DoFollow sites and blogs-List of around 225 "DoFollow" web-sites

Dofollow blog-sites list-Finding the relevant "do follow" blogs is a daunting task since after most of the big sites turning to "no follow" status, almost every blog has replaced "do follow" attribution to No Follow status.So, most of those blogs or websites turn to do follow that want to attract lots of comments, and blog links submission to promote themselves instantly without spending much on paid traffic.
And, most of the do follow sites turn into no follow after fulfilling their promotional motives. In this scenario you can't label any website or blog as "do follow" for ever. You have to keep track of what is do follow and whats no follow.

I have tried my best to update this do follow blogs list as often as possible to keep the do follow list relevant and true.,Still, i would advise you to use the do follow detector plugins. These plugins are very common and are freely available for almost every browser.    

This Do Follow Blog post is comprised of the two major parts-

#1-All You Wanted To Know About Do-Follow, No Follow  Attributes- A full guide

#2-List of 125 best of "Do-Follow" Blogs and Websites

Do follow blogs listThis blog post lists of 225 websites, blogs, forums or publisher’s house that follow “Do Follow” tags .If you are looking to gain “links juice” for your websites or blog, then it becomes very important and crucial to know which sites use DO FOLLOW and which ones adapt NO FOLLOW policy. Since then when Google and all the big sites and search engines players have started following “ no follow” tag policy for link juice sharing, all other major bloggers, big sites also started following the same “nofollow” route for link sharing. Hence, many of bloggers and webmasters now think that it is of very less or no use posting links in comments or other places on these such sites that follow “no follow” HTML attribute. It has become a big concern for bloggers and websites owners since many social bookmarking sites, forums, bloggers, article directories use “nofollow” attribute, or in other words they have removed “dofollow” tag attribute. 
But this should not be the case for two reasons-

  1. Only having all your inbound links from Dofollow sites makes your page unstable, unnatural, and spammy in the eyes of search engines.
  2. If you get backlinks even from nofollow (good) sites, then it creates natural linking for your site, it gets organic traffic for your site, as well as nofollow links effect the target/original source page reputation.(Facebook, wikipedia are nofollow sites, still they are very good for your site reputation and seo aspects, as we all know.)   

What is a NO FOLLOW attribute?

No Follow is an attribute now used in HTML codes and it was originally introduced in 2005 by Google ( and Blogger ) to control widely spreaded web spamming. No Follow is an HTML tag used to change the anchor code of the links to convert Do Follow links into No Follow links. For e.g, an HTML code with Do Follow attribute will look like :
<a href="link URL">link name (anchor)</a>. But, through this NO Follow attribute the Do Follow link will automatically be converted in a No Follow link like this :
<a href=”link URL” rel=”nofollow”> link name</a> And this way your link becomes a No Follow and you don’t get any “link juice” for search engine rankings. Though, you still get backlink from that blog and anybody could reach your blog following that link.

Do (No) Follow Dilemmas-

We all, as a blogger or website owner desperately need “worth full link backs building” opportunities and we use many techniques for this, such as comment posting, article submission, social bookmarking, search engine site submission, forum posting, link exchanging, link signature commenting, and all the stuff that provides links back to our own blog or website. But, due to the most websites following “no follow” attribute, it becomes very hard creating back links and gaining the “ link juice” in order to increase page rank and traffic to your blog or websites. In such case, getting to know about very few sites, forums, blogs that still use “ Do Follow” attributes.This is the reason i have published this list of “best Do Follow sites for bloggers” . You can use this list to improve Google page rank( or any other search engine rank), SERPs of your blog or website in a drastic manner.

All important things to know about Do Follow or No Follow attributes

You should also remove “do follow” attribute from the unnecessary links on your blogs to stop unwanted link juice going out of your blog through outbound links. And, yes you should always follow “do follow” in comment areas of your blog to motivate (allure? ) other bloggers to comment on your blog posts.
Do follow can also drain some link juice away from your website/blog to the other one its pointing. Hence, if a comment has a link that has PR0 or lower than yours then this link will sure leave a negative impact on your own blog and profitize to the commenter’s blog. This is the reason many bloggers with good PR started accepting only the most relevant and good PR value links ( and comments).

How to enable your Blogger’s blog to Do Follow attribute

Dofollow sites list   Dofollow blogs list

Follow the below mentioned step wise step method to remove “No Follow” attribute from your Blogger’s blog or enable to Do Follow attributes ( to attract fellow bloggers comments )-
  1. Go to Dashboard by logging in to your Blogger’s blog account ( you can directly do so through going to and logging into your account). Now go to Layout or Design Menu.
  2. Now click on the Edit HTML link to go to HTML of your Blogger template.
  3. Tick the check box of Expand Widget Template to display all the HTML codes placed in the Blogger template.
  4. Now look for these two codes texts (use Ctrl+F and paste the below codes in the HTML editor window) :
<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><></a>
<a expr:href='data:backlink.url' rel='nofollow'><data:backlink.title/></a>

One code in the above is for commentator’s own URL and the other one for backlinks.
Now just find nofollow word in the above these two lines and simply delete the no in nofollow.
But don’t forget to edit settings for comments in your Blogger’s Dashboard by going to Settings>Comments. Now turned on the option for “anonymous users can comment “( for “who can comment? “ field). 
And now you can easily declare to the commentators that your blog’s status is DO FOLLOW ! That’s it, fellows !!

have compiled this list of “Do Follow Websites” according to the different available opportunities for submitting links of your blog or website to these “link juice” providing forums, blogs, websites, social networking sitesezines, best social bookmarking sites, etc.

List Of top 50 Do Follow Blogs,bookmarking Sites and Forums

Dofollow websites list

Dofollow blogs list

I have Compiled here this list of those blogs, websites, social Bookmarking sites, forums,and  article submission directories that surely use Do Follow attribute. Adding comments, Publishing your blog profile, and inserting links to these do follow websites could add a great value to the "link juice” for your site and most importantly, do follow sites can be very useful to boost Google PR and SERP of your blog site to a noticeable degree. Make sure that you utilize these Do Follow sites in your favor only in the most appropriate way to not be tagged as a spammer as this could prove to extremely harmful for your blog's reputation in the eyes of major search engines. Write a description that is balanced with proper keywords and relevancy (context).    

Top 30 Best Do Follow Sites List

Top 30 List Of Do Follow Sites Top 30 List Of Do Follow Sites
1 Ezine-Dofollow article submission site 16 Currybet
2 Yahoo bookmarks-Dofollow bookmarking site 17 Bbpress Forum
3 Slashdot 18 Midasoracle
4 Flickr Forum 19 Daniweb Forum
5 Joomla Forum 20 Gardenstew
6 IndianPad 21 Plime
7 Killer Startups 22 Socialogs
8 Feed For All Forum 23 Realestatevoices
9 Blog Hop 24
10 DotnetKicks 25
11 Protolize 26 Afterdawn Forum
12 Kinja 27 On My List
13 Book Forum 28
14 Forum newsgator 29 Cnet Forums
15 Mysql Forum 30 Autospies

Top 50 Best Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites list

(To generate more backlinks,organic traffic for your blog,website-dont forget to read my blog post on Top 25 Best Social Bookmarking Websites )

Top 50 List Of Do Follow Sites Top 50 List Of Do Follow Sites
31 My Link Vault 41 Yattle
42 Buddy Marks
33 Clip Clip 43 Complore
34 Backflip 44 My V Marks
35 Reddit 45 Connotea
36 BibSonomy 46 Jumptags
37 WebproWorld-Dofollow Forum 47 SyncOne
38 ez4u 48 Yahoo Bookmarks
39 TeDigo 49 Linked Words
40 A1 Bookmarks 50 Unalog

List of another 175 Dofollow sites (social bookmarking sites)

Find below the list of 175+ Dofollow bookmarking sites which you can download in Pdf format for later use. All the sites listed here are manually checked. I hope these bookmarking sites will be useful for the betterment of off page SEO of your blog/website.