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20 Theme Web Sites for Blogspot Blogs to Download Free Premium Blogger Templates

List of 20 Best Websites to Download Free Blogger Templates for Blogger-Free Blogspot Templates-2014

Free Premium Blogger Templates- Templates for Blogger Blogger Templates Free Download - If you have created your blog/site using a Blogspot Blogger or any of the  Best Blogging Platforms hosted by Google Blogger blogs, or  a self hosted blog that is powered by Blogger, then your blog is using free default Blogger templates, and you must be looking for some beautiful, optimized, SEO friendly customized third party external free Blogger templates for your Blogger blogs. This list of free templates websites to downloading free Blogger templates or "free Blogspot templates"2014 serves the same purpose!

Free Blogger Templates
The free templates websites in this blog posts are the best and most popular websites of the year 2014 to download free templates for your Blogger or Blogspot blogs. Go ahead, and check out a few of these templates websites,find a free template that answers your free blog's needs,use it on your Blogger blogs to give it a professional and expert look- without spending a single penny!
You can free download these awesome free premium Blogger templates themes that are  created/designed/bloggerized by great template designers and templates theme experts who are constantly designing template themes (free,paid templates) for Blogger Blogspot blogs.

The top 20 best free templates websites list mentioned below is compiled of all those best and top rated free premium Blogger templates websites that are successfully being used by most of the bloggers to download "free Blogspot templates" for their Blogger blogs. 

These free Blogger templates are designed according to the platform of  Blogger blogs; and you can customize these external templates as per the style and type of your Blogger blog.Customizing these external Blogger templates is very easy and simple-just read the tutorial notes which comes along with the template files when you download the desired template themes.

Free Blogger templates offer free templates for various blog categories like, personal Blogspot blogs, business Blogspot blogs,professional Blogger blogs, beauty blogs,etc.

Templates that are Adsense optimized- If your Blogspot blog displays ads, then you need to find out the appropriate Blogger templates that are specifically designed to display your Google AdSense ads (or any other sponsored advertisements ) on your blog.  

The best thing about using a good external (customization enabled) free Blogger template is that mostly all of them are pre-designed or optimized considering the SEO needs of your blogs

You can also choose external templates for your Blogger blogs  using following main/major available categories-color,number of columns,layouts, latest Blogger templates,personal blogs types, free Blogger templates for AdSence, professional Blogger templates, CSS templates, HTML templates,XML Templates etc. Some of these top best listed free Blogger templates websites release new templates every other day.

It's a good idea to subscribe these free Blogger templates websites so that you would be instantly updated whenever there is a new template in their gallery; and you can also get updates about the new versions of your already downloaded template! 
Once you have selected the best/right template for your blog you should, first of all, check the Live Demo of the template and then check  the comments posted by users to get the best feedbacks for the template. It will tell you which Blogger template is the most popular/ favorite among bloggers and what are the best features/qualities of that template.(Most of the template websites also provide you free tutorials to help you with the instruction for design,coding and you should surely read these tutorials if you aren't very well versed in the customization part. 

Why are these Premium Blogger Templates or Themes available for free downloading?

Simply because either these templates are old, or selling less in quantity. In any case, the designers make them available to bloggers for free. Result?- Their designs and website get a really good publicity and popularity among bloggers. In this way they are still earning good Adsense money as well. Anyways, this is a win-win situation for both parties- templates designers and bloggers!

Just download any free template (unzip the folder to extract the XML file) and modify/edit the HTML code according to the instructions provided in .txt file. You can customize these template according to your blog’s SEO requirements.

Best Websites List for Downloading Free Premium Blogger Templates for 2014

The top 20 list of websites for downloading free Blogger templates themes is created/crafted after an extensive research and consultation with other webmasters who have a long experience in using templates ,customization,and experimentation with templates!

The Free Templates websites listed here are very popular among the new,novice,intermediate level bloggers. Off-course expert bloggers use mostly only the paid and premium versions of templates for their blogs.

 Top 20+ Best Websites to Download Free Premium Blogger Templates Themes for Google Blogger or Google Blogspot accounts

  1. BTemplates-Download Free Blogspot Templates–This is the No.1 the best website for free Premium Blogger templates. More than 3000 free Blogger templates for Google Blogger accounts are on display here. View live demo,download and Go! Read comments,ratings to get feedbacks on any template. ( apply this approach to all below given webs list )
  2. The Blog Templates -Free Templates for Blogger-Download Free Blogger Templates. One of the top best listed website for downloading free Blogger templates and Premium Themes. 
  3. All Blog Tools- Free Blogger Templates-Free Themes Download-Choose from more than 2000 Blogger Templates
  4. Best Blogger Templates - Templates Free Download- Download any template from more than 500 beautifully designed Blogger Templates for your blog.
  5. eBlog Templates- Templates for Blogger-Free Premium Blog Templates for Free Download.SEO friendly templates. 
  6. Blogger Themes- Free Download Template Blogger-Download Various themes designed for Bloggers blogs.
  7. Deluxe Templates- Premium Blogger Templates-Download Free and  Premium Blogger Themes from more than 700 popular and nicely designed templates. 
  8. Free Blogger Templates- Free Blogspot Templates-Get Latest and popular blogger templates that are re-designed from premium templates for your Blogger blogs.
  9. Premium Blogger Templates- Premium Blogger Templates-Download free premium templates for your blogger’ blogs. You can also take premium services to get uniquely designed templates for your blogs. 
  10. Blog Template 4 UBlogger Templates Free Download-Download “top and favorite” free templates for Bloggers Free Blogspot blogs.
  11. Zoom TemplatesTemplates Free Download-A great place to download free Blogspot templates and themes. More than 2000 free premium templates gallery on display.
  12. Our Blogger TemplatesBlog Templates Free-Flexible column, multiple column, best free templates for Blogspot blogs.
  13. XML Blogger Templates -Free Blogspot Templates- More than 50 free XML templates for Blogger blogspot blogs.
  14. Blogger Template PlaceTemplates Free Download-Have 300+ free Blogger templates to download for your blog.  
  15. Theme Craft- Templates for Blogger-Download from more than 50 colorfully beautiful Blogger templates free of cost!
  16. Blogger templates by Anshul - Blogspot Templates Free-Download from 100+ free templates designed for Blogger blogs. Lots of templates varieties!
  17. Blog CrowdsBlogger Templates Free Download-Get 50+ All types of Blogger templates for free download.
  18. Bie TemplatesTemplates Free Download-Find 200+ beautifully crafted templates for using free on your Blogspot blog.
  19. Ray Templates- Free Templates for Blogger250+Free blogger templates with high number of views, ratings, and downloads.
  20. Best Theme- Free Blogger Templates- 150+ Beautifully designed templates for Blogger. Good for SEO of your blog.   
  21. Blogger Templates Blog- Blogspot Templates FreeA good collection of nicely designed templates for Blogger blogspot blogs.
  22. Blogger Templates FreeTemplates Free Download-Nice display of more than 100 free templates gallery. See live demo of highly voted, rated.

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