100 Ways to advertise and market your Blog online.

Blogging Tips for Beginners- 100 Ways to Promote your Blog- Part 1

Running a blog or website is not enough. You have to promote your blog or website through the right ( and many) ways to get the results you wanted when you started it! Blogging and running a website requires a lot of online marketing and promotions in order to make it popular online among those visitors who are interested in a blog like yours. 

Getting good number of online visitors is the top priority for every blogger who writes blogs in order to earn or make money online

We are going to start a series of posts that describe all the best ways (top 100) to market your blog/ website using online advertising, online marketing, SEO, blogging, Social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), web submission, content marketing, techniques to drive high number of daily website traffic via multiple means on the Internet. 

100 Ways to Promote a Blog- Part1

100 Blogging Tips Part 1 : 6 Ways to promote your blog

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#1. Enhance your blog or website exposure on Internet search engines:

Place key phrases that explain your content in to the HTML, Meta tags on your site/blog's main posts and pages.Rotate these key word phrases in the content of your website's homepage.

Strategic usage of keyword phrases could place your web content on top of various best search engines results, including Google, Yahoo, Bing. 

#2 Place your blog or website link urls

Submit your blog urls on as many good sites as you can, but the sites should be relevant to your content. Optimize your online advertising and marketing initiatives by detailing your website blog address on every good places on the Internet you visit.

You should also print the web address of your blog on your personal visiting card , if any. Increase the usage of email signature on various online forums.

#3. Listing the website/ blog url

List your blog on any sort of print marketing that you may do, including telephone directory, sales brochures, leaflets, and direct-mail advertising items.

It makes a great first impression and most of them who see your blog url in print media try to open your blog online.

#4. Submit your website or blog

Add your blog listing to most of the good directory sites, specialized list, and yellow web pages you could find: Regardless of what market your business is in, there are on-line directory sites, such as Yahoo, Bing, Google Places! Best Internet directories list

Listing your blog url to the popular blog directories is very crucial part and it does wonders to your content. 

The reason is that you will get very high quality backlinks pointing to your domain which makes a great impact on search engines indexing your blog. Inbound links from high authority sites generate trust and reputation for your blog.

List your Blog over 50 High PR Blog Directories ]

#5 Sign up with on the Internet forum communities:

Whatever the subject, there are countless individuals reviewing it passionately online. By adding to these conversation groups, you could educate your consumers and promote your blog or website content. Here is a list of best online forums for you to get started.

#6 Email Mailing Listings:

Grow a mailing list from your blog readers and send them weekly newsletters based on the interest of your blog readers. Email Advertising and marketing is a great tool to promote your web articles and content.

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