Top 10 Best Search Engines 2017: Submit Your Website to a List of 50 Search Engines!

Top 10 Search engines listList of Search EnginesTop 10 Search Engines This is a latest updated search engines list of 50 most common and popular search engines around the world among webmasters and common users alike. We have also listed categories for image search engines, and video meta search engines. 

Top 10 search engines are also reported as best search engines for the year 2013-2014 as per their search results pages quality for a common user and advertising strength, number of indexed pages, etc for advertisers, and Internet marketers.

You would find here the search engines list throwing some light on major aspects of every search engine. great, popular web and internet search engines other than Google, Yahoo, Bing. This list of major Search Engines 2014 is based upon a recently published report by Net Market share that combines each of the top 10 search engines with full details.

This top 10 best search engine list is based upon the number of  unique monthly visitors, and the estimates are originally published/reported by in 2013.

This search engines list is made up of three types of search engines all over the world-
Most popular search engines- 3 search engines.
Popular search engines-7 search engines.
Good search engines- 40 search engines.

The top 10 best search engines mentioned here are not only famous for web searching but are also popular as Image search Engines,Video Search engines, free ebooks search engines , business search engines, and they offer a great web search engines capabilities regarding any research work for students or scholars too.

  • Web Search engines have played  a central role in making the Internet so much popular and accessible even to the common users. People use the Internet to solve their  day to day life problems, to search/learn (new) things around the world. 
  • This recently updated and fresh list of 10 best search engines is based upon the market share grabbed by each search engine globally.
  • There are countless no. of search engines on the Internet. Some of the listed Web Search engines are popular and famous in particular countries while others are known worldwide. and there are so many search engines in each country for the country-oriented specific content on the Internet.

How many search engines are there for 2014 that could be considered as "popular search engines" and "Best Search Engines", in terms of searching capability and quality result pages ?

If you try to compile a list of search engines, there would be existing several thousands search engines on the internet, but only around 40-50 search engines are worth adding in a search engines list for a mentioning ; and the rest would be very specific and small sized that they could be used only by some unique user groups for some specific usages/features.

Blogspot Search Engine- to Search only Blogger Blogs

Some time back search engines used to provided only “content related” searching facility, but recently there has been a noticeable makeshift in this trend; and now-a-days there are many good search engines available on the Internet based on their different categories. 

This searching criteria shifting has developed several new search engines that provide searching facility for a specific type of web content. Like,  You Tube is the best video search engine and Imagery is the best and perhaps the most popular “Image Search Engine”. You may even find/search an “ Icon Search Engine”  as well on the Internet today.

Top 10 Search engines list

Google search engine-the most popular , no# 1 , top search engine around the World !

We all know the Google is the best and most popular website in the world and an undisputed giant search engine in the internet world since its launch in the year of 1998. From the very starting of its foundation, Google has always been very popular and famous all around the world as a search engine giant, god ! 

Google is common man's search Engine! According to global market share statistics, Google is far ahead than any other search engines in terms of usage and web content searching including all the countries in the internet world. Apart from Yahoo , no other search engine is near to the mark of 100 M ‘unique visitors’ per month.

Google combines “Image search engine” and “video search engine “ capabilities in its web content searching criteria. Till the date, Google remains at the no.#1 top position and best search engine in the world. And this title for Google looks very stable for the near future as well!

Google does maintain its Alexa Rank as No.1 today with the title of “ Best Search Engine Of The Year 2014” .

Submit Your Website to Google 

Top 10 Search engines list

 Yahoo- The No # 1 Commercially used Web Submission Directory !

Yahoo was founded in 1994 and Yahoo as a search engine was started in 2002 and soon Yahoo became one among the best and top favorite search engine globally. Yahoo is the 4th most visited website in the world according to Alexa rank.

Yahoo search engine capabilities are powered and supported by an another best search engine Bing. No doubt, in terms of no. of unique monthly visitors globally and according to “search engine global market share statistics-2013”, Yahoo is the second best search engine among the list of top 10 search engines in the world !
submit your website to Yahoo ! 

Top 10 Search Engine List

  Bing-Owned by Microsoft-3rd Most World Popular Search Engine 

Bing was launched in the year of 2009 by Microsoft and its available in more than 40 languages globally. Bing is the 24th most popular and visited website in the world. Bing was known earlier as Live search , Windows search, and the latter two had been earlier version of search engines provided by Microsoft.

Bing is the latest web search engine from Microsoft. Bing also powering and supporting  to Yahoo search ! In the list of world’s top 10 best popular search engine, Bing stands firm at no. 3 position.

submit url of your website or blog to Bing

Search Engines List


As a question-answer format based search engine, Ask was founded by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in California in 1996. was initially a platform for web searches asked/searched in the format of questions and answers, but in 2010 Ask declared that it would be outsourcing its search indexing and crawling to Google, Bing and the other best search engines in the category.

Still, Ask has huge popularity among users as a search engine and that’s the reason its Alexa ranking is quite impressively at 45th place in the web world. In the list of world’s most popular top 10 search engines Ask comes at no. 4th for the year of 2011. If you want to advertise on ASK, you could use Bing.

You don’t need to submit your website or blog to

Top 10 Search Engines List


Teoma search engine ( founded in 2000 ) is very different and unique from the other best and popular search engines in many ways. Google and all the other best and top rated search engines follow Page Rank algorithm, whereas Teoma  uses link based algorithm technology, the latter is famously known as “Expert Rank “ algorithm. Teoma is available only in English language.

Apart from no. of “unique monthly visitors “ and global market share, due to its popularity among vast no. of advanced internet users, Teoma stands at 5th place when it comes to making a place in “world’s top 10 best search engines “ list. Teoma was  Invented/founded by Prof. Apostolos Gerasoulis.

You don’t need to submit your website or blog to Teoma.

Top 10 Search Engines List

    Duck Duck Go

Founded in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg, Duck Duck Go is an Internet search engine written in Perl  and runs on nginx. Due to its user friendly privacy policy Duck Duck Go doesn’t show users personal information in its search records.

Duck Duck Go is popular for specific and different searching criteria and manages to have a large user base of its search engine facilities. Due to high no. of unique monthly visitors, Duck Duck Go maintains the 6th place in the list of world’s top 10 best search engines.
You don’t need to submit your website or blog to Duck Duck Go.

Search Engines List


As a search engine with many search indexing categories inclusion  like, web, image, video and news -Entireweb was re-launched in 2010. Entireweb internet search engine provides its users with searching facility including many features and varieties.

Due to its shear popularity and huge user base for its search engine capabilities, Entireweb got 7th place in the list of world’s top 10 best search engines for the year-2012.    

You may submit the url of your website or blog to Entireweb

10 Search Engines List


Blekko is a newly launched internet search engine with lots of new and advanced user friendly features to provide a strong and customized web searching facilities.

Blekko is very innovative in its way of operating and search results display features  It also offers free webmasters and developers tools like many other best web search engines in the category. Blekko uses “slashtag” ( its similar as found in twitter attributes,tags and preceded by a slasher / ) to display common search results. Blekko is gaining huge popularity as a search engine with faster rate due to its new and advanced innovative searching features and facilities and the huge no. of unique monthly visitors tell the whole story about why so soon it got the 8th top rank in the list of worlds top 10 search engines for the year of 2014!

You don’t need to submit your website or blog to Blekko.

Top Search Engines List

  Scrub The Web

Srub the Web is a search engine with a lot of similarities to a web directory. Though, “ Srub The Web” is a very old search engine ( since 1996 ) but, still its not that much of popular compared to the others in the list of the 10 best search engines in the world.

Yet, Scrub the Web could be a good search engine for those seeking to submit their blog or website to as many search engines as possible. 

 Submit the url of your website or blog to Scrub The Web

Top Search Engines


GigaBlast is popularly known as “ The Green Search Engine “ ( since more than of its 90% power usage comes from wind energy ).

Gigablast offers customizable search options and you could search according to the exact context and capability.Gigablast indexes generic meta tags, and it can also display the meta tags in the search results list.

 Submit the url of your website or blog to GigaBlast

Another Search Engine to submit Your Site is You may submit your Website/blog here-Submit website .

List of search engines: submit your website or blog for free on the 50 popular search engines for free!

Here is given a List of 50 best Search engines where you may submit your website. Some of them allow free submission and others offer only paid search engine submission services. 

If you want your website to be indexed quickly on various popular search engines then going for paid search engine submission services could be the right solution considering they charge a nominal fees compared to other online marketing services.

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Submit your Website to the Top 50 Free Search Engines 2017:

Free search engine submission-Want to submit your website or blog to free search engines? Use the below given list of 50 best free search engines to submit your website without paying anything. Submitting your website to these 50 search engines is totally free.

How to manually submit to various search engines - Just click on the link given ahead of each search engine, and it redirect you to the "website submission" page of that search engine where you would be asked to provide the url/link of your web page. Just put your link and click submit! Submission is done!!  

Submit ExpressSearch Engine Placementsearch engine submission

List of top 10 Photo search engines

Top 10 best image search engines list where you can search any types of pictures or photos and you can upload your own photos be it personal or professional ! 

  • Best royalty free photo sites

Top 10 most popular search engines for watching Videos

#1 YouTube
#2 NetFlix
#3 Vimeo
#4 Yahoo! Screen
#5 DailyMotion
#6 Hulu
#7 Vube
#8 LiveLeak
#9 Twitch
#10 UStream


Promote your website with SEO and Submission

Apart from search engine submission, your website or blog must be well optimized with on-page and off-page SEO techniques:-

5 importantly basic tips for on-page SEO
Submit guest posts to improve SEO for blogs
Post free classifieds to promote your content
Free submit your website

if it belongs to any of the following categories-
Submit your classified site
Free submit your bookmarking website OR
You can free list your article directories

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    86. WhatWhyWhenWhere

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