50 Best Blog Directory Sites 2018. Free Blog Submission Directories for SEO

List of 50 Blog Submission Sites for SEO

Blog Submission Sites: The list is for any blogger, online marketer, or webmaster who are looking to increase Google page rank, SEO, and backlinks for their blogs or websites.

Here is this list of top 100 blog submission sites and article blog directories where you can submit links of your blog for free of cost.

Also read tips and techniques on how to get the maximum benefits out of your blog submission efforts.

In this article you would learn what are the types of blog directories and how to add your blog page for better exposure and link juice.

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Blog submission directories for Bloggers

Blog Submission Sites 2018

All these blog submission sites are top directories for promoting any blogs free online without paying anything. These directory sites offer: blogs submission, blog url submission or articles submission. 

Though, for getting huge and fastest backlinks you should take advantage of their paid directory submission services, if any . 

All these webs are very useful and SEO friendly. Your blog or website gets targeted one way incoming or inbound links from these blog directories and, as a result, your site gets ranked higher for SERPs through these quality back links 

All the below listed blog or article submission directories are free to use, and are recorded according to their Google Page Rank ( PR1-PR10 ), and Global Alexa ranking. 

Many of them don’t require you to register or sign up for link or url submission. Some directories may ask for a reciprocal link from you. 

There are lots of different directories available, and you will notice few of them not listing blogs free. But, there are thousands of such directories that accept free submission, so you need not fret-

Useful Tips for Blog Submission

Read this Just before you put your blog url into many a directory sites, make certain that you recognize exactly what are the main keywords for your blog. You should know well before submission about what type/ category your blog comes under and fill the details correctly.

When you register your blog site, these will be needed. You do not intend to take down arbitrary keyword phrases/ description in an initiative to obtain your blog noticed anywhere and all over.

You know what it seems like to stumble upon a site that has absolutely nothing to do with your search term, so picture exactly what a blog site reader would certainly feel when they discover your blog!

Do not let your potential visitors go away!

#2. Make your content understandable and worth reading. Create some authoritative blog posts that can attract an audience easily.

Aim for establishing yourself different from the crowd. And, make certain that your blog is fully functional and has at least 10-15 posts published prior to putting it on a blog directory.

These are just a couple of things that you may would like to keep in mind before you begin putting your blog in these blog directories.

#3. To learn more, go to the About and FAQ parts of blog directories to see just what rules you require to comply with, and the extent of the reach of the directory site. 

In the very same way that Google indexes specific web sites and puts them under the appropriate keyword phrases, so do the blog directories.

So, to increase your blog's presence over a blog directory you should provide a good description to your blog as well use properly researched keywords in it. 

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    Types of Blog Link Submission

    You can add your blog's link to the various types of webs. The main three are as follows:-

    1. Search Engines Sites. 
    2. Blog directories sites.
    3. Article directories.

    Types of Blog Directories

    The list of "blog submission sites" is composed of 3 types of sites:

    • Free blog-directory-Completely free blog link submission.
    • Partner blog-directory-Reciprocal link required (a backlink).
    • Paid blog-directory-They charge you some nominal amount for premium directory submission and off-course, they don't ask for a reciprocal link.

    7 benefits you get when you add your blog to these Submission Directory Sites:

    directory submission benefits
    1. First things first, you get huge one way backlinks (mostly dofollow) to your blog or website through submitting to the blog-directories.
    2. Improved Google page ranking-directory submissions can improve SERP rankings of your blogs drastically.
    3. You can target some specific keywords (niche keyword) for which you want to improve the rankings of various pages of your blog and then, you can submit your blog or articles (having links back to your blog pages) based on these niche keywords to various reputed and relevant article directory websites, blog directory sites, Web 2.0 sites. This will surely get your blog pages ranked high in many major search engines, and your blog posts would get high Google PR.
    4. Increased search engines web traffic.
    5. As a result of directory submissions, your weblog gets very well indexed with all the most popular search engines because search engines always index all pages of directory sites.
    6. Your website or blog gets listed with many other web directories from where your content could be posted on many other websites and blogs (through content syndication ). For e.g, almost every  article published on GoArticles.com , gets published on at least 20-30 external websites, blogs, and directories through content syndication. So, you get multiple backlinks by article posting on just a single directory. Visibility improvement for your blog ! 
    7. Your blog or site gets highly ranked with relevant keywords, improved SEO, better page-ranks, increased total as well as unique number of backlinks pointing to your domain (more incoming links), better CTR (refined queries, and so more money to your pocket!)

    Pay your kind attention!

    " I have listed below some most popular and the best of all the blog submission sites, blog directory sites, and article submission directories sites-Try to submit your blog or website to at least 40-60% of all of these free blog submission services ; and surely you would be getting some really (unexpectedly) great results !"

    Submit your blog Free to Best Search engines ( PR10-PR3 )

    Top 15 List of 15 Best Search Engines to Submit your Blog or Website Free. 
    1 Google Add url             ***[Alexa Rank-1] [Page Rank 10]
    2 Yahoo!  Site Submission   [Alexa Rank-4]  [Google Page Rank 9]
    3 Bing Link Submission        [Alexa Rank-24] [Google PR 8] 
    4 Gigablast Add url              [Alexa Rank-22K] [Google PR 7]
    5 Scrub The Web Add url     [Alexa Rank-2.8K] [Google PR 6]
    6 Entire Web Submit a site   [Alexa Rank-3.7K] [Google PR 6]
    7 What U Seek Add url         [Alexa Rank-29K] [Google PR 6]
    8 ASR Add Website               [Alexa Rank-2.7K] [Google PR 5]
    9 Boitho Submit Site   [Alexa Rank-7K] [Google PR 5]
    10 Infotiger Add url                 [Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]
    11. Amidalla Add site              [Alexa Rank-70K] [Google PR 5]            
    12. Acoon Add url                     [Alexa Rank-66K] [Google PR 4]
    13. SonicRun Free Listing         [Alexa Rank-20K] [Google PR 3]
    14. Spiffy Search Add url          [Alexa Rank-75K] [Google PR 3]
    15. Secret SE Lab Submit Blog               [Alexa Rank-140K] [Google PR 3]  


    Add free blog url to Top 15 Blog directory sites ( High PR: PR8-PR4)

    Top15 List of 15 Best and Free Website/blog Submission Directories
    1. Open Directory Submit  Blog url      *** [Alexa Rank-560] [Google PR 8]  
    2. Subjex Submission         [Alexa Rank-12K] [Google PR 5]
    3. So Much  Add site                        [Alexa Rank-12K] [Google PR 5]
    4. Amfibi Web Search Submit url      [Alexa Rank-13K] [Google PR 5]
    5. A1 Web Directory Submit link      [Alexa Rank-15K] [Google PR 5]
    6. Scoobe Biz Submit site                 [Alexa Rank-17K] [Google PR 5]
    7. Info Listings Directory submit link[Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]
    8. WilsDomain Blog addition  [Alexa Rank-18K] [Google PR 5]
    9.  Blog Top List                       [Alexa Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]
    10.  add your blog [Alexa Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]
    11. Blogrific add your blog  [Alexa Rank-21K] [Google PR 5]
    12. Submit Biz Add your Web            [Alexa Rank-25K] [Google PR 5]
    13. Blog Hub Submit a link                 [Alexa Rank-25K] [Google PR 5]
    14. Blog-Search.com                    [Alexa Rank-35K] [Google PR 5]
    15. Link Centre Add url                   [Alexa Rank-13K] [Google PR 4]
    * The Alexa Rank mentioned for each entry is not exact, but has been rounded off.Though, it gives you the estimation close enough to the actual rank ( also, Alexa Rank is never a static figure and changes much more frequently compared to the Google PR)

    Top 10 Best Blog Directory Sites List

    1. Best of the Web Blogs
    2. Technorati Blog Submission Directory
    3. Blog Catalog Link Directory
    4. Super Blog Directory Submission
    5. BloggerNity Link Submission
    6. Bloggapedia Blog Directory 
    7. Blog Directory 4 u
    8. Globe of Blogs
    9. Blogarama Blog Submission Directory Site
    10. Blog Hints Directory Submission
    11. Blogged Directory submission
    12. Blog Universe Blog Link submission

    Top 10 Article Submission directories

    1. eHowHow to articles, and more.  [Alexa Rank-149] [Google PR 7]  
    2. ApsenseWrite on any topics. It is a community based portal. [Alexa Rank-211] [Google PR7]
    3. Infobarrel- The magazine by the PeopleWrite articles on any topics.  [Alexa Rank-806] [Google PR 7]
    4. SeekingAlpha-Financial market analysis [Alexa Rank-1312] [Google PR 7]
    5. Associated Content-Yahoo! Group Content writers community[Alexa Rank-1332] [Google PR 7]
    6. Suite 101 - Online Magazine and writer’s network [Alexa Rank-2K] [Google PR 7]
    7. The Free LibraryNews,articles,books,writers community [Alexa Rank-4.7K] [Google PR 7]
    8. eZinearticlesQuality Article Submission Service [Alexa Rank-234] [Google PR 6]
    9. HubpagesCreating Hub pages (articles). Content writer’s community [Alexa Rank-321] [Google PR 6]
    10. TextBrokerA Free article directory [Alexa Rank-790] [Google PR 6]

    And the best among all of the blog directories -Technorati [ Alexa Rank-974 ] [ Google PR 8 ]

    7 More Blog Directories where you could Add or Submit your Blog for Free

    • http://www.blogdir.co.uk
    • http://boingboing.net
    • http://boxyblogs.com
    • http://blogsrater.com
    • http://www.bloglisting.net
    • http://www.bocaiw.net
    • http://www.cipinet.com

      100 best article directories

     Best SEO tools to promote blogs

     Top 100 Bookmarking Submission Sites

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