Social-bookmarking software : 7 best auto bookmark submission tools for 2014 -15

7 Best social bookmarking software and content submitter programs- 

Bookmark automation programs or auto social bookmarking tools or automated social bookmarking software are potent tools for any blogger or marketer for successfully submitting bookmarks automatically to thousands of social bookmarking sites in ONE GO! Submitting bookmarks to thousands of  bookmarking sites could be very painful and hectic for anyone . 


Bookmarking Demon, Social Monkee, Only Wire, I am automator, SocialAdr have been reviewed here for the same reason.  

Not to worry, to make bookmark submission work easier and fun here are listed 7 best auto-bookmarking tools to auto-submit to social-bookmarking sites. 

Get free or paid Bookmarking Tools for automatically posting to 1000s of bookmarking sites everyday to generate thousands of one way backlinks for your website or blog.

Bookmark Submission Tools provide you fully automated submission to 100-1000 social bookmarking sites in minutes!

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Submitting your blog or website to bookmarking sites manually could be a hectic job and can involve most of your precious time in manually submitting to bookmarking sites which you could have used to writer quality content for your blog/website. Using auto bookmarking tools can drastically enhance backlinks and Google search traffic for your blog-website. Auto bookmarking softwares are low priced and are between price range of $2-$100. 

Social Marker is a great tool for webmasters and bloggers.Since you can submit your blog post to many bookmarking sites from one single place in an easiest way without spending an extra time in visiting all the listed bookmarking websites.

Social markers are automated bookmarking software that can submit your blog post or link to 50, 100,or even 500 bookmarking sites simultaneously.Some common and most popular bookmarking social marker(s) best examples are :

Social Marker, Only Wire, Social Monkee, IM Automator, and SocialAdr. 

All of these Social Marker free bookmarking software are very significant and important tools for blog or web promotions and link submission.  

A social Marker presents you with a list of all the best top numbered social bookmarking sites in such a best fitting format that you can post your recent, updated articles or blogs to bookmarking sites To know more on Social Marker and all the top listed best bookmarking sites you may visit this blog post.  

Social Marker is a very useful bookmarking tool which you can use for your blog or website to maximize search engine optimization, gain lots of back links for your weblogs,create huge search engine traffic,get high Google page rank, and daily unique visitors. 

#1 Bookmarking Demon-#1 Auto social bookmarking software to auto pilot your bookmark submission process

Bookmarking Demon is the most popular bookmarking software designed by Internet Marketing company Edwin Soft, the latter is the maker of great marketing and submission software, like Ultimate Demon, Blog commenter, Article rewriter, article submitter, etc.


Bookmarking Demon (BD) or Edwin Soft's Bookmarking Demon-the most popular and widely used auto bookmarking tool or auto submission bookmarking software in the market to automate social bookmarking submission!

Bookmarking Demon is available in paid version only-no free version for BD.So don't get allured by someone offering you free version of Bookmarking Demon.

Bookmarking Demon is by far ahead of all the auto submission bookmarking tools and its sheer popularity speaks volumes for itself.

Auto social bookmarking software Paid version-Saves you money (=by saving your precious time) .

Why to use paid version of Bookmarking Demon for auto bookmark submission?

  • Bookmarketing Demon is used by expert Internet marketers, SEO companies, affiliate marketers, and by anyone who want to derive a lot of sales, leads, web traffic by submitting content to 1000's useful and relevant social media and networking sites, bookmarking sites, blogging sites, and web 2.0 sites. 
  • You can't avoid submitting your blog/website content to bookmarking sites-and you can't afford the lengthy and time consuming process of bookmark submissions.
  • You don't want your invaluable time to be wasted in submitting bookmarks manually to 1000's of important social bookmarking sites, article sites, Web 2.0 sites, and submission webs- and that also for every new blog post you create! No way!!
  • If you run a host of niche authority websites or blogs, Bookmarking Demon is just the right submission tool you need in order to post your links and content to web traffic driving sites.  
  • You want to invest your precious time in taking care of your business, writing content for your blogs, making SEO strategies, and in marketing and promoting your blogs.
  • To automate your bookmark submission you don't have better social bookmarking software tool available in the market other than Bookmarking Demon.
  • Bookmarking Demon is very efficient, potent, capable, scientific, secure, genuine auto bookmark submission software tool.
  • Bookmarking Demon is loaded with lots of advanced features and Edwin Soft is very regular when it comes to updating the software from time to time. You get updates. 
  • The number #1 rated, reviewed as social bookmarking software, Bookmarking Demon follows best practices and uses best methods for auto bookmarking - so, it makes your bookmarks 100% safe, secure and and you get genuine one way backlinks and huge organic search engines traffic .  

Edwin Soft has 5 highly productive, successful, and popular software for Internet marketing and link building .

Get Flat 12.5 % discount on any of the below listed software products from Edwin Soft : use this coupon code A0E4DE9260 

Download Bookmarking Demon for auto bookmarking submission 

#2 Social MonKee-cheapest paid Bookmark automation software/Tool

automated social bookmarking

Social Monkee is a great and very important tool for submitting your blog posts or articles to social bookmarking sites on daily basis without manually posting on them!

Social Monkee is gaining a lot of popularity now-a-days among small and high time bloggers, webmasters, or content writers due to its powerful link submission features, automation capabilities, and sheer versatility. 

Social Monkee offers you all this unique link submission service free of cost. You can submit everyday a single link to it that will be submitted to 25 different bookmarking sites

But if you take its premium service then you can submit three links everyday and each link will be submitted to 100 bookmarking sites compared to only 25 sites for free members. 

All it costs you is only $7. And for an ambassador account you can submit 3 bookmarks to 300 social bookmarking for each url, and in return you get high volume of traffic and loads of back links everyday.

If you don’t want to spend on it you can register as a free member and may post links to 25 different bookmarking sites. 

You can also spin the title, tags and description of your submitted bookmark urls.

Social Monkee offers 4 types of auto bookmarking accounts-

  1. Free member auto bookmarking account-submit 3 urls to 25 social bookmarking sites  every day.
  2. premium member auto bookmarking account
  3. Elite member auto bookmarking account
  4. Ambassador member auto bookmarking account

    Social Monkee Auto Bookmarking Software Paid Version- 

    If you can afford to spend a very little money, then stop manual submission (it kills!) and start using auto bookmarking for auto posting of your blog/ website url links.

    Ready to spend as little as around $7 to get a premium Social Monkee account for lifetime?

    Manual Bookmarking submission kills your precious time-Auto bookmarking submission is a bliss for bloggers/ webmasters specially if done in a natural way like Social Monkee.

    Get Auto bookmarking software in as low as $7 !

    For paid and premium auto bookmarking subscription Social Monkee is the best No#1 auto bookmarking software as it comes in only $7 for lifetime!

    A big plus -only for $7 (300 bookmarks per day =total 300 one way dofollow back links everyday for lifetime!)
    A BIG 'big plus'-only $12 (once) (total 900 bookmarks per day=900 dofollow one way back links! )

    Social Monkee offers natural link building techniques-

    Benefits of using Social Monkee

    • Yes, this is completely true that bookmark links generated through social Monkee's bookmark submission tool are safe, secure, and natural ! 
    • This is possible due to their way of bookmark submission. Every boobmarking site in their system has a unique C class IP and so they have unique, different domain names. 
    • If you submit 3 links, then 3x100 bookmarks will be submitted over 9 minimum days of period and not done instantly. You can extend this period up to 15 days. This makes the whole process look natural in the eyes of search engines. 
    • You get full report of your bookmark submission in 3 days time alongwith the links of the bookmarks.PLUS rss feeds for every submission, so you can ping them to good RSS/ping directory sites to get your bookmarks indexed.


    1. In Social Monkee you dont have choice to change social bookmarking sites list-you use default bookmarking sites. 
    2. Most of the social bookmarking sites are new and don't have high PR rankings. ( PR0 -PR1 only)
    3. Social Monkee doesn't offer off site auto bookmarking software.

    Social Monkee Updates

    • Social Monkee is no more a free tool, it's available now only in paid version. 
    • You can get maximum 25 one-way dofollow backlinks .
    • You only pay $7 for once and get a lifetime membership as fas as the site is in service online. 

    Final verdict- Though Social Monkee doesnt offer that much control over auto bookmarking submission, yet its a very good auto bookmarking tool; either as a free member account or paid premium account. Its worth your time and money!
    Social Monkee provides most probably the cheapest auto-bookmarking solutions and services. 

    "Social Monkee is an effective as well as affordable auto bookmarks submitter"   

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    Auto submit bookmarks using Social MonKee auto bookmarking tool 

    #3 SocialAdr-Auto Bookmarking to best of 26 social media sites

    automated- social-bookmarking

    Social Adr's signature quotation reads: "If your time is valuable, don't waste it doing manual social bookmarking". This is really a great automation software for creating huge one way backlinks to your blog or website.

    SocialAdr offers you great flexibility and options in terms of their services subscription. You can register for free account or you can try their two types of premium accounts for a starting of $15. 

    Even with their free account you can get around 420 backlinks per month (though, not guaranteed with the free account), but with the three types of premium accounts you can get 1680,2940, and 6160 backlinks per month( guaranteed ! ) respectively .

    Free Account- you have to submit other users bookmarks and as a result you get credit for that . And other users share or submit your bookmarks. As simple as that ! 

    As a free member you have to setup your own 26 social media bookmarking accounts(by signing up and logging in).

    As a premium member you can avoid all that labor and you don't have to submit others bookmarks and you get around thousands backlinks. All for $15!

    SocialAdr automated software links to 26 social Media bookmarking sites currently . Social Adr provides you real time reporting and statistics for the links you submitted. Hence you get to know about your campaigns every time. 

    Your bookmarks are shared by other users and in the same way you also bookmark others and earn credits for that ( for free account.As a paid member you don't need to submit others bookmarks).

    This way you exchange your links with others and this makes your bookmarks more visible and capable to reach to a larger group!

    Your bookmarks are auto submitted to following 26 social media sites and social bookmarking sites-

    #1 Facebook #2 Google Plus #3 Tweeter #4 LinkedIn  #5 Pinterest 
    #6 Delicious #7 Diigo  #8 Stumble Upon #9 Multiply  #10 Jumptags
    #11 FriendFeed  #12 Vyoom  #13  #14  # 15 Cuzo

    #16 Startaid  # 17 Faves  # 18 Bookmark4you  # 19 Bookmarker Portal
    #20 Transferr  # 21 SpeedTile  # 22 Site Says  #23 MySiteVote 
    #24 Webshare  # 25 StoryFollower and # 26 LinkaGoGo.

    So, your submitted bookmarks get high quality multiple one way backlinks ( every bookmark is shared by multiple users )  from these top best social media and bookmarking sites.

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    Start creating back links through this automated social bookmarking software cum system

    #4 Social Marker-a free place to submit bookmarks to 50 best of bookmarking sites


    Social Marker is a Social Bookmarking Automation software that submits your links to 50 different bookmarking sites. You can also choose which bookmarking sites to include or exclude for submitting your links to.

    The bookmarking sites in the list are categorized as “Do Follow”, “News”, etc. Social market is completely free to use. You can also use its bookmarking tool for submitting your blog posts directly from your browser.

    To utilize Social Marker’s link submission services you have to create accounts on all the bookmarking sites  to post your blog links through Social Marker.

    Submit free links using Social Marker 

    #5 Only Wire-One of the oldest auto-bookmark and social media software and post submitter 

    Only Wire is a cool Automated Social Marker for link submission to the 51 best social bookmarking websites and top notched social media sites.

    This free bookmarking automation software can be downloaded to your computer and can be run as a desktop social bookmarking software for blog posts link submission to as many as 51 social media sites as well as to other top bookmarking sites ! 

    Only Wire is available as a free as well as premium automation desktop (online too) software for instant link submission. The good thing about Only Wire is that through this you can also post to all the best, most popular social media sites as well, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, My Space, etc. 

    You can download it's free bookmark submitter, Buttons, and Bookmarklet too.

    Download free automated Submitter for bookmarking

    #6 I AM Automator

    This is the best auto bookmarking online software which is available free of cost. You can quickly register and start submitting to all the major, big bookmarking sites on an automation basis. 

    You don’t have to submit manually to these bookmarking sites.It offers great relief to any blogger or webmaster.Time + Money savor ! As a free member you can submit maximum 10 links per day through this great bookmarking tool. 

    Every of submitted link to it, is automatically submitted to 15 main and major bookmarking sites. To register as a Pro member you have to pay some amount to avail yourself of great other features of this Social Market tool, but it offers great services and value to your money!

    Two important features of IAm Automator that make it best, unique, and so useful :-

    1. You don’t have to create accounts on social bookmarking sites to submit your links from IAm Automator as it has its own accounts there and your links are directly submitted to 15 main bookmarking sites .(Each of your blog/website links is auto-submitted to 15 social-bookmarking sites and you can fill up to 10 links every day through IAm Automator)
    2. You don’t have to provide titles, tags, and descriptions for your links to be submitted. It automatically extracts all these items from the URL you submitted to it.
    3. But, to maximize the potential of this social bookmarking software, you should write multiple titles and descriptions (keywords spinning) of the url you submit. 

     Submit 10 links per day to 15 best bookmarking sites from this Automated Social Marker

    #7 Cyberfetch Website Submitter 3.0.2

    One of the most popular and best Auto website submitter, blog submittersearch engine submitter, social bookmarking software for marketing, advertising and online ad posting !

    It's very easy to use, capable to submit to thousands of websites,search engines in few minutes to hours.

    You can get thousands of backlinks, huge search engine traffic, thousands of unique visits per day , through these two ONLY ways -

    1.  6-7 hours Manual submission work for 6-7 months.
    2. 20-30 minutes auto submission work with the help of a really genuine and efficient web auto submitter program or software. 

    If you opt to the first method, then don't waste your time reading this article.

    If second option is your choice- surely, you belong to the smart brigade of marketers, this auto website submitter is designed for you!

    (Time =money -> DONT spend it in doing the manual work which you could perform with the help of a machine! )


    Super 6 Benefits (..and many more...) -

    1. Very easy to use-no technical knowledge required (along with full and free regular updates,quick bug fixes and 24 by 7 live support).
    2. Auto-fill features available. No manual work at all. Fully automated.Submit to large list of search engines,classifieds websites in a single click!
    3. Free demo for 45 days to submit to 20 websites to test, verify the quality of the web auto submitter.
    4. Submit your website, blog, url, link to Multiple websites,search engines in one go with a single click!
    5. Reliable, genuine, tested, used by thousands ever since its strikingly unique arrival in the market (since 2009)
    6. Reports-It generates reports telling which submissions succeeded and which failed which you can export in HTML file and check your submitted links live on the submitted websites.    

    Apart from the auto submitter software you can also subscribe huge data base for -

    USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe/ Middle East & Africa Combo/ South America -Central America & Latin America Combo Database/ State City USA/ USA2 Database.

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