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What are the Top 10 Ranked Online Shopping Websites for USA. Know what are the leaders in US online Retail industry

What are the best Online Shopping places for USA?  

List of the 10 most popular general e-commerce shopping websites for United States of America in 2014-2015 . 

The Online e-commerce Shopping websites described here are greatly favored by both kind of the people, the shopaholic users and retail sellers. These portals are very prominent online market places to open your products store and sell services if you are a seller. They are considered to be the prime online trade portals for Business service providers for United States locations. You won't have to search anywhere after going through this list of buy-sell e-shopping sites. If you are a freelance worker, you can sell your services at these sites to worldwide audiences. 

Some of the sites, like Amazon, eBay, Zazzle,etc are favorite selling platforms for affiliate marketing experts. You can resell products or become an affiliate on these sites and can earn really good commission with your affiliate marketing efforts.        

Top 10 online shopping e-commerce websites for USA

The internet has become more popular and you cannot compare its current usage to its usage a decade ago. Almost every business activity can be provided on an online platform. It is because of the technological advancements that it is even possible for people to shop and pay online without having to visit the stores and premises offering the products they want. 

This is very advantageous to both the businesses offering these services as well as to the clients and customers seeking these services. The business benefits from a wider client base and the clients are able to save time since they do not have to visit the store.

If you have never done shopping on an online platform, you surely have missed out on something big. If you however wish to know how the online shopping process is, you will need to read through the following websites list. 

The list will provide you with 15 of the best websites to do your online shopping from.


SEO Blogs & Websites- 10 Best Places to Learn SEO Tips FREE!

Top 10 Most Prolific SEO Blogs and Websites on the Internet to learn and discuss Search Engine Optimization related topics and Niches

SEO is in a great demand ever since the inception of World Wide Web and Blogging. SEO has been a widely loved and respected (and scary) area on the Internet. There are lots of institutes and coaching classes in the every city now to teach and learn Search Engine Optimization Process. Most of the web based companies spend a huge amount every year only on optimizing their website or business blog through SE Optimization. Ever since the common Internet users started using Google search engine as a tool on daily basis, SEO has become the most widely researched and searched topic on the web world. 

Today, blogging success heavily depends on Search Engine Optimization. SEO means Success. Period. 

Let's come to the main point-> Learning SEO.

If you are a blogger, webmaster, or small business website owner whose success depends on how their websites or blogs are performing in various major search engines, then, you must learn Search Engine Optimization techniques; at least to a level where you could easily understand what steps to be taken to make your web pages perform better in SERP's for the desired main keywords and phrases.

Who should visit and connect with these SE Optimization blogs:-  The Popular SEO blog mentioned here are not only good for learning purpose but also very helpful for someone who wants to stay updated with the latest SE Optimization news, updates, and happenings. 

These blog sites are great community for those who use SE Optimization techniques on their own blog websites or who are developing Search Engine Optimization process for others websites, or who want to be an SEO expert for whatsoever reasons.

Top 10 SEO Blogs and Websites on the Entire Internet World


35 Profile Backlinks PR7-PR9 High Quality and Domain Authoity Backlinks FREE (.org, .com, .edu domains)

List of some high quality, High Domain Authority (DA), and High PR sites for those who are hunting for DoFollow Backlinks.  

Get backlinks from High DA blogs from various types of popular TLD's, like .org, .Com. .Edu, .Biz .CN, .FM, etc.  
The links are from PR9-PR7 main domains, also called root domain, not actual PR9 pages. 
You will not get link from PR9/PR8 or PR7 page but the DoFollow backlinks from these High PR and High Domain Authority sites could make a whole lot difference to the SEO for your blog. Because the PR9 could only be possible for root domain and not for other linked or inner pages of a website- how so much high domain authority it may have. Just make a search on the internet, the only available PR9 backlinks are those from root domain.

Example : - root domain  PR9 - sub domain PR8 - actual page -PR8 is PR9

List of 35 High-PR9-PR7 Backlinks at

Content Writing Skills- the Most Dominating AreaSkill in Blogging to Win your Readers and beat SEO & Rankings| 10 Tips to Better Blog Post Crafting

10 Content Writing Tips To Help You Become a Better Blogger

Writing and Blogging Skills- Blog Writing is an art and you have to master it to become a better crafts-person. 
How to upgrade your blog post creating skills and abilities. 10 Tips to become a better blogger.

Blogging can be a real thrill as you will have full control over whatever it is you want to write. You can engage in any writing style that you want and talk about anything that tickles your fancy. But if you want to be the best blogger there then you need to be aware of how you are handling the writing process at large. There are a few sensible writing tips that you should be following if you want to make your blogging activity more effective and enjoyable.

Different Bloggers have different goals and ambitions regarding their blogging passion. Most of them want to make good money with blogs while some do it for the sake of content marketing for their business or brand. While many small or bigger companies use it as a strong support for their free online advertising long term based campaigns.

A successful blog is made up of combining many good things in best ways possible ! 
Learn how to become a blogger that knows what needs to be improved and where and how much!

   10 Tips to Become a Better Blogger in Writing Valuable Blog Posts Everytime!


Why Do Guest Blogging? What are all the Benefits of Blog Posting? Read 5 Tips on Guest Blog Writing to be a Winner Guest Blogger!

What is Guest Blog writing? Why to care about becoming a successful Guest Blogger? A Comprehensive guide on Guest Blogging for Beginners 

Guest blogging is perhaps not as popular as it formerly was but that does not diminish its significance for writers. The practice basically involves an individual getting their blog articles posted on another blogger’s site. Top bloggers and trendy products have been elevated by using this strategy. If you want to grow your audience, you can look for guest posting opportunities or invite established bloggers to share a pertinent post on your blog. Finding and effectively utilizing arising guest posting opportunities can make a huge difference in the visibility of your products and general shared content. 

Find here a List of 220+ Blogsites that accept guest blogging. Select blogs as per your main niches. Make sure to read their guidelines properly before submitting a post. Also submit your blog to these top notch high PR blog directory websites for better exposure and search engine optimization results.

Guest Blogging guide for Beginners
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3 Most Important Steps to Secure your Computer System or Online Devices

Easy Ways of Securing Your Computer -  3 Must-Do Tasks for All Computer Users

A Begginer's guide to securing a system from crash, virus, and online thefts.

Useful tips for securing a computer system, mobile phones, laptops, notebooks, iPads, or any online devices or off-line systems that are not connected to any networks.

Once you have purchased a computer or laptop you need to know that while operating it everything is secured and for this reason we will indicate you some easy steps to take and make sure that you secure your computer properly. This will help you stay away from those threats that come with both online and offline activity. So check down below for these 3 steps to make sure that no matter what your device and the data it contains will be safe at all times.

Basic-Tips-users-keeping-computer-system- safe-secure
3 Basic Tips that will be helpful for novice users in keeping their computer system safe and secure 

Facebook Social Networking- What are the 10 Reasons that Explain Why FB is So Addictive?

Ten Things About Facebook That Make It Addictive

Facebook Website as Social Networking: Why Facebook is so addictive? 10 reasons why Facebook is so popular among Bloggers, advertisers,marketers &  business owners.

Social media has us hooked and the thought of deleting our accounts permanently may never cross our mind. Facebook is, not doubt, is considered Number one among top 10 best social networking website in the World. Facebook is often considered as the primary tool to keep in touch with friends, work colleagues, and family. We all know how addictive it could be . Though, we should always keep a healthy balance between how often and what things we share on Facebook. Facebook has lots of cool and unprecedented features that make it the most addictive social networking website on the entire Internet world. Whether you are a regular blogger, online freelancer worker, artist, advertiser, marketer, or business owner, you must accept that you had never thought that you would be spending as much time as you are spending now on Facebook. 

10 Reasons Why Facebook is so Addictive


Google Focused SEO Tips for Blog writing- 10 Content Optimization techniques Blogging Tips

Understanding Basic Google-Focused SEO Techniques- 10 Fundamental Blog Optimization Tips

We often include plenty of Google-focused Content optimization techniques in any SEO effort. Almost everyone knows some of the basic ways to do this, but some of the techniques may not be so obvious. 

This a small guide or tutorial created for novice and intermediate bloggers. Some 8-10 blogging techniques mentioned here are very fundamental and i think every blogger should be knowing about them. This post is made for those of new as well as moderate level writers and bloggers who don't belong to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web promotion fields, and so they know very little about these crucial points which play an important role for ranking any content on search engine result pages (SERP's).    

10 Basic Google Based SEO Blog Writing Techniques for Bloggers


100 High PR Blogs to Get Free Backlinks with High Google PR & Top DA| Blog SEO Techniques

List of 100 High PR Blogs for commenting Dofollow free backlinks : Comment backlinks for SEO - Blog comment backlinks to shoot up search engine rankings of your desired keywords or blog posts? 

After receiving a good response to this post- '30 blogs for dofollow comment backlinks' - i decided to publish this post which has much more number of Dofollow blogs for getting dofollow backlinks via commenting.
In this guide you will learn : how to build backlinks using comment formation techniques ?
100 sources to get backlinks without paying for them.   

The way you leave a backlink is really simple, you just register (if needed) free on the website and go to the comment form and leave your "natural looking" comment with a link to your website inside. Some backlinks may be foreign language but the form is the same, on every website there is register and comment button. Have fun and enjoy your search engine rankings boost! If there are any problems or whatever you feel free to ask me!

100 Percent manually hand picked 100 high Google PR back links for your website or blog. You can improve your website's Google Page Rank by getting Dofollow backlinks from these High PR High DA sites and blogs.


Content Theft -How to Stop People from Stealing Your Blog Articles. 4 Best Ways to Protect Your Blog Posts.

4 major things you can do to keep your blog safe and secure from content theft 

No doubt, plagiarism is a big concern for many bloggers now-a-days.And why not when people steal your content so easily that you had created so hardly! And, worst yet, sometimes a stolen content can rank higher than the original one. I have written this post keeping in mind all the bloggers and content creators who are always afraid of content theft. You will find here some unique safeguards against plagiarism that will be helpful in providing the much needed peace of mind. Follow these tips to stop content theft. Though, you can always check duplicates of your blog content using Copyscape, and can display content protection badges, but, still it's not enough to stop people from stealing your articles. So, how to handle this situation and what steps to take to keep your content safe from thieves? Read on... 

What to read? How to avoid content theft + Ways to protect content + How to copy protect or disable context menu. Is disabling right click ok? How to protect blog or protect all your posts from getting stolen. DMCA Pro. Google Dashboard for copyright content removal. 

4 Best Ways to Stop Blog Content Thefts-All Possible Options for Total Content Protection

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