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Search Engines GLOBAL Market Share-2012

Year 2012 Global Market Share Report for Top 10 Search Engines   

Search engines global market share 2012
Search Engine Global Market Share

Year 2012 Global market share statistics for the best Top 10 Search Engines reveals which search engine is the best and how the rest of top 10 best search engines are fairing when it comes to similar other searching capabilities like, Image searching, Video searching,etc. The search engine market share by each of the top 10 search engines showcases a comparative view of the searching performance of each search engine in their respective fields.No doubt, the search giant Google is still leading the lot with a huge difference when it comes to Global Share of Searches by each of the Top 10 search engines in the world. These statistics of the Search Engines global market share also puts a deeper view for the Top 10 World popular search engines other than Google. Which is the best search engine other than Google? Which search engine is the best in a particular country for a particular Operating System? Which search engine is the best for Image searching, Video searching? This market share statistics also tells you which search engine is the best for a particular web Browser type and which search engine is mostly used for the handheld devices other than Computers, i.e. Mobile, PDA, Laptops, Notebooks, etc ! This "Search Engine Global Market Share 2012 " Statistics” has been originally reported in the 2012 report by Net Market Share. (please visit Net Market Share for the detailed story)

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Top 10 Search Engines according to their Global Market Share-2012

Top 10 Search Engines 2012

Search Engine List

Global %
Market Share

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2012 Global market Share-Google

2012 Global market Share-Yahoo

2012 Global market Share-Baidu

2012 Global market Share-Bing

Global market Share for Ask

Global market Share for AoL

Global market Share for Excite

Global market Share for Lycos

0.02 LYCOS
Global market Share for msn

Alta Vista
Global market Share for Alta Vista




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