PPC Advertising and Ad Networks for Making Money Online with Content Monetization- Top 10 Best Pay Per Click Ads Networks for Publishers and Bloggers.

PPC Ad Networks- 10 Ways of Making Money with Showing Advertising on Your Website using PPC Ad Networks.

Making money online is one of the nice practices of getting finance. PPC Advertising is the best ways of making money through the online platform.

By using various advertising methods, most webmasters and part time bloggers dream to make more and more cash each day. PPC allows them to earn revenue for their online content to grow businesses.

PPC-Advertising-Ad-Networks-for-Making Money-Online-content-Monetization-10-Best-Pay-Per-Click-Ads
10 Best of PPC Based Ad Networks for Making Money Online Via Content Monetization

Most advertiser use pay per click method. There are many ways in which one can earn money from his or her site depending on how an individual feel better for the online business. 
Advertisement refers to a relationship which exists between a publisher and an advertiser. Advertiser wants visitors on his or her site whereas the publisher on the other hand wants to get revenue for helping advertiser drive traffic towards the ads unit. 

For each and every successful original click, the advertiser has to make payment to the publisher. To avoid making doubts about PPC Advertisement, just read on what PPC is and how it works from the internet.

LIST of the TOP 10 PPC AD NETWORKS where Online Publishers can Monetize their content

There is another way of making money using your Blog through these PPC networks which is based on referral advertising

You can register on these PPC websites and create a referral or affiliate account there. You earn money as a recurring commission whenever anyone joins these networks through your referral links. 

Most of the below mentioned ad channels offer referral based income except a few (like- AdSense, Media.Net, etc)  

Here is the list of the Most Popular Pay Per Click Advertising Networks for Making Money via Content Monetization


This is one of the best PPC networks. There are several reasons behind the success of Google AdSense. With that reason, each and every website owner and  blogger always want to earn through it. 

Benefits of using Google AdSense?

The niche of this site has many advertisers as compared to others. It uses RPM networks and it is bid based. It offers high  rates (CPC rates) and is showing more of targeted and the related content thus increasing the CTR rates.

With this more revenue is being earned from the site.

Does this network have some challenges? Yes it has. Some of them include :

·Getting approval is difficult.
·Compared to others, it has the highest CPC rates. The minimum payout is $100.

Learn about some important Tips to keep your AdSense account safe and Secure

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Compared to ADsense, getting approval is fast. To earn more revenue you can use it along with AdSense. It also shows well targeted ads for some particular pages. Minimum payout is $250 via PayPal or the wire transfer. 

Media.Net offers great ads based on Contextual advertising. Their ads may pay you higher CPC than even Google AdSense, but you need to have good volume of traffic specially from US, UK, Canada, and Australia.


If you fail to get approval from AdSense then this is another relevant choice. It is performing well at some certain kind of blogs. It is one of the oldest and the most famous PPC based ad platforms. 

They offer pop up services thus making the CPC rates minimal compared to other sites.

CPC rates vary between 0.02 to 10 US dollars. One gets the total earning basing on the total point of earning. When an infidel have sufficient amount of traffics then the overall performance is best.

Is this site advantageous or disadvantageous compared to AdSense? The site is a bit advantageous because of the 2 main reasons :

  1. The minimum payout is lower ($ 10) paid via checks or PayPal
  2. No one gets disapproved. Approval is prompt and almost instant and you are approved on the same day when you apply for it.


For those who have the text based rich site this is the best site to get revenue. The best thing for this PPC ad network is that it does not space for banners. Form your content; it is going to show just the targeted in-text ads for keyword. 

This network also works based on contextual advertising. 

It can as well be used as search ad. Because it does not cover the spaces then one can use other networks to earn more revenue.

You can use Infolinks as a secondary source of income from your content along with Google Adsense and Media.Net, etc.

Signup for using Infolinks Ads  


This is the most suitable for the publishers who wish to make lot of money. It applies state of art contextual and the geo targeted ad serving technologies.

Publishers use self-service mechanism. A webmaster can just chip in and start making money straight away.

Advertisers can get self-service based advertising for their content. Anyone can just enter and purchase some high quality traffic. It is one of the best solutions for the individuals who wish to take their income to the next level possible.


Here, revenue is shared at 70% with publishers. Approval process is always prompt. It does not necessarily occupy the banner space. 

It shows in-text ads. It is usually used as a mode of side earning with other banner ads. The minimum payout is $50 via checks, PayPal or wire transfer.

Kontera can be a secondary mean to generate more income from content monetization, like Infolinks.


It is the fastest growing. One needs not to worry about AdSense when using super link. This offer: super exit links, super display ads, super towers, super footer and super interstitial with different size of banners. 

They offer both CPC and CPM based earning. The minimum payout is $ 100 via PayPal. Join it today if not now.


Its approval system is fast compared to others. It is offering in text and contextual banner ads, the pop under among other text based ads. The minimum payout is $ 50 via PayPal.

Clicksor is a quite old ad platform for publishers and advertisers alike for Pay Per Click based website monetization opportunities.

Register your account as a Publisher at Clicksor Ads


This has no particular requirements for quick approval. They are accepting the blogs as well as the small websites. It can be shown with media.net as well as AdSense. 

Chitika is also a well known name on the Internet for Pay Per Click based advertising for both publishers and advertisers. 

To earn revenue, the site requires search engine optimizer. The minimum payout is $10 via PayPal and $50 via checks. 


Compared to others, this has the highest revenue sharing of 95%. Approval process is fast. Minimum payout is $50 made via PayPal.
They offer three types of advertising options, namely:

  • Pay Per Click ads
  • Display Ads
  • Mobile Ads

Affinity is counted as a renowned ad network for publishers and advertisers. I would recommend you to give it a try as a stand alone ad platform or in combination with any other ad networks. 

They offer innovative PPC based advertising options for webmasters as you can put their ads in 3 ways, such as :

  • In-footer ads monetization
  • In-margin ads
  • In-page ads



The list above shows the 10 best PPC ad networks from where we can earn revenue as per the traffic and niche of your blog or website. It is based more on CPC rates and there are many other methods not mentioned in the list due to their low rates.

Choose any network that you like. My advice to you is to avoid using more than 2 networks in the same site. There will be many bad effects if you try. In case you have any other best PPC then feel free to share with us and we will appreciate.