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How to Hire Writers Who Write for Your Blog? 10 Tips that Really Work!

Small Guide on Hiring Content Writers- Find Resources & Tips to Hire the Most Eligible Bloggers & Writers for your Content Marketing or Professional Blog writing Plans  

Hiring Blog Writers Made Easy! Just follow these 10 workable sureshot tips and act accordingly to get the suitable talent to Write for your blog!

Do you find it hard to create good number of posts on your blog by yourself? Do you find it difficult to meet the expectations of your blog readers that expect more articles from your blog? 

Does your blog have a large audience base? 

Are you a professionally managed business or firm involved in online content marketing? Do you need help of professional writers too often?

If your answer is 'yes' to any of the above questions, then, i think, you should seriously pay attention to this article and act accordingly to fulfill your content production needs and requirements.
Get all the useful Tips on a single place for hiring writers for your own blog. Read this post if you need quality content writers for having blog posts written regularly for your blog or content marketing publications. 

Hiring Writers Made Easy with these 10 Tips for Finding writers bloggers to writer for your blog

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Medical Content Writing Jobs -8 Best Websites for Online Medical Writers

Work from Home Content Writing Job Options for Medical Writers- 8 Nice websites to find Part Time Openings for Writers 

Good websites for writers where they could find part time home based article writing job opportunities in medical writing field. There are good part time work from home opportunities online for health or medical writers.

[ Related post-> Best freelance websites for part time freelancing work ]

After getting feedback from this post about websites for content writers, we planned to publish a post dedicated to online medical writing jobs.  

Medical writers could search for the following types of job assignments:- 

  • Article writing assignments.
  • Blog writing assignments.
  • Gig based content writing micro jobs
  • Content development work
  • Content editing and proofreading projects.
  • Technical medical writing.
  • Assay writing work.
  • Article rewriting. Web SEO Writing work

[ Must read: How to make money with Content Writing Jobs through freelancing websites ]

Websites for Medical Writing Jobs- 8 Places for Medical Writers to get paid online

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Internet Forums- How to start an online Board? Learn about 7 Popular Forum Designing Software

Online Forum Discussion Board: 7 Best Software for Making an Internet Forum  

Internet forum designing software. Create your online discussion board easily. Learn How to start an Internet Forum. Top software for forum designing

The practical details of forum designing.

Forums offer open platforms where like-minded people share information about a certain topic. Hillary Clinton once said that you have to test your ideas in a public forum. This underscores the importance of forums in modern day communication. Internet forum boards have provided solutions to many problems as people discuss several things openly. 

Internet forums:

Forums are very popular types of websites on the Internet and from the business point of view they could be a real money earner for anyone. Yes, Internet forums could generate a good amount of money every month for its owner webmaster if developed and maintained properly. 

Professional People use forums not only to discuss their thoughts and views but also to market and advertise their business as well.

Learn here 7 marketing techniques to promote a business over the Internet forums 

10 Best forums to make money online

Internet Forum Designing Made Easy- Choose from the leading Forum Software

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Free Advertising Websites for Australia- 10 Great Classifieds to Post Ads Online for Australian Places

Online ad posting in Australia:  Post Local ads for Australian Places to advertise your business, services, products or company Brand  

Advertising is backbone of any company or business in the World, including Australia for which we are going to publish a list of the 10 magical classifieds for that reason! 

Whether you are an online marketer or a business development representative of a small business, you have to depend on classifieds advertising websites for online promotions as they are the important part of the widespread online advertising techniques

This list become more useful If you are a common Internet user who has to advertise or browse classifieds occasionally. Because you can visit these channels directly without wasting your time as these are the classifieds advertising sites that are reliable, reputed, and highly visited by all kind of peoples from the Australian local places

If you are a retailer, seller, buyer, or advertiser, then be assured to get good local leads and sales via these advertising sites from Australian country

All of the best classifieds ad posting websites mentioned here are free to search, browse, or post free ads for Local australian places.  

10 Best Online Market Places to advertise free in Australia

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Website Hosting- See these 10 USA Web Hosts Before Buying!

List of Top 10 Web Hosting Service Providers in United States 

for Shared hosting, reseller packages, VPS and Dedicated hosting services

Websites nowadays are the means through which businesses are done, and that is why the web hosting industry is growing at an alarming rate. Web hosting companies allow websites for businesses and individuals to be found on the World Wide Web. They do so by providing space on a server and data center space. 

When taking a hosting service you should think twice before you zero in the deal because hosting services could be a long term relationship between you and the provider. 

Sometimes It's not that easy to change a web host as it takes a lot of consideration and data transferring work which might be difficult to handle for someone who is inexperienced with web server installation and modifications. 

So, take a look at the below given 10 best web hosting companies for USA. This post is written to make it easier on deciding about what web hosts are true winners in the market. All of the web hosts mentioned in this list are standard and have been serving several millions of websites and blogs world over.

Top 10 best web hosting companies in USA

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Which Anti-virus Software Programs offer Great Online Security for your Phones? 5 Mobile Apps for Safer Web Browsing

Top 5 antivirus programs or Security apps for mobile users

After seeing the overwhelming response to our list of best free antivirus software programs for PC and Mac computer systems (or for Windows and Linux operating systems) we decided to publish the similar list for mobile phone users. 

If you are using an Android or iOS smart phone then you must take full care of your mobile in regards to its online security. A sophisticated and strong antivirus Mobile Application is what you should use in your phone to keep it fully secure and safe from any kind of spam, hack, or online insecurities that may arise due to some of unwanted programs, files, or phone viruses. 

Related Read: 3 ways to keep any online system safe and secure  

Since online security is a big concern among online mobile users and that's why there are many mobile app development companies that are constantly involved in developing and innovating mobile securities . They are regularly updating and adding more features to their mobile anti-virus programs and software. 

So, there exist hundreds of antivirus app designing companies in the online market, but we have picked here only the best 5 of them which are used most widely and are very popular in Google Play Store.

Top 5 Antivirus Apps for Mobile Security

#1. CM Security Antivirus AppLock

#1 CM Mobile Security Antivirus App

If you have been looking for an anti-virus program for mobile devices that has gained worldwide recognition due to its great performance, then CM security is the one. 

CM security software allows the mobile device user to hide photos, take a photo of a person who may have entered the password to your device more than once and secure your privacy. 

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are some of the most popular apps, and CM security ensures that they are safe in all the aspects of the word. 

Multi-layer protection, fast and handy virus scans and removal, anti-theft application and call blocking are just a few of the services offered by CM security to its users. 

Perhaps that is why it tops the list of the top 5 mobile antivirus software apps.

#2. AVG AntiVirus App

AVG AntiVirus App

AVG Antivirus is a top-notch anti-virus software by AVG Technologies (UK) Ltd that protects mobile devices from harmful malware, viruses and spyware. By so doing, it keeps your device safe. Some of its advantages include:

Real-time scanning apps, files, setting and media, thereby keeping malicious apps, malware, spyware and viruses at bay. 

Tracking lost phone through Google Maps™. One is required to use AVG’s text messages (SMS) or Remote Management Console to locate and lock. You can also wipe the content of your phone.

Privacy protection through locking of the device. This prevents access of personal information by unauthorized users. 

Killing of tasks to enhance the device speed. This enhances the device performance. 

Safe browsing without fear of phishing of personal information

Monitoring battery, data package and storage space usage. 

The fact that this software is available in more than 30 languages adds color is an extra feather to the hat. The free version is particularly popular, though it has limited advantages.

#3. Avast Mobile security app

Avast Mobile Security App

Avast Antivirus by AVAST Software keeps Trojans, malware and spyware away from your mobile phone. It also offers anti-theft and anti-phishing on top of the anti-virus qualities. 

Avast comes with a virus scanner, virus remover, SMS and call filter, web shield, network meter, protector, firewall on rooted phones and app manager, making Wi-Fi based threats and general infections.

You can schedule automatic scans to ensure that you get rid of all the unwanted material from your phone even if you are asleep. As if that is not enough, you can also identify and lock your mobile phone remotely and locate it if it gets lost using the web-based phone locator feature.

#4. Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security App for Android Mobiles

Norton protects your mobile device from all sorts of viruses and malware. It also helps you to lock your phone if it gets lost. 

There are websites that have been designed to steal crucial personal information or money from you, and Norton is keen to protect you from such activities. 

In short, Norton Mobile security allows you to be in charge of your own mobile phone in terms of security, safety of apps and improved performance. 

Other advantages of Norton Mobile Security include:

The premium version has more advantages, such as app advisor and anti-malware, both of which are powered by NortonTM Mobile Insight. 

Blocking of phone calls and text messages from unwanted persons. 

Deleting all the information on the phone remotely in order to maintain data integrity and keep private information safe. 

Norton Mobile Security also enhances the performance of the device by allowing you to sync contacts and share them across other devices, battery power management and ability to lock the phone once the SIM card is unmounted, among other features. 

#5. Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky Mobile Security app for Mobile users

Kaspersky has been the anti-virus of choice for both computer and mobile users for a long time now. 

For tablets and mobile phones, Kaspersky Mobile Security and Kaspersky Tablet Security feature the latest security technologies in the mobile and tablet industry. 

This allows the software to offer protection against spyware, viruses, Trojans and more, not to forget the Advanced Anti-Theft protection, Anti-Theft Web management Portal and call/text filter for smartphones. 

Moreover, if you misplace your mobile device, you can remotely sound the alarm so that you can locate it

Real time protection, cloud-enabled protection, web protection, text anti-phishing and privacy protection all work in tandem to ensure that the mobile user is fully protected. 

You can choose between the free and the paid version, depending on your ability to pay and the features required. This means that no one is locked out.

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What are the Top 10 Ranked Online Shopping Websites for USA. Know what are the leaders in US online Retail industry

What are the best Online Shopping places for USA?  

List of the 10 most popular general e-commerce shopping websites for United States of America in 2014-2015 . 

The Online e-commerce Shopping websites described here are greatly favored by both kind of the people, the shopaholic users and retail sellers. These portals are very prominent online market places to open your products store and sell services if you are a seller. They are considered to be the prime online trade portals for Business service providers for United States locations. You won't have to search anywhere after going through this list of buy-sell e-shopping sites. If you are a freelance worker, you can sell your services at these sites to worldwide audiences. 

Some of the sites, like Amazon, eBay, Zazzle,etc are favorite selling platforms for affiliate marketing experts. You can resell products or become an affiliate on these sites and can earn really good commission with your affiliate marketing efforts.        

Top 10 online shopping e-commerce websites for USA

The internet has become more popular and you cannot compare its current usage to its usage a decade ago. Almost every business activity can be provided on an online platform. It is because of the technological advancements that it is even possible for people to shop and pay online without having to visit the stores and premises offering the products they want. 

This is very advantageous to both the businesses offering these services as well as to the clients and customers seeking these services. The business benefits from a wider client base and the clients are able to save time since they do not have to visit the store.

If you have never done shopping on an online platform, you surely have missed out on something big. If you however wish to know how the online shopping process is, you will need to read through the following websites list. 

The list will provide you with 15 of the best websites to do your online shopping from.

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SEO Blogs & Websites- 10 Best Places to Learn SEO Tips FREE!

Top 10 Most Prolific SEO Blogs and Websites on the Internet to learn and discuss Search Engine Optimization related topics and Niches

SEO is in a great demand ever since the inception of World Wide Web and Blogging. SEO has been a widely loved and respected (and scary) area on the Internet. There are lots of institutes and coaching classes in the every city now to teach and learn Search Engine Optimization Process. Most of the web based companies spend a huge amount every year only on optimizing their website or business blog through SE Optimization. Ever since the common Internet users started using Google search engine as a tool on daily basis, SEO has become the most widely researched and searched topic on the web world. 

Today, blogging success heavily depends on Search Engine Optimization. SEO means Success. Period. 

Let's come to the main point-> Learning SEO.

If you are a blogger, webmaster, or small business website owner whose success depends on how their websites or blogs are performing in various major search engines, then, you must learn Search Engine Optimization techniques; at least to a level where you could easily understand what steps to be taken to make your web pages perform better in SERP's for the desired main keywords and phrases.

Who should visit and connect with these SE Optimization blogs:-  The Popular SEO blog mentioned here are not only good for learning purpose but also very helpful for someone who wants to stay updated with the latest SE Optimization news, updates, and happenings. 

These blog sites are great community for those who use SE Optimization techniques on their own blog websites or who are developing Search Engine Optimization process for others websites, or who want to be an SEO expert for whatsoever reasons.

Top 10 SEO Blogs and Websites on the Entire Internet World

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35 Profile Backlinks PR7-PR9 High Quality and Domain Authoity Backlinks FREE (.org, .com, .edu domains)

List of some high quality, High Domain Authority (DA), and High PR sites for those who are hunting for DoFollow Backlinks.  

Get backlinks from High DA blogs from various types of popular TLD's, like .org, .Com. .Edu, .Biz .CN, .FM, etc.  
The links are from PR9-PR7 main domains, also called root domain, not actual PR9 pages. 
You will not get link from PR9/PR8 or PR7 page but the DoFollow backlinks from these High PR and High Domain Authority sites could make a whole lot difference to the SEO for your blog. Because the PR9 could only be possible for root domain and not for other linked or inner pages of a website- how so much high domain authority it may have. Just make a search on the internet, the only available PR9 backlinks are those from root domain.

Example : - root domain  PR9 - sub domain PR8 - actual page -PR8 is PR9

List of 35 High-PR9-PR7 Backlinks at

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Content Writing Skills- the Most Dominating AreaSkill in Blogging to Win your Readers and beat SEO & Rankings| 10 Tips to Better Blog Post Crafting

10 Content Writing Tips To Help You Become a Better Blogger

Writing and Blogging Skills- Blog Writing is an art and you have to master it to become a better crafts-person. 
How to upgrade your blog post creating skills and abilities. 10 Tips to become a better blogger.

Blogging can be a real thrill as you will have full control over whatever it is you want to write. You can engage in any writing style that you want and talk about anything that tickles your fancy. But if you want to be the best blogger there then you need to be aware of how you are handling the writing process at large. There are a few sensible writing tips that you should be following if you want to make your blogging activity more effective and enjoyable.

Different Bloggers have different goals and ambitions regarding their blogging passion. Most of them want to make good money with blogs while some do it for the sake of content marketing for their business or brand. While many small or bigger companies use it as a strong support for their free online advertising long term based campaigns.

A successful blog is made up of combining many good things in best ways possible ! 
Learn how to become a blogger that knows what needs to be improved and where and how much!

   10 Tips to Become a Better Blogger in Writing Valuable Blog Posts Everytime!

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Why Do Guest Blogging? What are all the Benefits of Blog Posting? Read 5 Tips on Guest Blog Writing to be a Winner Guest Blogger!

What is Guest Blog writing? Why to care about becoming a successful Guest Blogger? A Comprehensive guide on Guest Blogging for Beginners 

Guest blogging is perhaps not as popular as it formerly was but that does not diminish its significance for writers. The practice basically involves an individual getting their blog articles posted on another blogger’s site. Top bloggers and trendy products have been elevated by using this strategy. If you want to grow your audience, you can look for guest posting opportunities or invite established bloggers to share a pertinent post on your blog. Finding and effectively utilizing arising guest posting opportunities can make a huge difference in the visibility of your products and general shared content. 

Find here a List of 220+ Blogsites that accept guest blogging. Select blogs as per your main niches. Make sure to read their guidelines properly before submitting a post. Also submit your blog to these top notch high PR blog directory websites for better exposure and search engine optimization results.

Guest Blogging guide for Beginners
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