10 Backlink Building Techniques-Tps for SEO, Bloggers and Blogs| Free Natural Link Generation Blogging Tutorial

List of best techniques for building backlinks for your blog and websites| What are the top 10 ways to generate links?| Things to keep in mind while developing SEO and link building process| A full tutorial for back link creation strategy and tips.  

Backlinks are quite essential for your blog's success. But due to the wrong ways of link building there might be a possibility that the current link structure for your blog can harm the authority and reputation of it over the major search engines. Running after any and all kind of backlinks will certainly make the link structure for your blog look unnatural in the eyes of search engines, i.e Google, Yahoo, etc. You have to recognize finest use of Link Building and advertising techniques for your blogs or websites.


In this tutorial you will be able to find out the answers about the following topics-

  • Best Techniques of Link Building for blogs in 2014
  • Which blog links matters the most?
  • Link Building tactics which work best for your blog 
  • How these back link generation methods work?
  • What are the benefits of link building?
  • Link creation through white hat SEO techniques

Do's and Dont's for back-linking

Dont's are as important as Do's for any thing under consideration.
What are Do's here- Methods and techniques described here that we DO use to get maximum output.
Dont's- The things that are best if left avoided. We have described many traps and tricks for you that could play a harmful role for your blog. DON'T ever try to use them if you want to build a real reputation for your blog over the entire web.   

Read through the detailed list of 10+ extremely popular link building methods for bloggers

[Must Do's methods for link creation]

#1 Guest Posting strategy-

Via Guest Posting you could compose guest blog posts for other bloggers. You need to examine if the other blog has exact the same particular niche as yours. Inspect if publishing posts on these blogs really worth your efforts.

Guest Posting is a great solution for raising traffic for your blog from the referral sites that are the most relevant to your content. Guest blogging is a process where we create a possibility for critical collaborations with other first class blogs and various other posting websites that relate to your market (niche) and targeted audience. Make interesting and high quality posts on these blogs websites. After publishing the posts market each ones through social media networks. 

The ultimate target is to develop relied backlinks links from high quality and established blogs that boost ranks, brand name acknowledgment of your own portfolio, and that helps in enhancing your recognition on the blogging community. 
click via traffic and social communication that will certainly raise exposure of your website.

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#2 Personalized Link Acquisition-

If you are tired of generating backlinks by yourself OR you are trying to achieve good results for your clients, here are some good sources from where you can get the quality backlinks without hurting SEO process. Most of the backlinks are generated through white hat SEO. But, you need to review and investigate the services before subscribing them right away. Don't jump, just be patient and evaluate things for better and best results!

There are lots of services available on the Internet where you can get good SEO services and buy backlink generation services from other freelancers who offer their services in a very cheaper rate compared to SEO companies and consultants from the market. 

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Here is one such highest rated SEO freelancer from United States of America-
This is What he offers- 
  • Drip backlinks with Linkwheel
  • Web 2.0 sites link Pyramid
  • Forum Profiles plus Wiki Links 
  • Social Bookmarking
  • LINKWHEEL of 5 DOFOLLOW Nodes from PR6-PR8 Web 2.0
  • 350+ High PR3-PR7 Profile Backlinks
  • The best thing- He Pings each Backlink with 70+ Unique IP's and Submit all links for for Indexing
  • Allows drip feeding for natural looking backlinking
Try various SEO link building services starting from $4 

It's very hard to find such a reliable link structure solution anywhere, and with such a low price and high quality (see the positive ratings he got). The users who have actually used this services have controlled their rivals for the hardest of keyword phrases and have done it in a much shorter period compared to other link building solutions. BUT, be attentive and alert 
while taking paid link building services. 

#3 Link Bait - Viral Content Generation & Promotion.

Among the most effective methods to develop organic links is to produce fantastic content on your blog site and market/advertise it or share with influencers in your niche. Expert bloggers develop top quality organic links using infographics and various other very shareable content on their blog posts. Begin by investigating your market and conceptualizing ideas on what to create and what other extra features you could embed and include in your posts. Optimize the share-ability and efficiency of each post if you want to make your content viral and generate organic links to it. People tend to share usefully interesting and well written posts. 

#4 Topical Content Hubs-

Topical Content Hubs solution is the process of developing social profiles on preferred and reliable Web 2.0 websites, such as Squidoo.com, HubPages.com, weebly.com, Typepad.com, Blogger.com, and so on. Create relevant blog posts and content on these sites themed around your own blog. Develop posts on appropriate subjects and post this content with backlinks to your blog on various other Web 2.0 properties. 

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#5 Social Boost up Techniques

Social Boosting is a solution where we develop likes, tweets, shares on well-liked social networking websites to your website, links, web pages, and external content web pages (articles, guest blog posts, etc). The main objective of Social Boosting is to improve the credibility of the blogs/ websites by producing the social signals the online search engine consider when reviewing the authority and relevance of these blogs/ websites.

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#6 Article Marketing and backlink creation Program

Every blogger creates their own plans and programs to promote their blog to the next desired level. I must say- including 'article marketing' into your blog promotional campaigning is a must thing. Good Web Article sites are very valuable resources for any blogger who want to quality back links pointing to his blog. Additionally, Web Article sites are rich sources to improve Domain Authority (DA) for your blog. Domain Authority is one of the most important factors for any blog in order to decide their online reputation, quality, and online search engine visibility over any search engine. So, go ahead, and create backlinks from some 20-30 premium article submission sites.

The secret to creating efficient links using article marketing is to develop spectacular content that the online search engines consider as useful and valuable. If your articles are unique and insightful, then they get further back-linking from other site owners who decide to post your content on their own sites. This way even a single article could get you lots of free backlinks and web+ referral traffic.

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#7 Online Forums to create high quality free backlinks

You will hear this from every one - "Online forums are great source of viral+quality+consistent web traffic+backlinks. Yes, Internet forums are respected by all - SEO experts, marketers, content writers, publishers, webmasters, and bloggers! Forum links are popular ever since the inception of link creation. 'Forum posting' is among the very few strategies that are considered the safest link building techniques by every one. 
Just keep one thing in mind- give priority and post on relevant AND high authory forums

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#8 Social Media and Networking sites

Undoubtedly, content from your blog shared on social media sites play very healthy role as networking webs are considered 'real users' sites. There are hundreds of social media sites apart from the top 10 best networking sites termed as good for white hat SEO. 

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#9 Social Bookmarking websites for social backlinks

In the beggining bookmarking sites used to be a place on the Internet where users used to save their favorite web pages for future reference. Though, still many common users know bookmarking only in this reference. Many sites, like Delicious, Yahoo Bookmarks, Google Bookmarks are used by millions for saving their favorite web items.  But, as you must be aware that social bookmarking webs have become top SEO tools for bloggers to generate social backlinks as content shared on bookmarking webs get faster indexed and  well accepted by search engine. For this reason submitting your blog on social bookmark sharing sites has become very important for SEO. Don't over do it! So, i would recommand submitting your bookmarks to only the best bookmarking sites, the sites that are - aged + reputed+ High PR

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#10 Contextual Rented Links.

Contextual Rented Links are those links that you place on others blogs for a monthly price or in exchange of links that you place on your own blog. Rented Links could be on monthly or yearly basis and they are really good source of traffic and contextual link juice. This is a good way to improve your backlinking from right kind of partner blogs. 

#11 Comment Links-.

Backlinks generated using comments are of great values if you have created them through genuine ways and only from the sites/blogs that are related to the contents and topics similar to yours! Make hand composed and distinct backlinks using unique comments. Don't bother about Dofollow or Nofollow. Generate backlinks from quality blogs. They will help a lot in boosting backlink strength for your blog pages. 
There is this plugin, named 'Comment Luv' is very popular for the same reason. This is used only on Wordpress blogs. Different bloggers from Comment Luv community and others make genuine comments on posts using this plugin. There you can get two backlinks from a single comment . 

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#12 Press News release websites-.

Free Press Release websites are thought to be very genuine and trustworthy and they are given value by all search engines. Make some uniquely good and SEO pleasant, properly composed, and completely enhanced press news release articles for your blog or website. Distribute or submit them to some best of press release websites and see the changes!
Press Release sites are taken seriously by everyone, including search engines.

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#13 Create Sharable content on your blog

One of the most highly effective methods to create all-natural links is to produce outstanding content on your website/blog and share it with the influencers in your market. Expert bloggers construct some high quality content on their blogs through infographics and various other extremely shareable content tools. 

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