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Creative Commons Images-Royalty-Free Photos for your blog or website- 2014

How and where to find Royalty free (rf),Creative Commons, Public Domain photos, Images for your blogs or websites without violating copyright laws

 Creative Commons Royalty free imagesThe 5 best places to get Royalty free photos,Creative Commons images, and stock picture photos for your blog or website are listed here with all the instructions and image licenses to free download royalty free,creative commons,stock photos. The free stock photo websites in this list are the best place to find and free download royalty free images and stock pictures with these image attributions: free, royalty free ( RF), Creative Commons (CC), share alike, and public domain free photos.
The free stock photo websites in the list allow to download free royalty free photos with the type of attributions that says that you can use those royalty free photos and pictures for your personal use and can also use them on your websites. You can use and share these photos on Facebook as well, but you need to read copyright laws carefully for any type of free photos that comes under the attribution of "royalty free photos", "creative commons images", or "free stock photos" before using them on your blog or anywhere else.
You will find the three types of free stock photos websites listed here . And all the free images come under these 3 labels:
  1. Royalty Free Photos or Images.
  2. Creative Commons Attributive Free Photos.
  3. Public Domain free Photos.
But Before rushing to these free stock photos or royalty free photos sites you need to learn about below described 3 types of main copyright licenses involved while using these ‘intellectual properties'  or ‘creative works’ shared by the license holder. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to grasp the concept. And it’s worth it !

Find below given best websites for downloading professional-looking photos for free use on your blog or website !

Understanding the copyright laws for downloading images for your blog, website

If you are a blogger, writer, or online publisher, then you must have heard about copyright laws involved in downloading royalty free photos,stock pictures, creative commons photo images offered by others, since these images come under certain copyright law/license and you need to abide by the copyright laws and rules defined by the author/publisher/photographer. Some novice bloggers just take away images from any other websites on the internet being unaware by the copyright laws involved in the creative works.You should always avoid this malpractice.  You need to give full credit to the publisher/author in order to use it for your own blog or website writing works.

Stock photo websites offer photos, images, or graphics downloading under following types/categories
  1. Paid Images-You need to pay some amount to buy these stock photos for your blog or website.Paid images come under Stock Photo License (SPL)
  2. Royalty Free(RF) –You pay one time for buying these types of royalty free photos and you are not charged any royalty and are free to use/reuse it for multiple times in future.
  3. Free Royalty Free Images (RF)-If i buy a royalty free image and give it to you for free, then its said,” Free Royalty Free Images”. Make sure that the license you bought provides you the right to resell it or give it others for free .
  4. Creative Commons (CC) Free Images-This license has become very popular and most of the content on the internet is shared under this attribution. You can use the images/any work on your blogs for free if the works are available under this Creative Commons license. More on this later…
  5. Free Images- Absolutely free in every sense.No strings attached. No license required.
  6. Public Domain--Those images that fall in this category are “unlicensed/delicensed ” and you can take them free of cost and can use on your blog sites. These are free for public use. No license required. No credit or link back required.

Creative Commons cc Photos

Types of Creative Commons Photos

Creative Commons (CC) is a non-profit organization and it facilitates and governs the creative work shared under CC license by authors and license holders in order to share their published creative work with others. The other people who build upon this shared work need to follow Creative Commons license . Creative Commons license protects the CC works and comes under following categories-
  • Attribution (CC BY)
  • Attribution Share Alike (CC BY-SA)
  • Attribution No Derivatives (CC BY--ND)
  • Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC)
  • Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike (CC BY-NC-SA)
  • Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives (CC BY--NC-ND)

Using Creative-Commons creative-works on your blog-

  • If you are going to free download an image for your blog or website, first of all read the Creative Commons license properly and attribute accordingly
  • Always give full credit to the Creative Commons license holder. Attribute the Creative Commons license work as specified by the author/photographer.
  • Creative Commons license doesn’t need a permission and you don’t need to inform the author or photographer in writing, but you can do so. You are getting the images free of cost and if you leave a comment in appreciation of the work then it would make the author happy.You are also giving something in return !
  • For e.g, the above image logo is a property of Creative Commons Organization, but its available for use under CC license and i have provided the link back to the original website- as was explained in CC Attribution license.

Where to get Free Photos-5 Best Places

Bloggers need free royalty free photos for their blogs everyday. And, there could be some posts where you need lots of royalty free photos.So, the real question is, where to get these royalty free photos for your blog site? What are the best places to find the royalty free images?

Nowadays due to a high demand for free photos for blog posts many photo stock websites have started providing “free royalty free” photos with high resolution, best quality, and content. These photos fall under creative commons attribute and you need to give proper credit in the form of a link back to the original website of the photographer or photo stock websites as required in the terms and conditions policies for use.

#1 Royalty Free Photos

What is Royalty free images? This “royalty free or RF” term is applied to give the right/permission to use any copyrighted material without the requirement to pay the royalty for each or multiple use for some period of time.
Royalty free images are of the two types-
  1. Free royalty free images: you get the royalty free images free of cost. You are free to use for personal, corporate, or project work (still its better to check the license).
  2. Royalty free images: you have to pay one time small charge for buying royalty free photos and you can repeatedly use it for without paying a royalty for any secondary or multiple use.
The websites listed below are a few of the best stock photo websites for downloading royalty free images. You just need to give full credit to the photographer/author by linking back to the original site of the author, or as mentioned in the website.

Open : An Open Place to get Royalty Free Photos

Creative Commons ImagesOpen is a very big site for royalty free images and stock photos. All the royalty free images and pictures on this website are of high resolution and good quality. You can free download royalty free photos from this site for personal or commercial use only by giving a link back to the author/owner of the selected picture as explained in the site. Find your favorite royalty free photos on Open

Free Digital Photos : A big Hub for loads of royalty free, Creative Commons and stock photo 

Creative Commons Free ImagesFree Digital Photos Offers an outstanding collection of stock photos for royalty free and creative commons images. To get  royalty free images for your website or blog from this one of the 5 best stock photo websites, all you need to do is give a link back to the author’s Home page URL which is provided at the time of downloading royalty free photos.'Free Digital Photos'  really has a cool royalty free photos resources for bloggers, website owners.Royalty free photos found on this site are of very high resolution and outstanding quality..Download Royalty Free Photos for your own blog

To find more such royalty free images websites check my other post : Top 10 best royalty free web sites-2011

#2 Free Images With Creative Commons Photo Attribution

As explained above Creative Commons license permits you to distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work. And you can even use it commercially. You need to take care of one thing that you provide full credit to the Creative License Holder in the form of a link back to the holder’s specified page.
There are so many websites that provide free images or photos under CC license, i have mentioned only the one very famous website for such type of images. That is Flickr ! Flickr is the best website for getting free images under Creative Commons license. Just find your favorite photos and check for CC license.

Flickr :The Best Website to find Creative Commons Images 

Flickr is the world’s #1 website or community for online photo uploading, sharing, and downloading.You can find millions photos listed on Flickr. You can free download any type of image to use for your blog. You just have to be aware about all the above mentioned 6 categories of the Creative Commons work. And you need to give credit to the author accordingly. For eg, the simplest and most welcoming CC license is “Attribution”.In this you just need to give a link back to the author. And if someone else uses it from you, then by linking back to the original author will do the work !Find Creative Commons Photos on Flickr.

#3 Public Domain: Free Photos and Graphics

Photos found under the term- “Public Domain” are absolutely free for any type of use. You are free to download any picture or image, can use it anywhere. No strings attached! Free for all purpose!! No attribution required !!!

Pixabay:All free Photos

Creative Commons CC Images
Public Domain Free Images
 All photos on Pixabay are very high quality and uploaded mostly by professional photographers. Free for all purpose photos! You don’t need to register to get free photos images from this site. You can also upload your own photos on Pixabay.Pixabay is really a very good website for free downloading of any type of photos.Pixabay has pictures for every occasion , mood , and use! No attribution required.Its Really a very famous site for getting free images for your blog or website. Find free photos on Pixabay

Public Domain Photos: Free Photos in every sense 

Creative Commons Best Images
Public Domain Stock Photos
 All stock photos listed on Public Domain Photos are free for use, re-use and these images and clip arts are free for commercial use as well. You can find more than 5000 free photos and 8000 clip arts on this public domain pictures site. Everyday more and more quality pictures are being uploaded on this public domain site. You can get every type of picture that are uploaded by photographers and picture lovers.Great website to find free images for your blog or site! Get free images for your blog

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What are the 10 Greatest Blog Sites in the World? List of 10 Most Popular Global Bloggers for 2014

List of Top 10 Most Popular Bloggers in The World for 2013-2014

These are the bloggers who have inspired the new generation of bloggers and who gave blogging a new shape and the height! 
The BLOG sites listed here are the top 10 best, most popular, and most visited blog websites that are viewed by several millions of readers everyday around the world. These top ten blog websites listed here were started by those of the few most creative and enthusiastic bloggers around the world who had never thought that someday their individual blog websites would be counted among the top 10 most popular blogs websites around the world/globe. And their personal blog websites would take the shape of social media blog websites-thus be counted as the one among top most popular and successful bloggers in the world. And It would made them the most successful and highest earning bloggers in the world!
Lets check their blog's true worth:

Arianna Huffington's estimated monthly earning from Huffington Post ( the no. 1 blog site in the world) is $2300,000. Also, Pete Cashmore is believed to be earning $56000/month from his blog-Mashable, one among the top 10 listed blog sites
Every blogger, novice or expert wants to know which blogs are most popular and most visited in the blogging world. And they want to be inspired by the other bloggers who got the success and popularity as being a blogger. So here are these top 10 most popular and rich bloggers in the world-2014 who have generated a very high motivation and inspiration among all the types of bloggers community around the world.
These 10 best,most popular blogs listed here judged/ranked according to their Alexa rank, popularity among blogging community, reviews, daily page views, and number of unique monthly visitors.
The Below mentioned Top 10 best blogs are most popular in the following main categories of the blogs –Social Media, Celebrity, Blogging, Politics, World News, Technology, TV, Movies, Music, Arts, Gossip, etc.

 List of Top 10 Best Bloggers and their Blogs

Huffington Post-No.1 Blog in the world

Top-10-Best-Blogs-huffingtom-postHaffington Post was started by three partners including the lead founder Arianna Huffington.
Huffington Post Offers syndicated columnists, blogs and news stories with moderated comments. This is mainly an American news blog site/website and it offers views on Politics, Society, Religion, Sports, Current events, and it also aggregates content from many famous blogs around the world. Hafington post published a news/views blog article here and it received 14K comments in a single day-you can imagine ho so much popularity base it has! No. of unique monthly visitors: 80M and Alexa rank: 97 US Alexa rank-22.

Mashable-No.2 Blog in the world

Top 10 Best Blogs-Mashable
Mashable was created by Pete Cashmore in 2005. It made/converted/transformed blogging into a serous career/profession and business. Mashable showed that blogging had come to an age. Mashable is the most popular blog site among all kinds of bloggers. And Mashable is in every blogger’s favorite list. Mashable is a Social Media News and Web Tips blog covering cool new websites, software, blogging techniques, blogging tips, and social networks: Facebook, Google, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube. No. of unique monthly visitor: 10M.Alexa Rank: 323

TMZ-No. 3 Blog in the world

Top-10-Best-BlogsTMZ- Thirty Mile Zone, was named “Breakout blog of 2007” by NewsWeek.
TMZ blogs about Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News, Covering Celebrity News and Hollywood Rumors. It has been very popular blog site since 06. Alexa Rank: 407. Number of Unique Monthly Visitors : 19M

Engadget-No. 4 Blog in the world

Best-Blogs-websitesEngadget is AOL owned blog about technology, electronics gadgets, and consumer digital products.Engadget, started in 2004, is among the most popular blog for technology and consumer electronic gadgets.You can find here the latest news, updates about the technology and gadgets. Alexa Rank: 330
Unique Monthly Visitors: 11.5M

 TechCrunch-No. 5 Blog in the world

TechCrunch blog site was created by Michael Arrington in 2005. TechCrunch is a web publication that offers technology news and analysis, as well as profiling of startup companies, products, and websites. TechCrunch is the most popular blog site among technology bloggers.Unique Monthly Visitors: 7.5M   Alexa Rank: 377

Gizmodo-No. 6 Blog in the world

most-popular-BlogsGizmodo was created by Peter Rojas in 2002.This is a web blog about technology and consumer electronics. It covers all the latest developments in technology industry. Gizmodo blog is popular among technology related bloggers.Alexa rank: 472. Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 10M.

The business Insider-No.7 Blog in The world 

Top-BlogsBusiness Insider gained a huge popularity since its creation in 2009. This blog site is related to business and entertainment news, and current stories. Business Insider is popular among bloggers for its interesting and latest business stories coverage. Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors: 10M. Alexa rank : 546

Lifehacker-No. 8 Blog in the World

Top-10-BlogsLifahacker was created by Gina Trapani in 2005. Lifehacker blog site is very popular among all types of bloggers for its daily weblog on blogging tips, software and personal productivity,  downloads recommendations, web sites and the other tools that help you/bloggers work smarter with enhanced efficiency. Lifehacker has inspired a brigade of young bloggers who wanted to make a name for themselves through bloggging.  Unique Monthly Visitors: 5.5M . Alexa Rank: 640

Gawker-No. 9 Blog in the World

Top-Best-BlogsGawker was formed in 2003 by Nick Denton. Its owned by Gawker Media Network. Gawker publishes news and media related blog posts. Gawker’s tagline says: “today’s gossip is tomorrow's news. Its mainly popular for publishing daily Manhattan media news and gossip blog posts. Unique Monthly Visitors: 6M . Global Alexa Rank: 1106, US Alexa rank- 317|

Perez Hilton-No. 10 Blog in the World

10-Best-BlogsPerez Hilton blog site was created by Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr back in 2001. The blogger is now better known as Perez Hilton and has become a TV personality. Perez Hilton blog popularly covers gossip items about musicians, actors, models, and Holywood celebrities.  Global Alexa rank : 1224, US Alexa rank: 364 | Unique Monthly Visitors: 10.2M

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Looking for Guest Blogging? - List of 200 Niche Blog sites for guest blogging

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How to Make Money Blogging-5 Best Ways to Earn from Your Blog

Five Best Ways to Monetize any Blogs, Including a Blogger Blogspot Blog

How to make Money by Bloggers blogs 2012Blog writing is a well paid and very respected profession around the globe for many obvious reasons. 

The problem most of the new bloggers and writers face in their early days of career is that they are not paid money instantly, on the spot for the content writing work done by them.

Seeing the enormity of the challenge, we decided to publish a post based on the topic for our fellow bloggers-writers who find it very difficult to know exactly how to make Money online with freelance writing jobs.  


Yes, by using any of these top 5 best ways mentioned in this article you can make really very good money through your blogs or content writing endeavours ( Including, Blogger Blogspot blog too) . 

If you learn the tricks of the business well then there are lots of potent online earning opportunities awaiting you in your way to success! And you could earn money similarly like any other bloggers nowadays

[ Related reads: 

The top 5 money making ways written in this blog post are truly the most widely used alternates for bloggers around the world. 

The 5 ways to make money blogging explained here are very successful, genuine , and most importantly, being used by the most of the bloggers-writers all over the World for generating revenue online.

The single most important thing to do for making good money through blogging is that you write the best possible quality content. Write content that interests your readers. 

Choose fresh topics for each blog post you create and above all, you should write articles in different writing styles. 

Learn the skills of effective blogging for making the most of your blog:

10 Tips for making your Blogging an effective affair!  

All other things are secondary and don’t bother about them, they all will fall in place with the passing of your blogging time.

" Write about the things you love to talk about (too).Write on those topic that make you feel comfortable and confident. Don't forget to add some feel good factor in it ;)

Here are the 5 Killer Ways you may Follow for making money if you have a blog

#1 Google AdSense- Till day the best of all the online money making ways for bloggers

AdSense is Google’s world famous product for publishers, writers, bloggers, website owners, or for publishers of any online media which displays ads taglined as “ Ads by Google”.

Once your blog or website is ready ( technically or content wise) to display ads provided by Google’s AdWord users, you can easily register for Google AdSense account and start displaying ads on each of your blog post.

Google AdSense : Things to be taken care to activate your account

  • Make sure the Gmail account you use to register for Google AdSense matches with the personal details you provided for the Gmail account for your Blogger’s account. 
  • Your blog or website should have enough/substantial amount of the writing content. Just 5 posts won't be enough to get your AdSense account activated. 
  • Make sure that your blog is easy to navigate and it's not very slow in uploading. The most important factor for getting a new AdSense account is that your blog content must have quality and originality (unique and original).

How to earn with Google AdSense ?

You will earn money through placing ads on your blog that are provided by Google AdSense in two ways- PPC ( Pay per click ) and PPI ( pay per impression ). The earning from PPI is negligible.

So, you will earn money from the total clicks made on the ads placed on your content. (these ads will be from the advertisers who are using Google AdWords to place ads on publishers sites) .

Ad Placement is very important for making good earning with AdSense. Learn the right ad placement practices and policies for AdSense

If your Blogging platform is Wordpress CMS, then i would recommend using any of the top Wordpress Plugins for placing ads from AdSense

Different bloggers use different methods of revenue generating through AdSense depending upon type of their blogs and the content it publishes.

So, constant experimenting and analyzing is the key for your AdSence earnings.

If utilized smartly, you can make really very good income with Google AdSense. Bloggers make few hundreds to many thousands of dollars money every month with Google’s amazing AdSense program.

Once you get a new account you should follow these tips to keep your Google AdSense safe and secure

#2 Use Amazon, eBay's partner networks for making good money with your blogs

Amazon and eBay has been outstanding affiliate marking platforms for more than a decade now. Millions of people earn through selling products on Amazon and eBay. From the last few years due to a revolution in blog writing areas, Amazon and eBay are selling huge no. of products online everyday through their online Gadgets displayed on millions of blogs around the world.

You can register as an Amazon Associate on Amazon easily and start earning money through affiliate marketing using your own content . Amazon and eBay offer great features, support and money making opportunities to bloggers or any type of publishers. 

Amazon and eBay are world’s largest online communities for selling online products of any type. Three ways to displaying Amazon products on your blog for affiliate money making-

  1. Links and banners on your blog of countless Amazon products.
  2. Widgets on your blog pages.
  3. Site Stripe-create links or widgets from Amazon pages.

Similarly you can register your blog for eBay Partner Network

You should display specialized Amazon and ebay products on those pages of your blog that display specialized content for these products. 

For an example, one of the pages of your blog describes or explains (reviews) about some specific mobile or computer gadgets, then you may display the related Amazon products (mobiles or computers) ads/ banner on this page. 

If any user clicks on a banner and finally buys any product, then you get the pre decided affiliate commission from Amazon. You can broaden this concept for the all of your blog posts. And, you can start writing reviews the products from Amazon or eBay that interests you!

#3 Affiliate marketing could be the main money earner for your blog

Only if you know how to utilize it in best way possible

Affiliate marketing is one of Top and the most popular form of advertising, it is highly followed method for generating income online by Internet marketers as well as bloggers.

Most of the blogs that publish reviews, rankings, recommendations, advices, tips, are very much suitable for displaying affiliate products on their blogs or websites in the form of links and banners. 

There are several thousands of bloggers who are making really smart money using affiliate marketing as the main weapon. Even top bloggers use affiliate marketing based tactics to make huge bucks ( since they are highly trusted and followed by bloggers ! ).

Actually, there are too many affiliate marketing networks (platforms) nowadays that a novice blogger can’t find easily the best ones in the wide spread herd of the affiliate marketing networks. 

So, i am mentioning here only the best affiliate networks for you where you can find the most successful affiliate marketing programs. You can get registered yourself as an affiliate marketer for their programs and start promoting the products or programs for generating revenues.

( You first need to register on these affiliate networks where you will be provided an affiliate ID that you can use to register for any affiliate marketing program there. So, understand it that there is a difference between Affiliate Network and Affiliate program !) :

  1. ClickBank
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Link Share
  4. Affiliate Window
  5. Shareasale 
  6. One Network Direct (By renowned Digital River company)

#4 Using Text link ads on your blog for generating an additional or complementary revenue 


Placing text link ads on blogs has become quite a common practice among webmasters and bloggers these days. The reason is simple: it complements your monthly earnings. 

Though, text based advertising can't be possibly the main earner for you, but it can add up to the income generated from other mainstream sources.   

Those of bloggers who want to utilize every bit of their content will find it really encouraging using text ad links on some places or all over their blog. This is the reason contextual text link ads have gained quite a big acceptance from a large number of online publishers. 

There are many “text ads links” advertising networks available for publishers today, but some, like Chitika, Infolinks have an edge over others. They are superior from others, in terms of features and contextual-wise-ad placing-between-the texts any content. 

You can also place ads from these “text ad links networks” with your regular Google AdSense account. 

And most importantly, you can also make referral money through directing/ referring other publishers to these ad networks. 

Find below the Top 5 “text links ad” networks available on the internet today to make the most out of your “ making money blogging” efforts :

  1. Join Chitika Publishers to make money blogging
  2. Infolinks 
  3. Kontera
  4. Clicksor
  5. Text-in-ads

#5 Monetize your blog by registering yourself as an online publisher on the Top advertisers direct ad networks 

We often come across many blogs (with a good no. of daily page visitors) that display banners and text links from different advertisers. You can also use ads on your blog directly from the advertisers who are listed on the 'direct ad networks'. 

Though, getting individual advertisers for every type of blog is not an easy task. Your blog must have good number of daily unique visitors. 

To become successful in getting good advertisers you should maintain a very well updated profile. After that you could invite the advertisers for using ads on your blog. Searching advertisers and making a deal with an individual advertiser could be a tedious and time consuming task. 

To make deals from direct advertisers your blog should have good traffic and a professionally designed layout. Advertisers want good visibility to their banner ads. 

You need to maintain a page that says: “advertise here” (so that direct advertisers can find you and make an instant decision for sponsoring your blog! )

I have found out 4 such good networks of direct advertisers where you could find some decent sponsors for your content. Here you can find some good opportunities to use direct advertisements and place ads on your blog to monetize it -

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Blogger Blogspot Blogs : How much money can you make with ?

Can i make a decent income if am blogging on a Blogspot blog?

I find people often asking me the above question. Well, i answer them positively with full confidence. And this confidence, i can say, i got from writing blogs here on this Blogspot blog since 2011!


When it comes to making online money through blogging,  a Blogger’s Blogspot blog does not lack in anything compared to any other types of blogs. And, you stand as many good chances as other bloggers do. 

You have got full potential with this Blogger’s potent blogging platform. You have all the required resources at your disposal ( blogging tools and SEO ) to earn yourself really good money . 

( The above described prevalent options for generating money while blogging can apply to any blog, though i have pointed out about Blogspot blogs. The reason can be simply explained as follows : 

40-50% of new bloggers use either Blogspot blog or WordPress hosted subdomain to start working for getting part time earning . Wordpress does not allow using ads unless you are using self hosted domain. Hence, the only choice they are left with is Blogspot blog. 

And, they don't have that much of expertise to explore to a larger extent. They are not even fully aware about how much they would get and when. )

Final note

You can experiment between different methods and select what suits best for your blog in making attractive money . These methods and earning criteria change with time. 

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225 Best DOFOLLOW Blogs-Websites List

DoFollow sites and blogs-List of around 225 "DoFollow" web-sites

Dofollow blog-sites list-Finding the relevant "do follow" blogs is a daunting task since after most of the big sites turning to "no follow" status, almost every blog has replaced "do follow" attribution to No Follow status.So, most of those blogs or websites turn to do follow that want to attract lots of comments, and blog links submission to promote themselves instantly without spending much on paid traffic.
And, most of the do follow sites turn into no follow after fulfilling their promotional motives. In this scenario you can't label any website or blog as "do follow" for ever. You have to keep track of what is do follow and whats no follow.

I have tried my best to update this do follow blogs list as often as possible to keep the do follow list relevant and true.,Still, i would advise you to use the do follow detector plugins. These plugins are very common and are freely available for almost every browser.    

This Do Follow Blog post is comprised of the two major parts-

#1-All You Wanted To Know About Do-Follow, No Follow  Attributes- A full guide

#2-List of 125 best of "Do-Follow" Blogs and Websites

Do follow blogs listThis blog post lists of 225 websites, blogs, forums or publisher’s house that follow “Do Follow” tags .If you are looking to gain “links juice” for your websites or blog, then it becomes very important and crucial to know which sites use DO FOLLOW and which ones adapt NO FOLLOW policy. Since then when Google and all the big sites and search engines players have started following “ no follow” tag policy for link juice sharing, all other major bloggers, big sites also started following the same “nofollow” route for link sharing. Hence, many of bloggers and webmasters now think that it is of very less or no use posting links in comments or other places on these such sites that follow “no follow” HTML attribute. It has become a big concern for bloggers and websites owners since many social bookmarking sites, forums, bloggers, article directories use “nofollow” attribute, or in other words they have removed “dofollow” tag attribute. 
But this should not be the case for two reasons-

  1. Only having all your inbound links from Dofollow sites makes your page unstable, unnatural, and spammy in the eyes of search engines.
  2. If you get backlinks even from nofollow (good) sites, then it creates natural linking for your site, it gets organic traffic for your site, as well as nofollow links effect the target/original source page reputation.(Facebook, wikipedia are nofollow sites, still they are very good for your site reputation and seo aspects, as we all know.)   

What is a NO FOLLOW attribute?

No Follow is an attribute now used in HTML codes and it was originally introduced in 2005 by Google ( and Blogger ) to control widely spreaded web spamming. No Follow is an HTML tag used to change the anchor code of the links to convert Do Follow links into No Follow links. For e.g, an HTML code with Do Follow attribute will look like :
<a href="link URL">link name (anchor)</a>. But, through this NO Follow attribute the Do Follow link will automatically be converted in a No Follow link like this :
<a href=”link URL” rel=”nofollow”> link name</a> And this way your link becomes a No Follow and you don’t get any “link juice” for search engine rankings. Though, you still get backlink from that blog and anybody could reach your blog following that link.

Do (No) Follow Dilemmas-

We all, as a blogger or website owner desperately need “worth full link backs building” opportunities and we use many techniques for this, such as comment posting, article submission, social bookmarking, search engine site submission, forum posting, link exchanging, link signature commenting, and all the stuff that provides links back to our own blog or website. But, due to the most websites following “no follow” attribute, it becomes very hard creating back links and gaining the “ link juice” in order to increase page rank and traffic to your blog or websites. In such case, getting to know about very few sites, forums, blogs that still use “ Do Follow” attributes.This is the reason i have published this list of “best Do Follow sites for bloggers” . You can use this list to improve Google page rank( or any other search engine rank), SERPs of your blog or website in a drastic manner.

All important things to know about Do Follow or No Follow attributes

You should also remove “do follow” attribute from the unnecessary links on your blogs to stop unwanted link juice going out of your blog through outbound links. And, yes you should always follow “do follow” in comment areas of your blog to motivate (allure? ) other bloggers to comment on your blog posts.
Do follow can also drain some link juice away from your website/blog to the other one its pointing. Hence, if a comment has a link that has PR0 or lower than yours then this link will sure leave a negative impact on your own blog and profitize to the commenter’s blog. This is the reason many bloggers with good PR started accepting only the most relevant and good PR value links ( and comments).

How to enable your Blogger’s blog to Do Follow attribute

Dofollow sites list   Dofollow blogs list

Follow the below mentioned step wise step method to remove “No Follow” attribute from your Blogger’s blog or enable to Do Follow attributes ( to attract fellow bloggers comments )-
  1. Go to Dashboard by logging in to your Blogger’s blog account ( you can directly do so through going to and logging into your account). Now go to Layout or Design Menu.
  2. Now click on the Edit HTML link to go to HTML of your Blogger template.
  3. Tick the check box of Expand Widget Template to display all the HTML codes placed in the Blogger template.
  4. Now look for these two codes texts (use Ctrl+F and paste the below codes in the HTML editor window) :
<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><></a>
<a expr:href='data:backlink.url' rel='nofollow'><data:backlink.title/></a>

One code in the above is for commentator’s own URL and the other one for backlinks.
Now just find nofollow word in the above these two lines and simply delete the no in nofollow.
But don’t forget to edit settings for comments in your Blogger’s Dashboard by going to Settings>Comments. Now turned on the option for “anonymous users can comment “( for “who can comment? “ field). 
And now you can easily declare to the commentators that your blog’s status is DO FOLLOW ! That’s it, fellows !!

have compiled this list of “Do Follow Websites” according to the different available opportunities for submitting links of your blog or website to these “link juice” providing forums, blogs, websites, social networking sitesezines, best social bookmarking sites, etc.

List Of top 50 Do Follow Blogs,bookmarking Sites and Forums

Dofollow websites list

Dofollow blogs list

I have Compiled here this list of those blogs, websites, social Bookmarking sites, forums,and  article submission directories that surely use Do Follow attribute. Adding comments, Publishing your blog profile, and inserting links to these do follow websites could add a great value to the "link juice” for your site and most importantly, do follow sites can be very useful to boost Google PR and SERP of your blog site to a noticeable degree. Make sure that you utilize these Do Follow sites in your favor only in the most appropriate way to not be tagged as a spammer as this could prove to extremely harmful for your blog's reputation in the eyes of major search engines. Write a description that is balanced with proper keywords and relevancy (context).    

Top 30 Best Do Follow Sites List

Top 30 List Of Do Follow Sites Top 30 List Of Do Follow Sites
1 Ezine-Dofollow article submission site 16 Currybet
2 Yahoo bookmarks-Dofollow bookmarking site 17 Bbpress Forum
3 Slashdot 18 Midasoracle
4 Flickr Forum 19 Daniweb Forum
5 Joomla Forum 20 Gardenstew
6 IndianPad 21 Plime
7 Killer Startups 22 Socialogs
8 Feed For All Forum 23 Realestatevoices
9 Blog Hop 24
10 DotnetKicks 25
11 Protolize 26 Afterdawn Forum
12 Kinja 27 On My List
13 Book Forum 28
14 Forum newsgator 29 Cnet Forums
15 Mysql Forum 30 Autospies

Top 50 Best Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites list

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Top 50 List Of Do Follow Sites Top 50 List Of Do Follow Sites
31 My Link Vault 41 Yattle
42 Buddy Marks
33 Clip Clip 43 Complore
34 Backflip 44 My V Marks
35 Reddit 45 Connotea
36 BibSonomy 46 Jumptags
37 WebproWorld-Dofollow Forum 47 SyncOne
38 ez4u 48 Yahoo Bookmarks
39 TeDigo 49 Linked Words
40 A1 Bookmarks 50 Unalog

List of another 175 Dofollow sites (social bookmarking sites)

Find below the list of 175+ Dofollow bookmarking sites which you can download in Pdf format for later use. All the sites listed here are manually checked. I hope these bookmarking sites will be useful for the betterment of off page SEO of your blog/website.

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