Content Marketing Ideas and Online Tools for Website Ranking & Business Promotion

Tips and Tools to Achieve your Content Marketing Goals with Bare Minimum Budget.

The success of any website largely depends on the content it generates to it audience. Good content sets you apart from your customers. All the things fall secondary. Any information designed to deliver some message to the audience is what content means

Putting it specifically in the context of marketing, content could be anything right from article to video or infographics. In whichever form it is, the fact is that content is extremely valuable.

Content marketing ideas on Low Budget
Content marketing ideas on Low Budget

Other components are important as well but none of them could bring you benefit alone. For instance a good design of website won’t get you traffic unless you have a solid content.

Therefore, for a successful website it is imperative to have clear and relevant content with good/ effective keywords to give right message to the audience.

In this article we will read about how to make the most out of content marketing with minimum budget. Let us highlight some important aspects related to content marketing.

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Budget Constraints:- Reality Or Just Excuse?

No doubt that budget and resources matter here. Budget constraints is indeed one of the most challenging obstacles to the success of content marketing but you cannot take this as an excuse for the ineffectiveness showed by you. Nothing comes without solution. 

Anyone can spend huge amount on content if they have money to infuse in or if the business can afford big budget. Mostly it is not really a problem for big business houses but what about the small ones? Small traders, SMEs? They cannot afford that sort of budget. 

Even if they have, they cannot spend huge dollars just for content generation or promotion. Now what can be done? Is there a way out? Well, out of the box thinking is what required here. 

If you know where and how to spend, if you know how to plan and execute content marketing in the most effective way then surely you can up your game in less budget too. No such thing like budget or resource constraints can be a hurdle in your way.

Is Outsourcing a good idea?

Talking in the light of producing the content. Do you think producing it in-house is a better option or getting it outsourced? If you see, in my opinion content production is costly as well as time consuming when you are doing it on your own. 

People/ businesses often get/take outsourcing as cheating or misleading activity. But that’s not true. One or two in a hundred can be cheaters but to be honest outsourcing is a trend now a days and is a smart option available with you. 

If you have shortage of time or skills then is there anything wrong in hiring someone skilled in this field to do the work for you? This way you can focus on the core areas of business and core competencies, curtail the cost and improve efficiency. 

It is recommended for small businesses and marketers to go with outsourcing as far as content creation is concerned. It will be the way out and lead to effective results without having to invest much.

Tools and Sources that can be of great help for content Creation:

1- Zirtual: Hire Virtual Assistant for content and website ranking


Zirtual Provides Virtual assistants for entrepreneurs, professionals, and small businesses. Its plan starts from $398 per month. One of the best alternatives available for you to get the content. You are allowed to shop for content here or order on impromptu basis. Until you find your team of outsourcers that can get you the kind of content you want, you can depend on these third parties for the same.

Visit Zirtual to hire Virtual Assistants
Get a Job at Zirtual

2- Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo Provides the following helpful Information and Insights for Content promotion: 

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Powerful Content Insights. 
  • Instant Search of Last 12 Months. 
  • Competitor Research

Just search for the topic you want the content on, buzzsumo will display the best performing content for that topic. You can change the time frame you search within like past 6 months or so and change metric as well as the type of content as per your choice.

Promoting Your Content:

Once you have good content with you, it won’t sell on its own. You need to push it through. You need to share it and tell people about it. If you are investing 20% time in creating the content then 80% time must be invested in promoting it. 

Means to say, try to maximize the time you spend on promoting the content. Use tools like Ninja, Outreach, and others to maximize your reach. Make use of social media to promote your content, share blogs, videos, articles, pictures etc but make sure they are relevant. Strategies, tips and tools if framed, executed and utilized in the best way can make your content marketing a success.

To conclude, everything needs a little bit of brainstorming to get the best results. Similar is in the case of content creation and its marketing. You need to look out for the right sources and tools to get your work done and if the skills lies within you and you have funds to put in then what can be better than doing it on your own.

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