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25-30 Best ever Social Bookmarking Websites for SEO for 2014-2015

Top 25-30 Primary Social Bookmarking Sites:

passport to gain the highly wanted SEO benefits

High PR and high DA (Domain Authority bookmarking sites with PR5-PR9) for 2014

Top Social Bookmarking Sites
SEO and Bookmarking:   List of 25 best Social Bookmarking websites on the Internet for 2014 (Updated).  Social Bookmarking websites are very good for SEO. Period.  But, the quality is more important while making bookmarks of your web properties to these kind of social sharing sites

 Article Updated (8th November, 2014)- This list needed a little cleanup and some more additions. 

So, have updated this reputed list of bookmarking sites that have been used by several thousands of SEO users since its publication in July 2011.  

Best social bookmarking sites with their Google PR, DoFollow, No dofollow tags status and Alexa ranks


Top 20 Best Blogging Platforms & Free Blog Sites 2014-15

best blogging platforms

Best Blogging Sites- What are the top 20 Blogging Platforms for creating a free blog site? 

List of the most used free blog making sites based on open source CMS (Content management System) 

Create your own blog site for free!

Blogging sites here include: CMS based blog sites , Micro Blogging sites, Web 2.0 Sites

Last updated- Dec 2014

Best Blogging Platforms-Best blogging sites- Most popular blogs-Here is this new and fresh list of the 20 best blogging platforms and popular free blog websites to create your free blog. All the listed blogging sites here are free and you can instantly start blogging on any of these CMS blogging platforms without paying anything to create your blogs! Blogging sites are for all- whether you are a beginner or expert,  kid or young, painter or photographer! 

Free blog sites mentioned here are reviewed for 2014-2015. Blogging platforms included in the updated list could be divided into many categories as per their capabilities, scope and usages. Initially, we have only talked about webs that offered blog creation services in tradition sense. But, now, the things have changed a lot over the past few years. Now, Twitter is also called as a micro blogging site.

Almost every beginner or novice blogger needs free blog writing platform where she/he can get free blog hosting,free (sub) domain name and blog designing platform based on WYSIWYG blog designing platform. 

The free and paid blogging platforms list includes the 20 blogging platforms for 2014. some blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger are very common and popular names among all the top blogging websites. 

All the blogging platforms mentioned in this top 20 list are world's best blogging platforms for free blogging and some of them are exclusively available only for paid members (like, typepad ). Even if you are a novice blogger, you can kick start your blog writing after free registering with any of these free blogging platforms. 

Most of the new bloggers start blogging using such free platforms for creating their blog posts. Later on when their blog writing skills start evolving and when they have got good enough blogging techniques-they prefer blogging with a blog that offers them self hosted, self owned blog domain names, and with a professional looking premium blog templates (external).

And all this can be achieved with any of the below mentioned blogging platforms. Though,roughly speaking,  world's more than 60% of all the blog posts get created using these free blogging platforms websites !

All the best free blogging platforms listed here are very popular among most of the novice and intermediate level bloggers , in terms of user base mainly in the following countries : - US, UK, India, Germany, Japan, France,Canada, Brazil,Australia, South Africa and some Asian Countries !

These blogging platforms are popularly versatile and writing blog posts using them could provide your blogs high foundability (through search engines). Blogs written using these best free blogging platform get really good search engines rankings since these blogging platforms are high with their Alexa rank, rich in backlinks, and have loads of  organic search engine traffic.

So, read through the below given list of top 20 free blog sites and start writing your own blog today, if you haven't started yet!

best blogging platform

Wordpress is the grand master of all the free blogging websites. It offers free as well as paid blogging services to millions of bloggers around the world. is a world renowned free CMS provider (content management system).

Free Wordpress blogs are also popular due to their SEO and user friendliness. Free WordPress is truly a pioneer free blogging platform and has the biggest online community of bloggers! 

WordPress is mostly used by webmasters, developers, programmers, SEO experts, technical bloggers. If someone has some knowledge of HTML,CMS, PHP language, Javascript, CSS, and web designing, then WordPress could be a best blogging platform to create fcustomized and free blog. 

Though, Wordpress is equally popular among technical and non technical bloggers.There is no such technical knowledge is required for creating blogs.  

WordPress Resources-   

#2 Blogger Blogspot

Blogger is a free, cool, and versatile free blogging platform and its owned by none other than search engine giant Google itself! has got all the features a blogger may desire. Above all, your Blogger blog posts get lots of SERP love from Google.
As most of you may know, this Weblog is also made on Blogspot

Though it offers you free sub-domain and blog hosting, but you can opt for your own custom domain which could be for as low as $10 per year. 

Blogger has become a hub place for the bloggers who blog for making money.Blog creating at Blogger is so easy that you can create a blog in just 1minute and can start blogging instantly after that! 

Blogspot Resources- 

#3 Tumblr

best blog sites

Tumblr is The most simple and is an easiest micro blogging platform.Takes only 1 minute for free signup and you can instantly start blogging on Tumblr. Tumblr is meant for smart,cool,easy, and ' images are more appealing than the texts' styled blogging. Its different from other classic blogging platforms in many aspects. 

Tumblr is mainly a micro-blogging website similar to Tweeter and Facebook. Tumblr is hosting 58 Million Blogs and 24 billion blog posts!

Tumblr is a great blogging site for beginners  and it could be lot of fun writing small micro blogs at Tumblr.Tumblr has blog writers with different purposes in their mind. Some write for fun, some for business, and others are the professional bloggers promoting their other blogs, websites, products, or online campaigns .

Interestingly, you can see some really cool photographs all over the Tumblr blogs. Photographers love to blog at Tumblr and the latter has made a mark in having most of the awesome photographs filled blogs entries.

Typepad is also known for their photographically stunning blog posts.


#4 Movable Type

best blog sites

Movable Type is an open source as well as commercial CMS provider on an individual as well as industrial basis.Owned by renowned company Six Apart, Movable Type offers free blogging services, but mainly its popular for its commercial use by big industries on multiple scale.

Movable Type can handle multiple blogs in a single account and provides effective ways to make combined changes on multiple blogs. Movable Type is popular mostly among expert,professional bloggers.

#5 Express Engine

best Blogging sites

Like Wordpress(WP), Joomla, and Drupal, Express Engine(EE) is also a CMS. Express Engine is also available in free version, but mostly its a commercial blogging platform used by developers and expert bloggers.

EE is used to operate multiple blog sites through a single account and its widely used by companies and organisations. Expression Engine is not recommended for novice bloggers.Whatsoever, EE is among the best 5 blogging platforms.    

#6 Joomla !

best Blogging Platform

Joomla is an open source content management system for online content creation and publishing. Joomla is an award winning free CMS which is vastly used by developers and expert bloggers for sophisticated online content publication. 

Joomla is one of the best options to start a free blog site.

#7 Posterous

free blog sites

Posterous is similar to tumblr and is very popular among micro bloggers. Posterous is owned by micro blogging leader Tweeter! Posterous is famous for online sharing and mobile blogging. Posterous is a free and cool blogging platform to start your own blog site for free.

Update- Posterous is No longer available for blogging

#8 Drupal

free Blogging sites

Drupal was started in 2001 and since then has been very popular among bloggers and developers due to its impressively strong CMS features. Drupal is an open source CMS using PHP language and is absolutely free to use and develop its CMS. 

Drupal has made its own stand and bloggers base who loyally use Drupal CMS to create a free blog site.

Free blogging sites

Life Type is also an open source CMS backed by PHP and MySQL. Life Type offers multi-user and multiple blogs support through its CMS. Life Type is mainly used to handle multiple blogs on a single account. 

LifeType is used to create blog sites by a specific group of blog writers, webmasters, and content developers.

free blog sites

Friendster is a social blogging,networking,and gaming site. Friendster has around 110 million users and its mainly popular in Asian countries. Its a community based blogging platform and your blogposts are shared among its own community.


best Blogging Platform

Penzu is not a blogging platform in tradition sense as we find in Wordpress,Blogger,etc. Penzu is used more like a online personal blog diary. Penzu is very simple and sober blog creation platform.   

#12 Blog.Com

best Blogging Platforms offers a free,paid, and really nice blogging services to its bloggers. You can create advanced and sophisticated looking professional blogs easily on blogging platform.

Below are some more free blogging platforms which are commonly used by bloggers as free online blog creation tools.       

#13 GetSimple

best free Blog sites

#14 Xanga

Best blogging sites

#15 Multiply

blogging platform

#16 Textpattern

best blogging sites

#17 SquareSpace

best blogging sites

#18 Symphony-Cms

best blogging platforms

#19 WolfCms

best blogging platform

#20 Zotonic

best blogging platform

What is the best free blog site?

The best free blog site would be that offers:-
  1. Best content creating features.
  2. Ease of use along with full availability of Help/tutorials.
  3. vast online forum/community to help an user blogger regarding any technical issue. 
  4. Good SEO tools,techniques,tips.

" Dear bloggers/readers, please input your own tips , experiences, suggestions regarding these top 20 Best Blogging Platforms so that this blog post could be more useful for other users who are desperately seeking a nice peace of real advice on the topic. Thank you." 


There are many other good and better blogging sites, but i haven't mentioned them here since they are paid blogging platforms, such as TypePad. 

TypePad is the best of them all, if you don't have any HTML or coding knowledge. You don't need to worry about anything. You can completely concentrate on your blog writing.
Don't need to worry about hosting, templates, coding etc :)

It's a paid blogging service that is worth your money and time both! 


Top 10 Best Social Media Networking and Sharing Websites 2014-15

List of Social Networking Sites- Top 10 Social Media Sharing Sites 2014-15

List of world's most favorite social networking sites-This is a fresh list of 10 best social media networking sites 2014 (SMN)-best social media websites (SMW) with reviews, Alexa ranks,and popularity rankings. Social networking sites are invariably in super demand and no one is left behind in using social media sites whether he/she is a normal internet user, blogger, internet marketer or simply any one who wants to make their presence felt on Internet ! Social media has become the prime source of web traffic for most of the websmasters now-a-days and they don't leave any stone unturned to get traffic from them. Most of the online publishers use these sites as primary tools to get social traffic

Social media sites : Top 10 ranked Networking sites for 2014-15


What is BEST Browser-Top 10 Internet BROWSERS

Best Browsers List-Which is the Best Browser among 10 Top Internet Browsers?

best web browsers
Web Browsers List- Top 10 Web Browsers- This is an updated and new "Best Internet Web Browsers List" created to showcase the best Top 10 web browsers available on the internet today, and as well as to provide the answer to those who are curious to know, "which is the best internet web browser?" Currently there is a war going on between all the top listed 5 best web browsers on- 'which is the best browser and which browser provides the best web features', add ons and security to their users. No doubt, Internet Explorer still has the highest global market share ( hence according to global usage statistics , Internet Explorer is still considered as the best browser among the top 10 list of best browsers in the world) of web browsers usage while Mozila Firefox is the choice of most of the web developers, add ons users, bloggers and web masters. For this recent high growth rate of Firefox started indicating it as the best web browser presently.
An unspoken war has started between Google Chrome and Firefox for becoming the best and most popular web browser among the common users, developers, designers, tech people and web masters.
Firefox is backed from its strong security features,popularity and support features for providing the highest no. of best and most popular add ons and plug ins, whereas Google Chrome has got the extra back up from the reputation of Google along with its other popular features.

Reviews,ratings,links to Download Free Internet Browsers

This is a fresh top 10 list of web browsers for the year 2013-2014, here you can find links to download all the best browsers freely !

#1 Mozilla Firefox - Mostly used Web Browser for Webmasters and common Internet users alike

top internet browsers

  • Undoubtedly, Mozila Firefox is the best web browser available on the internet  today in terms of security, interface, browser platform,features, add-ons support, support services, range of  widely available web browser extensions and browsing performance.  MozilaFirefox, which is a free for all and an open source Internet browser, was initially released in 2004 and now is available in 86 languages. Though, Internet Explorer is the default browser for Windows , but when it comes to functionality and security Firefox is way ahead to the former. Mozila Firefox  also provides browsing facility for mobile phone users with its brand name as Fennec which supports most of the mobile phones available presently.
  • Mozila FireFox is the most used Internet browser by web developers and webmasters all over the world.
  • Mozila Firefox, as a best web browser provides it's users with awesome features like, the awesome bar, countless beautiful themes,tabbed browsing, extensions, password manager, private sessions browsing, Firefox Sync and many more advanced and pleasant features.
  • In Mozila Firefox you can have a huge number of power plug-ins and add-ons to enhance your  browsing experiences. Most popular plugins are available for the following section- SEO, Entertainment, media, Music, Movies to choose from large community of developers. The features which make Mozila Firefox The best among top 10 web browsers include - great Interface, compatibility with almost all websites, sync and secure, user friendly and brilliant in performance.
  • Firefox is also good for playing web based games that require Flash player. Firefox has got capability to play heavy online web video games. After Firefox, Google Chrome is also good for playing online games and it doesn't crash easily unlike other web browsers while playing online web games.

#2 Google Chrome-Fastest Growing Internet Browser aka Google Web Browser

best internet browser

Google Chrome was released for the first time in 2008 and since then it became one among the top web browsers and seeing the current popularity of Google Chrome (its surely one among the best top 5 web browsers ) it's soon going to become the most downloaded web browser.

Google Chrome is grounded upon the open source Webkit engine and Google's own V8 engine.
Some features of the Google Chrome that make it as a top best web browser are : being lightweight, fast & speedy, having built-in PDF Reader and similar utilities, ease of use, simple yet power packed Interface with strong tools, strong and secure browsing options and availability of powerful Chrome extensions.You don’t need to update Google Chrome. It updates itself automatically. Cool !

download web browsers
Install Latest Google Chrome Web Browser

#3 Internet Explorer -The Classic Internet Browser

web browsers list
As one of the top web browsers, Windows Internet Explore came into existence in 1995 for Windows 95 operating system. Internet explorer, developed by Microsoft itself , once had gained the reputation of the best web browser and became synonym for Internet web browser. Internet Explorer reached at a peak in 2002-03, gaining 95 %  market share of browser usage worldwide, with it's most popular IE5 and IE6versions. Currently, as one of the top best browsers, IE has around 44 % market usage share.
Internet Explorer 9 is the choice for Windows 7 when considering security and for the enhanced compatibility. Its IE8 that is the best Web browser for Windows 7.

You should try IE8 if you are looking for the optimized performance for Windows 7.The newer version of Internet Explorer is driven by hardware-accelerated text, video and graphics to speed up its performance, simplified design, pinned sites tool, Snap, Jump lists,thumbnail preview controls, redesigned new tab page, download manager and InPrivate Browsing session. Download Free IE 9 for Windows

#4 Opera -A Uniquely different Web Browser

top web browsers
Opera web browser is one of the best web browser and it used to be a paid service, but thankfully its free of charge now and you can download it freely for your computer or mobile phone !
Opera Mini is the most popular web browser for mobile phones and most of the mobile ph. companies provide Mini Opera as default browser to their users.
As a top best web browser Opera is fast, safe, secure, speedy and enriched with great features which include :tabbed browsing option, page zooming tool, mouse gestures, built in mail client, powerful extensions support and an integrated download manager utility. It provides secure and the best web browsing through it's built-in anti phishing and malware security. Free download Opera for PC, Mac & Linux and for Phones

#5 Safari - Apple's Own Web Browser

best browsers

Apple's Safari is very fast web browser, if not the fastest web browser. Safari is developed by Apple and was released in 2003 and is Apple's default web browser for Mac Operating System. Safari is considered as one of the top best web browsers in specific user groups.
Safari's main features are its very fast browsing, navigational tools and Safari Reader.
No doubt, Safari is the best web browser for Mac operating system.  
Latest Safari Free download for Mac + PC

5 other best browsers after the top 10 Internet web browsers list of Free Internet Web Browsers of year 2013

There are more than 30-40 Web browsers on the Internet, based on different operating systems and type of computer systems.Below given 5 good web browsers are also worth adding in the list of top web browsers.
  1. Rockmelt -(Free Download Rockmelt Web Browser)
  2. Maxthon - (Free Download Maxthon Internet Browser) 
  3. SeaMonkey-(Free Download SeaMonkey Web Broweser)
  4. Deepnet Explorer-(Free Download Deepnet Explorer)
  5. Avant Browser-(Free Download Avant Web Browser)

Which is the best Internet web browser?

People come up with the same common questions regarding web browsers:
which is the ideal Internet browser? What is the best web browser? Which web browser is the fastest of them all?
Well, to be honest- no web browser is ideal, and to be true -no web browser is perfect!
every Internet web browser has some good sides and some bad aspects.
So, the best browser is the one that has -
  • Maximum number of plus points or positives.
  • Least number of flaws or drawbacks. 

To achieve the maximum browsing experience or highest level of web browsing capabilities,
i have an idea: use multiple web browsers!
There is no single web browser on the Internet that is capable to perform all the browsing activities perfectly.
Use multiple web browsers to perform a specific purpose/task.

Like, for better web-based gaming experience you may use: Firefox and Google Chrome.
If you are a web developer, then using Mozila Firefox could be the best option.
If you want a parental control (controlling choice over the web content you want to see or you want to block), then Internet explorer and Firefox could be the good choice.
If you are concerned with the online security then you may opt for Google Chrome and Firefox.
About this List of Browsers- This list of web browsers is based on my own personal views, experiences, and online research on different Internet browsers . This list of Internet browsers is a personal recommendation and it does't involve any endorsement from any browser makers. Please feel free to suggest me anything regarding this browsers list. Let me know in the comments field if i have forgotten to enlist any other Internet browser worth adding in this list.(lets extend it into a "top 20 Internet browsers list" :)

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What is your take on the 'best browsers' for 2014?

Please share your own personal experience about the popular Internet browsers. Mention what are the best ones as per you in your comments.

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