Top 10 Methods to Generate Massive Social Media Traffic for your Blog

Traffic from Social Web 2.0 Networking Sites

Reading and writing blogs is the new craze of today's generation. Old theory says that you need to be an exceptional writer in order to become a successful blogger. Forget that. What does the new theory say? Focus on blog traffic. On-page and off-ge content optimization Ways to promote your blogs or websites to the next higher level in search engines.

What's blog traffic? Well, blog traffic is actually the visitors of a blog. Suppose you have a blog and a minimum of 50 people visit your blog per day. Thus, you have a blog traffic of 50 per day.

Social media traffic generation tips for your blog 

Promote your blogs using High PR Social Networking and social media traffic via sharing platforms, like Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook, and other popular Networking Sites.

Get traffic via Blog Submission sites. Make your Blogging more visible to social communities.

You may be an exceptional blogger, but how will you make sure that people are reading your blog? There's no use of writing blog posts when no one is able to discover them.

Think about a cool clothing shop you've launched- a shop full of fashionable clothes, unique design, and no customers. What's the point in adding more clothes to such shop? This case is exactly the same as writing new blog posts while having no visitors to read them. 

Now the question is, how to get traffic? The answer is pretty much simple- promote your blog over social media sites, search engines, content syndication platforms, web 2.0 sites, forums, etc.

Although the answer is simple, the procedure is not so simple.

Hence, here are the 10 most obvious ways to get more social media traffic from social networking sites as well as from content syndication and web 2.0 social media webs to your blog -

#1 Make your Content more Visual

Make your Content more Visual-250x250
Make your Content Visually 

People love images. If you use 20 images on your blog, there are minimum 20 different chances of your blog being viewed.

Think deeply, people share pictures on social media: not boring texts.

Pictures and graphics make a content more visual.

Pinterest is on the top of social networking sites now-a-days.

What is it all about?


Same goes to 9GAG.

We all hate reading, but love to watch. A picture can speak thousands of words. Hence, less effort leads to more information. So, save your time as well as the readers' time by using pictures. 

Remember, picture talks! Useful resource: Ten Best websites to get free photos

#2. Update and Share your Blog Regularly

Update your Blog Regularly 

Frequent blogging attracts more people. People love watching things changed and no one's gonna hold you back if you don't have a blog enriched with a wide variety of write ups.

A regular blog gets more subscribers through RSS directories and from other content syndication platforms that are always hungry of new content .

So, your blog not only gets popular in search engines, but also in content sharing sites that are home to millions of daily visitors. Think of Quora, Slideshare, etc.

Share your documents there and also write some blog posts on some Conversational Social Networks that are part of popular online communities, such as Yahoo Answers, AskVille by Amazon, Fluther, Quomon, the Answer bank, etc.

List of 10 best RSS directories where you could submit your blog free-


#3 Start Fan Pages for your blog at Various Social Media Sites


This is the only way to get your blog connected directly with the audience. Try Facebook fan pages, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter or any other social Networking sites you are comfortable with. 

Let people follow your blog fan page. Traffic will automatically follow.

You can also share your posts on some of the Best Facebook Groups and may create your own groups and then pin your posts on the top of the page of your Facebook Group and keep rotating different posts there.

Use every kind of social media tools to promote your blog. Never leave any stone unturned!

#4. Use Lightbox.

People love simplicity. Suppose you are a regular visitor of one social networking site, say Facebook. You will definitely prefer to get all updates over there. Lightbox will influence the readers to get updates on the social networking site they use the most. 

Recently most of the sites use Lightbox, that is a box that asks to like or follow their social networking fan pages. If you love one blog of a writer, you'll definitely click on the like button shown on that Lightbox. 

This will help you get notifications about the new blogs of that writer and this will as well help the writer to make sure that you are notified about his new write ups. Remember, the era of email newsletters is gone; this is the era of social alerts. 

#5. Sharing is promoting. Share more and more.

The more you share about your blog on social networking sites, the more traffic you get. Making blog fan page is not enough to get traffic, you need to promote your blog effectively through making your fan page more engaging. 

Share your new write ups frequently and repeatedly. Also submit your blog posts on good social bookmarking websites. Social Bookmark submission sites also help your blog in getting its posts indexed faster in all of the major search engines  

#6. Keep social share buttons on your blog.

People are busy. Even if one falls in love with you write up, he's definitely not going to put a status on his Facebook writing about his feelings for your write up and which part he liked the most.

So, keeping social share button will let people share your write ups with just one click. Voila! You got more traffic!

#7. Related Content Posts

Recommend other articles or content from your blog to let visitors dig deeper into your blog. Statistics show that 90% people click on recommended articles shown below the current articles they read. 

If you suggest your other write ups just below your blog page, chances are extremely high that you'll get more traffic. 

Try sites, like EngageYaDoz

#8. Use embedded mixed media formats.

Embedded media attracts almost everyone and gives a feeling that the blog is more valuable than that of other blogs. Anything attractive gets easily shared on social media now-a-days. So this is definitely one of the easiest ways to get traffic on your blog. 

For ex.- publishes list of best websites or collections about anything. And, they let you embed it in your blog.

#9. Use Pinterest.,, etc.

This new craze will help your blog get viral. Pin your blogs and Repin them wisely and frequently, on the right time to see how your blog gets uncountable traffic. 

There are new image sharing sites appearing on the Internet regularly and they are getting instantly hit among users. 

10 great social web 2.0 sites that you can use to promote your blog:


#10. Wait.

This is perhaps the most tough phase to undergo. But you need to wait to see the change. The truth is spoken. Nothing happens overnight. To catch real audiences, you need to wait. Overnight success never last long so wait till you get what you truly deserve. Web traffic generated through free methods takes weeks or months. BUT, it works definitely! 

And while you are waiting to see your content getting on SERP's, here are some sites that may be very useful to lesser your waiting time as they help index your content faster.