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10 BEST Photo Websites for Royalty FREE Images-2014

List of 10 Best Websites for free royalty-free photos-2014

Note- Please don't download or use images and photos that are protected by copy rights laws. Read before using them

Royalty Free images are in! Every blogger,webmaster needs royalty free photos and stock images for their blogs and websites.That's what prompted me to write a full list of only the top 10 best free photo websites for year 2014! The Free photos websites here in the top 10 list have 3 types of free photos: # 1-Royalty free Photos, # 2-Creative Commons Images and # 3-Free Stock Photos.

royalty free websites list
There are so many royalty free photo sites on the Internet claiming to be the " best royalty free photo sites" and it makes really difficult to judge which website offers the best quality and most updated stock of free royalty free images. Some royalty-free image sites ask for sign up and some offer you royalty free images straightly without any sign up. The best royalty free photo sites listed here are also good place for getting creative commons images and commercial license free images.But, some of the best websites for royalty-free images ask you to give credit to the author/submitter/photo uploader/photographer. In this case you need to give a link back to the original url of the photo uploader. If you are looking for a really genuine and sophisticated photos, then you can also buy images at many these websites for as low as $1. And you could find, in that case really great, awesome photos for your blogs.
On these top 10 best websites for “Royalty-Free Images”  you can find and search millions of images that have excellent quality and resolution that could make your blog look wonderful !
Make sure that if a website requires link back and attribution for the free downloaded image then you need to give credits in a proper way from wherever on your blog you post this royalty-free image.

To find more about how to use,get,share creative commons photos and "royalty free" images without violating any copyrights, visit the blog post and also find lots of  top best websites for "royalty free photos", "public domain photos", and "creative commons images" for your your website.

Why This List of 10 Best Royalty free Photos?

For a blog, “A picture is worth more than writing 10 lines”. But finding royalty free photos could be a daunting task.That’s why i have made the list of top 10 best websites ( i could list top 20 or 50 best websites list, but this list is the hottest of ‘em all, and short !) where you can get royalty-free, free for commercial use, and Creative Commons licensed pictures/images for your blogs/lenses/articles or any web publications.
This top 10 websites list for royalty free images becomes more important when there are several thousand websites out there on the Internet (self) claiming to be " the best free photo or best royalty free images website in the world" !! 

Top 10 best sites for royalty free photos , 'free for commercial use' photos and Creative Commons Images









Free Stock Deck- A good place to get good stock photos for your website or blog. "Free stock deck" offers royalty free and stock photos totally free: for commercial use, business use, and for any type of professional use.

What types of photos you can get it from here

Landscapes, Nature, Architecture, Urban, Business, Objects, Food, Transportation, Health and Beauty, Social, Travel, Science and Technology, Concepts, Abstract, People.

Best part of Free Stock Deck:

  • You can take as many stock photos as you want without giving any attribution or link back to the original photo site. 
  • You can use stock photos from this website for multiple purpose; and all photos are totally free to use, modify,edit,and redistribute.

Free Stock Deck: free stock photo website

Bloggers Clip Art- This photo website is focused to attract bloggers to use its stock photos for their blog posts. "bloggers clip art" provides stock photos and clip arts for many mainstream photo sections like, clip art photos and graphics, stock photos, digital art photos, web graphics images.

What types of images you can find on this website-

Animal stock photos, Architecture related photos, Art stock photos, Business stock photos, Car photos, cartoon stock photos, Celebrity stock photos, Christmas stock photos, Family stock photos, Industrial stock photos, Interior design, sports, science, technology stock photos, and lots more..!

Why to use Bloggers Clip Art-

  • All stock photos on this website are simply high quality and resolution. 
  • Attribution is not mandatory (not mentioned anywhere in "the privacy policies of the website for using stock photo") 
  • A wide range of quality stock photos to choose from. 
  • Quality of the images on this stock photos website is good enough to be used for your website designing-free of cost! 

Bloggers Clip Art: Find stock photos for your website

Please leave your valuable comments : If you have seen/visited/used any other websites where users can get free photos under the label of Commercial use/re-use/Creative Commons/Royalty-Free Images, then feel free to put your remarks-Thanks for Dropping By !!


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