 

4. See to it that your surroundings are clean, your room looks pleasant and not something like a messy room spoiled by a kid. Also keep your desk clean on which your system or laptop is placed. 

Often human beings have a tendency to leave the dishes, coffee mugs, wrappers of the snacks lying on the floor, bed, table, carpet or anywhere forgetting to clean the place and throw the trash away which makes the place look untidy. So avoid these things and let your room shine. This will make an impression too. 

5. You should look into the camera and talk so that the other person involved in the conference gets assured of your focus and presence 100%.

The most funniest thing people do during video conferencing is looking at themself talking on screen/monitor. Not merely this but also doing so will lead to better communication & interaction between those involved which would eventually be a good sign for the business. 

Don'ts of Video Conferencing

1. Don't wear untidy looking clothes when going to attend a video conference.  Wear professional clothing, a shirt & trouser simply to give that feel of professional settling. 

Also you will feel comfortable and relaxed without having to worry about what if you need to get up in between to bring some file or so. So dressing up in an appropriate manner is much needed for video conferencing.

2. Don't play around with camera moving it here or there trying to fix it during the video session. Instead keep its focus towards the eyes within the level of your monitor. 

Fixing it too high or too low or in different angles would lead to distractions which can hamper the whole process and damage the quality of video.

3. Do not get busy doing other stuff alongside the video conferencing like checking mobile every now and then to see messages or mails,  doing some other work talking to a family member or getting up after every few minutes to get or do something.  

This will frustrate the rest of the participants as they will notice you not taking the videoconference seriously and not being focused enough which would again do damage to you and your work. 

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