Website Designing Tips for Beginners- Learn How to Make your Website User Friendly and more appealing by Picking up the right Font.


Sometimes very little things makes a big change. Talking about website’s font, have you ever noticed what makes a website stand out?

Well, above all one small thing is its font design. 

There are some which looks very unprofessional and some which excels at that front and looks highly professional and apt with the type of business/industry it belongs to. 

Although website font seems to be a petty detail but has got a very huge impact on the readership of the website. Many times you must have you exited a website just because it was difficult to read or many varied fonts that kept changing. 

It makes difficult for the readers to keep glued to websites which do not take care of their fonts while designing their website. 

Picking a right font design is of extreme importance keeping other things aside. 

Let us take a look few tips here as far as font design selection for website is concerned:

 Tips to Pick The Right Font Design for your Website
Tips to Pick The Right Font Design for your Website

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1. Your Website Font Should Speak Of And Relate To Your Brand Identity

Make sure that you are not involving your personal choices or preferences here. 

No doubt the font you select might be good looking one but you need to see whether it is complimenting your business? 

Whether it is matching the message you want to convey to the target audience? Are you able to represent your brand using that font? 

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These and certain other things must be looked into before you finally opt for any font. You need to see what type of font personality you want to go with. 

To your knowledge here, there are 5 types of personalities as far as font designs are concerned:

a.  Mix of Comfort, Reliability, Respectability, Traditional

Mostly used in newspapers, magazines & books as people are quite familiar with this old font. This font reflects reliability & trust.

b.  Second goes like; Contemporary, Minimalistic, Modern, Progressive

Good for the ones who want to give their website a modern feel. This font design is very clean.

c.  Third font personality is Stable, Defined & Strong

If you want to give your website a tough resilient look than you must opt for this font. It is bold and looks strong.

d.  Fourth one makes an interesting combination of Romance, beauty, elegance, vintage

Kind of handwritten type fonts. Curvy enough. Looks romantic. But not all, some looks peculiar though. Curvy font (more italic) gives a typical vintage feel which is awesome.

e.  Fifth one goes with Theme

Very handy and not really make a part of any specific category. This font design is very stylized, very specialized and has various characteristics.

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2. Your Website Font Should Appeal to Your Target Audience

Know your target audience and see that the font you select is able to attract them. You need to look into different elements like age group of your audience, their disposable income, their profession, gender etc. 

Some fonts can gel very well with the millennial but professionals and old age groups will find it very unprofessional. We need to research and have fonts which will speak for the age group we are talking to through our website.

If we develop a better understanding of the know how of what appeals perfectly to what segment we will be able to hit the bulls eye. No wonder why brands spend so much on these details and carve out their end products in that perfect shape which is ready to take the market by leaps.

These will help you guide on what kind of font to select for your audience. 

For instance; if you want to attract youngsters to your coffee shop or fast food center which gives vintage vibes then you must go with curvy font design as that would best relate to your audience as well as your business.

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3. Adaptability & Versatility

Font that could be read on all the devices irrespective of the screen size must be selected because you will not be changing the font size for different devices. Nobody does that. 

These days we have different devices and screen size from mobile devices, tablets, iPhones and others. If we do not keep in mind all this we will miss out the chance to keep the readers from all over. 

Every device has a portion of readership across the market in all the sectors. We simply cant not afford to ignore any of these and imagine to survive in this competitive market. 

Font design should be such that which looks good irrespective of anything be size of the device’s screen, weight or style. It should be versatile and flexible despite everything.

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4. Easy To Read Font Design 

A design that is easily readable by all is the best. Making it too stylish and fancy may make it difficult for the audience to understand what actually the message says. 

Therefore avoid choosing the design that is complex to read rather pick the one that can be read with a quick glance.

Avoid these when making a font design selection:

a.  Messy & complicated fonts that are challenging to read.

b.  Font which does not allow/give proper spacing between the lines.

c.  Too many font designs on your website. Avoid it. Keep it maximum to 4. (headline/title, subtitles, main body & quote) & not more than that.

d.  Too many colors makes a website look unprofessional. Avoid that. Stick to one or two colors that represents your business and goes with your industry/brand/business.

These were a few tips when choosing your website’s font design. Do consider these as it will help you make your website look attractive, relevant and relative to your business & industry.

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