Top 100 Social BOOKMARKING|Web LIST 2013

100 + Best Ever Social Bookmarking Sites list for SEO with High Google Page Rank (with dofollow tag status) - 2013

100 Bookmarking sites list
Best Social Bookmarking Sites list- Top Bookmarking Sites -The below listed top 100 best social bookmarking sites 2012-13 are very popular and mostly used for SEO, increasing Google page rank,and to improve Alexa page rank, and to get huge back links and incoming links to improve SERP visibility, and to increase search engine traffic, number of daily unique visitors, page views for your blog or website. One of the main uses of these top social bookmarking sites is that any website/blog readers can save their favorite web pages permanently by bookmarking websites pages on these social bookmarking sites. Social Bookmarking sites, specially do follow social bookmarking sites are one of the most useful, popular,and great SEO tools for webmasters,bloggers. Bookmarking blog posts/web pages/url links on any of these 100 best social bookmarking websites 2013 is one among the top 5 best free ways to get good quality free Do Follow back links and organic search engine traffic from another high Google PR and Alexa Ranked social bookmarking web sites .You can bookmark or save online all your favorite websites permanently on any of these best 100 bookmarking sites. The list of top 100 free best bookmarking sites is specially beneficial and crucial for bloggers and website owners in order to increase Google Page Rank, to improve Alexa page rank, to get good quality back links, high blog traffic, and to increase number of monthly new unique visitors, link juice, and SERP visibility of one's individual website pages or blog posts.

An Important note about Social  Bookmarking sites

And you dont need 500,1000,or 5000 Bookmarking sites list as this list of 100 Bookmarking sites contains the best bookmarking sites-if you only use these 100 best bookmarking sites you would not be requiring any more bookmarking sites to improve SEO for any website or blog (90 % of bookmarks are searched and viewed through only these 100 bookmarking sites-and these sites are responsible for 90 % search engine traffic received by all the bookmarking sites in the world! 

Find detailed post about the best top 25 customized social bookmarking list-2013!

If you place links of your blogs on these genuine and popular bookmarking sites, definitely your blog will get a lot of search engine traffic and that will surely increase the Google page rank, searchability, Alexa ranking, number of back links targeting to your weblog, and offcourse number of daily new unique visitors to your blog..This social bookmarking sites list 2011 is a free, full of high PR sites, good for getting back links, best for blog SEO,  very productive for your blog promotion, and the listed bookmarking sites are popular in all the countries around the world, mainly  including, US, UK, Australia, India, UAE, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, Canada,France, Europe, Asia, etc.

These are the best and free bookmarking sites where you need to only free register on them and start adding your weblogs links. You don't need to pay anything to get good traffic for your website/blog-you can create your own after a little bit constant efforts !
The list of top 100 best bookmarking sites is according to their top 100 rankings, Alexa rank, and Google page rankings (PR).

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Do-Follow Bookmarking

"Do follow" social bookmarking sites are of the prime importance of all the bookmarking sites since your blog gets some 'x' PR per link posted on a Do follow social bookmarking site, where value of 'x' increases as per the PR of the page of the bookmarking site where your link is posted. More the PR of "do follow" site-more the PR your blog gets through the backlink( your blog wont get any PR through a link posted on a No Do Follow site, even the site is PR10.

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Social Bookmarking sites List

Social marker : Ping.Fm is one among the best Social Markers where you can post to more than 25 Social Networking Sites within a blink of an is a very potent tool or plug-in to submit your website to multiple best social bookmarking sites from a single point with a single click! Social Marker saves your time by offering you all your popular social bookmarking sites list in a single page. Just tick or choose your favorite social bookmarking sites from the list and click the 'submit automatically to multiple bookmarking sites' button and it will submit your website, blog or micro blog to these social bookmarking sites, provided that you are already registered/logged in with these bookmarking sites !

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List Of 100 Top Best Social Bookmarking Sites with High PR-2013

high pr social bookmarking

This is an updated and fresh list of the best and top 100 social bookmarking sites with their Alexa rank and Google page rank (PR1-PR10). These "top social bookmarking sites" in this bookmarking sites list are one of the most popular bookmarking sites among most of the bloggers around the world for blog SEO, backlink building, SEM. Many of these below listed social bookmarking sites are listed as "do follow social bookmarking' sites. You can increase the Google page rank of your blog, websites through the back links from “do follow” social bookmarking sites. 

You can use free or paid Social bookmarking Software to post your blog links automatically on these social bookmarking sites. With the help of any of the listed top best 7 auto bookmarking tools you can save a lot of time wasted in manual bookmarking submissions.

Top 100

Best Bookmarking Sites

Google Page Rank

Alexa Rank

1 kojaxx social Bookmarking-DoFollow 3 33192
2 drigg-code-DoFollow bookmarking site 1 91305
3 esocialbookmarks-DoFollow 1 45257
4 stickytags-Do follow social-bookmarking 3 64977
5 arrisweb business bookmarks-NoFollow 1 48840
6 zabox-a nofollow bookmarking site 3 28197
7 SBJJ-"dofollow bookmarking" website 3 47584
8 opentags-Dofollow bookmarking site 3 61724
9 headusnext-Technology bookmarks-DoFollow links 3 36572
10openbuzz-"Dofollow bookmarking site" 3 46607
11 2 140249
12 bebeame-nofollow 2 32834
13 planetbookmark-Dofollow 2 238532
14 Scoop It  7 62065
15 seowebmarks-Dofollow  2 35098
16 submit-link4u-Dofollow 2 80941
17 urselections-Dofollow bookmarking 2 39051
18 Indofeed -news bookmarks dofollow site 2 22480
19 business planet-a business news Dofollow bookmarking site 3 17510
20 healthigg-health Do follow bookmarks 1 128067
21 subbmitt-Tech bookmarks Dofollow 1 226
22 sakudelo-Dofollow 2 31948
23 webmaster911-Dofollow  2 41624
24 oomega-Education Dofollow bookmarking site 3 10026
25 yemle-Dofollow 2 20575
26 pliggthis-Do follow 2 42011
27 dealigg-amazon,ebay deals bookmarking-NoFollow 4 6909
28 ezyspot-Business,Entertainment "nofollow" bookmarking site 5 47053
29 bookmarking 3 98233 bookmarking site 3 55327
31 media bookmarking-Nofollow 7 2929
32 rebookmarks-Do follow bookmarking  2 30455
33 popular social bookmarking site-Nofollow 6 22012
34 bestsocialsubmission-Do follow  2 33658
35 cloudytags-Online business products NoFollow site 4 34551
36 rambhai-movies,entertainment related bookmarks-no follow 3 32311
37 follow bookmarking for any types of bookmarks 4 34551
38 everyonehere-Do follow site  2 43011
39 follow 5 21029
40 4 124611
41 Social Monkee-Dofollow ** 4 5131
42 Bookmarkcape -Dofollow 1 42338
43 -Nofollow 5 21792
44 Nofollow 5 12023
45 Agileblend- Dofollow 2 31227
46 Beck bookmarks-Dofollow 1 228192
47 5 30620
48 -Dofollow 4 20002
49 5 9561
50 Dotpotch-Dofollow 5 40929
51 follow 4 105222
52 designfloat -Do follow 6 8541
53 Dofollow 6 2763
54 6 8201
55 Dofollow 6 3552
56 6 9916
57 5 12250
58 5 13650
59 5 10440
60 prmsp-dofollow 4 105222
61 6 4990
62 do follow 3 41950
63 5 37514
64 Bookmark Hub 3 41510
65 USA Bookmarking sites 3 45473
66 Bagamare- Dofollow 3 31941
67 Zabox 3 27152
68 Social-bookmarking Dofollow 6 15348
69 Tourdion-Dofollow 3 50397
70 metafilter Dofollow 7 3056
71 7 1383
72 NewsMeback-Dofollow 5 13264
73 Usdigg-dofollow 2 296586
74 7 5519
75 7 3390
76 7 7156
77 7 3015
78 Dofollow social bookmarking 2 157348
79 Dofollow 8 NA
80 Dofollow 8 253
81 8 145
82 Dofollow 7 206
83 Dofollow 8 137
84 8 7226
85 Dofollow 8 1554
86 7 4417
87 7 16697
88 8 510
89 8 1971
90 Dofollow 3 39596
91 Mbbmark Dofollow 2 107227
92 Dofollow 3 55488
93 iKeepbookmarks Dofollow 5 25495
94 Yahoo Bookmarks 5 4
95 Clip Clip 5 27432
96 GiveaLink 5 19579
97 Google Bookmarks Dofollow 8 2
98 Mysitevote Dofollow 3 39285
99 Mosaic Bookmarking Dofollow 2 41607
100 Youmob Dofollow 5 16106
101 BusinessPlanet Dofollow 3 21161
102 ezyspot  5 41494
103 Dofollow 3 26487
** submit 3 links to 300 bookmarking sites per day!

Why not "dofollow" tag status is updated for social-bookmarking sites of PR greater than 4 in the above bookmarking sites list?

As from my own experience, and most importantly, as per the views of SEO experts and bloggers, you should always bookmark your content on the social bookmarking sites that have PR 5 or more, irrespective of they are dofollow or nofollow, provided that the bookmarking site content is relevant to your own site/blog. So, bookmark your blog pages on every of these bookmarking sites of PR5-PR10; no matter dofollow or no dofollow. 
About this "List of Social Bookmarking Sites"

I have taken a lot of care while publishing this Top 100 list of social bookmarking sites. But, i anticipate that this bookmarking sites list would be better, if it receives constant feed backs and updates to keep it updated/fresh and relevant to provide the most valuable input about best social bookmarking sites.Please do post a comment, if you have noticed anything like, an issue, error,link breaks, disconnects, or if you to share anything relevant to this post. Thanks ! 

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Extended list of social bookmarking sites 2013..continues..
  •  PR5
  •               PR5
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  •       PR 5 dofollow
  •   PR 5 
  • PR5 dofollow
  •  PR5 
  •          PR5
  •     PR2
  •     PR5
  •  PR1
  •     PR1
  •  PR2 dofollow
  •    PR1
  •    PR1
  •      PR1
  •   PR2
  •  PR2
  •   PR1
  •  PR1
  •    PR2
  •  PR2
  •  PR2
  •   PR2
  •       PR1
  •  PR2
  •  PR3
  •  PR1
  •   PR3
Check back later for more new and live bookmarking sites here as we will keep adding more sites to this ultimate bookmarking sites list :)

See more bookmarking sites list on Listly :)



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