List of Social Networking Sites- Top 10 Social Media Sharing Sites 2016-17.

Last Updated on - Feb 2016

List of world's most favorite social networking sites-This is a fresh list of 10 best social media networking sites 2016 (SMN)-best social media websites (SMW) with reviews, Alexa ranks,and popularity rankings.

 Social networking sites are invariably in super demand and no one is left behind in using social media sites whether he/she is a normal internet user, blogger, internet marketer or simply any one who wants to make their presence felt on Internet !

Social media sites : Top 10 ranked Networking sites for 2016-17

Social media has become the prime source of web traffic for most of the websmasters now-a-days and they don't leave any stone unturned to get traffic from them. Most of the online publishers use these sites as primary tools to get social traffic

I am publishing this 10 list of the best social networking sites by getting inspired by addicts of these best social networking sites.

This list of most popular social networking sites gives you glimpses of Alexa Rank, small reviews and rankings of these sharing sites for the year 2016.

All of the Best Social Networking Sites mentioned below are very popular in terms of user base in all the countries, mainly in - United States, United Kingdom, India, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, China, South Africa and Asian Countries !

Truly, Social networking is very much IN in today's time and these 10 networking sites have become 'Internet Giants' in terms of web influence, popularity and powerful impression over the Internet users of all walks of life.

Latest updated post : March 2016

Well, there has been a lot of changes since 2012 and we needed to update this post according to keep our readers updated and to be stayed relevant ourselves. 

Orkut has been discontinued by its owner Google Inc and it's no more available. 

Google Plus came as a new social media sites and grew to became one of the top 5 social sites in 2014. Google Plus has grown drastically in a very short span of time. 

And, in the last two years period Pinterest has become a strong force not only as a sharing site but also a powerful content marketing platform for business community

So, here is a brief list of the top 10 social media sites for the year 2016

  1. ( What are the 4 little known privacy issues in FB?
  3. ( learn techniques to promote yourself via LinkedIn
  4. Google Plus    ( 10 Tips to become more visible on Google Plus )

Older post- the below given review is for the year 2011-2013 and there has been big changes after then

#1 Facebook -Most visited Website on daily basis

Facebook has become the 'oh-so-well-known ' face of social networking and social media networks all over the (Internet) world - undoubtedly! 

It has defined new trends, has given new meanings to several common words. Facebook has been the pioneer of all social sites and it introduced new ways and means to connect, and share interesting things, content, and ideas online with well known or new people alike.

Facebook has impacted the way and amount of time spent on the Internet by common people. Facebook has something to offer for all age, sex, breed of people, such as Kids, teenagers, youngsters, elderly people. No one is left behind when it comes to sharing a newly found interest, hobby,or relationship.

25 Facebook Groups Best for advertisers, business, marketing, SEO, and Blogging

Best of SMN 
  • Alexa Global Rank :1  
  • Sites Linking in to Facebook : 1216700 
  • Online presence since :1997
  • Unique monthly visitors: 750 Million 
  • Most popular networking site in : US, India and Germany.

#2 Twitter -No #1 Micro Blogging Social Networking Site 

Best Post Sharing

  • Alexa Global rank : 9
  • Sites Linking in to Twitter : 1029011
  • Online presence since : 2007
  • Unique Monthly Visitors : 200 Million
  • Most popular networking site in : US, India and Japan.

#3 LinkedIn- no #1 Social Networking Site for Professionals

Professional networking
  • Alexa Global Rank : 14
  • Sites Linking in to LinkedIn : 168522 
  • Online presence since : 2002
  • Unique Monthly Visitors : 100 Million 
  • Most popular networking site in : US, India and UK.

#4 MySpace # No.1 Social Networking Site for Movie, Music, and Celebrity Fans 

Giant SMN after FB
  • Alexa Global Rank : 48
  • Sites Linking in to Myspace : 408226 
  • Online presence since : 2003
  • Unique Monthly Visitors : 80 Million
  • Most popular networking site in : US, India and Germany.

#5 Orkut- Used to be No # 1 Sharing Social networking Site ahead of Facebook 

top-10-best- social-networking-sites
Google's Own SMN 
  • Alexa Global Rank : 103
  • Sites Linking in to Orkut : 22735 
  • Online presence since : 2004
  • Unique Monthly Visitors : 15 Million
  • Most popular networking site in : Brazil, India and Japan.

#6 Badoo

Chatting n' Dating Site
  • Alexa Global Rank : 118
  • Sites Linking in to Badoo : 1847
  • Online presence since : 2006
  • Unique Monthly Visitors : 8 Million
  • Most popular networking site in : Brazil, France and Italy .

#7 Ning

Network of Sites
  • Alexa Global Rank : 271
  • Sites Linking in to Ning : 15463
  • Online presence since : 2005
  • Unique Monthly Visitors : 60 Million
  • Most popular networking site in : US, India and Brazil .

#8 Tagged 

Tag, Share n' play
  • Alexa Global Rank : 284
  • Sites Linking in to Tagged : 4040
  • Online presence since : 2004
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: 15 Million 
  • Most popular networking site in: US, India and Malaysia

#9 Hi5 

Fun & Gaming Site
  • Alexa Global Rank : 417
  • Sites Linking in to Hi5 : 11623
  • Online presence since : 2003
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: 12 Million 
  • Most popular networking site in: Thailand, Romania and India.

#10 Meetup  

A Place To Meet
  • Alexa Global Rank : 473
  • Sites Linking in to Hi5 : 14198
  • Online presence since : 2001
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: 8 Million 
  • Most popular networking site in: US, UK and Canada.

Dear readers please update the list of social networking sites by sharing your comments and suggestions about more other/new social networking sites.

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